Germany has imported destructive savagery

Angela Merkel, the effects of her terrible policies will be with Europe for a very long time to come


Nobody has done well out of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s lunatic and dangerous policy of opening her nation’s doors up to the very worst of the worst of the Islamic world. Everyone apart from the violent and thuggish army of Muslim males of military age that Frau Merkel allowed in, has been negatively affected by her decisions.

The arrival of what I sometimes like to call ‘Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem’, has been an utter disaster for the German people. Merkel’s imported Islamic thugs are helping to turn what was once a civilised and liberal minded European nation, post WWII Germany, into a rapidly Islamising hell hole. As an outside observer of Germany I’m truly appalled at what has gone on there. Groups that previously thought themselves safe in Germany are too often now no longer safe. Women, Jews, gay people, ex or liberal Muslims have all found themselves the subject of violent attacks or live in fear of such attacks.

To give but two examples: German women were once confident well educated and equal members of society, now at public celebrations they are being encouraged to hide in ‘safe spaces’ lest the Muslim men that Merkel gave entry to, sexually assault them. I also once heard great and encouraging things about the rebuilding of Germany’s Jewish community working to recreate the schools of classically liberal Jewish thought that first emerged in Germany in the 19th century and which it excelled in up until the rise of the Third Reich. Now all I seem to hear is Jewish Germans being told to not appear identifiably Jewish in case an Islamic anti-Semite attacks them. What is happening in Germany isn’t just immigration, it’s a type of Blitzkrieg immigration where a truly enormous number of often incompatible people are dumped on a civilised nation leaving German citizens to reel under the blows of this migration wave.

Despite what the German people were told by their government, their nation has not let in the best and the brightest. The German government has not brought into the nation the doctors and scientists and high achievers of tomorrow, instead they have brought in a bunch of parasitical often violent Muslims who will continue to be a financial and social burden as well as being an ongoing and probably worsening security threat. The Financial Times last year quoted a German government minister as saying that three quarters of these migrants will remain on welfare in five years time.

Merkel’s policy of opening Germany up to massive Islamic migration has brought with it all the cultural and religious nasties that scar and retard Islamic societies. Germany’s imported Muslims have brought with them religious hatreds of the type that Germany had thought long dead, violence, crime, jihad, misogyny, corruption and sexual violence. Germany does not deserve what has been done to them by politicians who should have been looking after German people,but who instead betrayed them. The political class, as exemplified by Angela Merkel, have betrayed the German people by importing vast numbers of those who would disturb and probably ultimately destroy the peaceful and enlightened nation that the German people had laboured hard to create.

On top of that betrayal the response of the German political class to the problems caused by their imported Muslims has been to try to deny or obfuscate the extent of the problem and to engage in pointless displacement activity such as pumping yet more money into the bottomless sinkhole called ‘integration’. Integration’s great, but you can’t integrate with people who want to exploit you or who want you dead and I’m afraid that too many of Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem come from countries where killing and exploiting ‘kufar’ is something to be admired. In addition to the problems caused by the Muslim migrants themselves, Germany’s immigration disaster is also affecting many of the freedoms that they previously may have taken for granted such as that of free speech. Now for historical reasons Germany has not had the sort of free speech culture that characterises the United States and, up until the imposition of ‘hate speech’ laws, the United Kingdom. But apart from prohibitions on Nazi era imagery and related restrictions, Germans were relatively free to voice their opinions on political and social matters. This is not the case now however. The German state is having a massive and draconian crackdown on citizens who speak out against Merkel’s Muslims and the problems that they are causing. They are pressuring legacy social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to remove anything the government determines as ‘hate speech’.

In today’s Germany it will soon be the case that a citizen will not be able to say anything about negative about their unwanted Islamic ‘guests’ for fear of ruination and possible incarceration. I don’t know about you but the idea of a German government gaoling political opponents or those who speak out about Germany’s migration policy doesn’t bode well does it?

I grieve for what is happening in Germany and when I read some of the accounts of what is going on. If even fifty percent of them are completely accurate in their reporting of Germany’s Islam problems then they show that Germany is facing serious troubles, not just those caused by the Muslims themselves, but also by way of the German state’s response to these problems. I do not like to be overly pessimistic but I fear that Angela Merkel’s foolish decision to play Lady Bountiful with Germany and its resources will be plaguing Germany and indeed the rest of Western Europe for many years to come. My child will probably grow up in a time of conflict in Europe when he should have been growing up in peace because of ideologically based decisions that have been made in Berlin.

I predict nothing good coming out of Merkel’s madness, I see on going Islam inspired violence taking place and greater oppression of those citizens who consider themselves ‘Islamo-nauseous’ by European states desperate to keep a lid on a problem of the political class’s own making. I sometimes wonder how future historians will view Merkel. If the civilised world survives and prevails against the ideology of Islam, which it can if we the people change the politicians, then I doubt that Merkel will be viewed as anything like heroic. It’s quite likely that she will be viewed as Germany’s second or third worst ever leader and one who plunged her nation into cultural darkness by importing en masse the followers of an ideology that often brings nothing but death wherever it goes.

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