From Elsewhere: Islamic indoctrination in American schools


Just as in the United Kingdom, children in the United States of America have been bombarded with reams of pro-Islam propaganda. Children in American schools are being force-fed sanitised views of Islam that leave out the misogyny, death and oppression which characterise Islamic nations throughout the world. They are being fed this ahistorical and counter-factual guff by leftist teachers in the state schools that American taxpayers pump billions of dollars into each year.

Coming via the Religion of Peace website is an excellent if disturbing article from the conservative leaning website Grumpy Elder. In a piece written by Tabitha Korol entitled ‘War in the classroom’ and published on the 3rd of January 2018, we see some of the examples of the blatant pro Islam propaganda that is being dished out to American children. After detailing some of the most outrageous examples of this propaganda in the classroom and the efforts of parents to fight back against thoroughly dishonest pro Islam textbooks, Ms Korol said:

The Intense focus on Islamic subjects is carefully selected.  For example, the status of women is profoundly misrepresented, the origin and purpose of their sharia-compliant clothing falsified and unsupported by scholarship.  One author asserts that “Islam and the Quran created major improvements in the status of women,” when the truth is otherwise.  The worst conditions for women are concealed, including the practices of genital mutilation and honor killings; accusations of adultery and stoning; their treatment as property and legal inferiority; endorsed beatings by their husbands; the fact that a woman may have no rights to show her face, walk alone, drive a vehicle or attend schools. International speakers and experts who offer genuine facts, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Anni Cyrus, Brigitte Gabriel, and Noni Darwish, are not among the invitees.

The textbooks elevate Islam over Judaism and Christianity, one being John Esposito’s Islam, the Straight Path, in which he declares that revelations given to the Jews and Christians were false. By contrast, he cites as truth, rather than belief, that God sent Muhammad as his final messenger and that God’s sacred language is Arabic.  Students write about Moslem pilgrimages, including to Jerusalem as “your homeland,” when Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran.  Many textbooks explain the rise and spread of Islam as being a successful acceptance of ideas, rather than the result of persecution and wantonly destructive conquerors who beheaded the non-believers, kidnapped the women for forced conversion and sexual slavery, and enriched themselves with appropriated bounty.


It’s obvious to me that American schoolchildren are being subjected to information about Islam that is at best inaccurate and at worst has been deliberately crafted to place Islam in a better light than it deserves. American children like their British counterparts are being fed a wholly dishonest view of Islam which neither reflects Islamic theology or the historical record. I’m glad to see American parents starting to stand up for their children and for their right not to be fed dishonest propaganda about Islam. However in this endeavour the American parents have many advantages over British parents who may want to keep their kids away from pro Islam propaganda. In many areas of America people can vote for those who oversee local education. There is a direct people’s choice about the management of schools which can be used by parents both those of conservative opinion and those who could be called classical liberals to counter the pro Islam activities of the far left biased teaching profession. Britons are not so lucky. We cannot vote for our local school boards, we cannot choose which educational paths our children will be set on and we cannot use this method to fight the increasing levels of Islamic propaganda that is being pushed on our children. Unlike in the USA, Britons are at the mercy of an increasingly ideologically driven left wing educational establishment and education ministers who talk tough about intellectual vigour but continue to allow this educational establishment to basically do what they want and promote whatever guff they want. British parents need to band together and challenge this propaganda because we owe it to our kids not to allow them to be fed lies not just about Islam but in so many other areas where indoctrination has replaced instruction.

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