Guest Post. The Liars, the Witch and a whole wardrobe full of trolls


I received this guest post from an author named Jacob via email and, like a previous article here on this subject, it concerns the dubious connections of the troubling Tell Mama group. I don’t want to make this introduction too long, but there is credible evidence in the article that the Resisting Hate group, and those associated with it, have engaged in some activities that have been pretty nefarious at worst and highly nasty at best. It does not reflect well on a group such as Tell Mama, which is in receipt of massive amounts of public funding, that it chooses to associate with people such as those involved in the Resisting Hate group.

When you you have read the article below and are disturbed by both the actions of Resisting Hate and the fact that Tell Mama are associated with them.  I would urge readers to register your displeasure about the fact that we the taxpayer are funding organisations like Tell Mama who have such dubious friends as Resisting Hate. You can express your displeasure by writing to both your local Member of Parliament, using the information in the article below as a basis for your letter. It may also be a good idea to write as well to Sajid Javid the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, after all, the buck stops with him when it comes to the decision by his department to dish out approximately £181k per year to Tell Mama.

Please note you will find all the relevant screenshots at the bottom of this piece by Jacob.

Jacob wrote:

To everyone and every agency included in this email, I am writing to you because of your support of Faith Matters and TellMama.  You will recall that Fiyaz Mughal was denied funding in 2013 for lying to the government in regards to hate crimes against Muslims, or at the very least ‘misleading’ the government with his statistics.  57% of the 212 instances of hate crimes Fiyaz recorded were simply ‘mean tweets’ and 16% of the crimes were unverified (  Mean tweets will be the subject of this email and Mr. Mughal’s support of one of the biggest haters on social media who also happens to have been recently nominated for a #No2H8 award – Roanna Carleton-Taylor.  These awards were given out by the Faith Matters organisation which was set up by Fiyaz Mughal and which claims to fight hatred.  It will become very apparent during the course of this email that Mr. Mughal isn’t fighting hatred, he’s aligning himself with hatred in the form of Roanna’s group which is called Resisting Hate.

Fiyaz Mughal struck up a relationship with Roanna and her online trolling group called Resisting Hate quite some time ago.  Resisting Hate engage in illegal online activities (listed below), and in particular its co-founder (Roanna Carleton-Taylor) whose articles Fiyaz has been tweeting and retweeting since 2016 and by whom he was interviewed in 2017 (  The name of the award his organisation nominated Roanna for is called the Community Volunteer Upstander Awards.

Roanna has used a variety of twitter handles over the years.  TellMama have known her since at least that long, way back in 2016 (see attached tweet where TellMama tweet out an article of hers).  As @bored_rose she would engage with a couple of other twitter users and Resisting Hate members (sock accounts for multiple people to use in order to harass other twitter users).  Her two favourite Resisting Hate ‘attack dog’ accounts are Joker and Cheeky Monkey (these accounts are always being shut down for harassment but they keep coming back).  Joker and Monkey doxx people online – doxxing means that they find and release people’s personal information through illicit and often illegal means and post these all over the internet in a bid to blacken a person’s name and smear them as a bigot and attempt to blackmail or bully them.  Joker also threatens to send people’s details to ISIS as well as sending a gang of Muslims to people’s homes in order to beat them up (see attached jpegs).   Roanna has also been known as @MrsVeryCross and @Witchy.  A simple glance over @bored_rose’s timeline when she was tweeting under that account would have shown any person with a pair of eyes the nature of her character.  She was asked by one man to report an instance of racism and she told him she’d be doing ‘fuck all’ about it (tweet attached and apologies for her language).  All the images to support my statements are included below.

As @bored_rose Roanna, together with another character called Cheeky Monkey, but usually a variant spelling on BegsAli because of her getting suspended all the time for being a troll, Roanna was reported by another twitter user for targeted harassment (tweet attached).  The Monkey character tweeted out to an underage victim of rape that she hadn’t been groomed or gang-raped, she’d simply ‘sucked brown cock for cider and fags’.  This is the company Roanna has been keeping for years and who are part of her group.  These are the people she defends and with whom she attacks and trolls with on twitter.  Monkey’s favourite word to use is ‘mong’ (the N word for people with learning difficulties) and last week the Monkey account boasted that her/his new favourite word is ‘FLID’ (thalidomide).  This is what Monkey calls people on twitter.

I include several screenshots of comments made by Joker and Monkey to show you the kind of people Roanna is friends with (a tweet by Joker asking RH – Roanna – where does she find these ‘spastics’ from).  Roanna engages with people who mock all of the qualities that the patrons of Faith Matters and TellMama stand up for and yet TellMama engage with Roanna, tweet out her articles and allow themselves to be interviewed by her.  This is running counter to standing up to hatred and saying no to bullying.  Engaging with Roanna and Resisting Hate is sanctioning the promotion of racism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamic terrorism, bullying and mocking the mentally impaired and the physically disabled as a means to intimidate and mock others.

Joker and Monkey constantly use homophobic and transphobic language (as has Roanna, screenshot attached).  I have also attached a screenshot of Roanna claiming she knows Joker well and that he is a very good mate of hers and she will never reveal his identity.  Joker repeatedly threatens to behead people, and his favourite words to use are also ‘mong’, together with ‘nigger’, ‘faggot’, and ‘faglet’ and ‘spastic’.  He threatens to throw gays off buildings or cut them up. (Jpegs attached).  Joker and Monkey harassed and bullied a man by the name of Frank who was emotionally and mentally fragile.  Frank took an overdose and they mocked him relentlessly online and one of them has now made an account with his face on it.  He died recently of natural causes and I include a screenshot of Joker and Monkey laughing about his death. These are Roanna’s friends and they are part of her group (I have spies in her camp).

Every agency this email is being received by is involved in preventing racism, transphobia, homophobia, and protecting the rights and the dignity of people who have mental health problems or physical disabilities.  Fiyaz Mughal is associated with Roanna Carleton-Taylor whose group Resisting Hate are involved in illegal online activities, according to the CPS guidelines, and who engage with the biggest bullying trolls on the internet. Resisting Hate and Roanna not only engage with bullies, they encourage bullying and they also bully online users themselves.  I have heard so many stories of people that Roanna and Co. have almost driven to the brink of suicide with their relentless attacks on the person’s character and from having accessed the person’s private information and repeatedly reposting pictures of their children.  They have phoned people’s places of employment and attempted to have them sacked (again, I have a ton of screenshots and testimonials from people telling me of how they were targetted).  People have lost income because of these trolls, children have suffered as a result.

Resisting Hate are guilty of online trolling and harassing people and ‘virtual mobbing’ (according to CPS). If you are on their mailing list, Roanna sends out a daily email of what person should be targeted that day (screenshot attached).  If you look on the CPS website and read its guidelines as to what constitutes online hate crimes, Roanna and Resisting Hate are guilty of at least 3, and Roanna has also written an article on why she feels it’s necessary to doxx ‘fascists’, even encouraging people to use illegal means (I include a jpeg of Roanna as @bored_rose in conversation with Joker and Monkey and you’ll see the Monkey account tweeting out a picture of a man and his children – the man or his children must have been guilty of some kind of ‘wrong-think’ and Roanna and her crew have taken to bullying him in order to make him feel unsafe and get him offline by making him feel threatened).  Joker claims to be a pharmacist and with his NHS card he can access people’s home addresses and he posts these online, together with children’s pictures (that’s a story for another day, but it’s the one they feed to the public).  I also include a screenshot of Joker ‘doxxing’ someone, tweeting out their home address.

The bully known as Roanna feels she gets to decide who and who is not a ‘fascist’.  Her definition of ‘fascist’ is very narrow and it extends to nothing more than someone holding an opinion that she doesn’t like. There’s no room for debate with Roanna or an exchange of ideas.  She uses her group, Resisting Hate and their connections, to mass-report people and have people’s accounts suspended, thus denying anyone a platform.  This is BULLYING. This is fascism.  Fascism doesn’t allow for dissent or individual thought.

I’ve recently witnessed Roanna and her group attack a trans woman online purely because politically the trans lady was slightly right of centre and wasn’t in agreement with some current LGBT issues. Roanna and her group of friends referred to the trans woman as ‘him’ and ‘it’ (screenshot attached of Roanna, in dialogue with Joker, calling the trans lady an ‘it’).  Roanna’s friend Joker threatened to come to the trans lady’s house and f*ck her up.  The trans lady asked Roanna of Resisting Hate, who has publicly stated that she is very good friends with Joker, if she could intervene and get the police involved.  Roanna’s reply was ‘you’ll be waiting a very long time’.  Roanna is encouraging hate, not ‘resisting’ it.

I also include a screenshot where Joker is using the word ‘NIGGER’ in conversation with Roanna and she doesn’t correct or report him, instead she carries on the conversation as though nothing is out of the ordinary.  She is friends with him to this day, retweeting him only yesterday.  Another twitter user tagged BLM in order for them to begin a dialogue with Roanna about what is appropriate terminology for people to use in relation to POC but the person’s account got suspended within an hour because of the mass-reporting by Resisting Hate.  The tale is that Joker is Pakistani apparently and as a pharmacist he tweets out that he likes to ‘fuck with white people’s medication and he posts pictures of people’s health charts after they’ve had an operation (ILLEGAL). Roanna does nothing about this and yet she claims to stand up against hatred. If Roanna releases Joker’s name he is facing at least a 6 year jail stretch. Will she release his name? He’s abusing his NHS privileges after all, and if she’s fighting hatred, one would imagine that she would target him, but instead she befriends him and protects him even more.

I have no idea how you go about researching what companies or charities you lend your names to, but I think I’ve proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Roanna Carleton-Taylor is a hateful troll and anyone associating with her and her Resisting Hate group needs called into question.  And innocence can’t be claimed if you are associating with her, as TellMama do.  Twitter is a very public forum.  If you’re associating with someone, then you are clearly aware of their personal ethos and character.   Any funders/patrons/promoters/

I will be keeping a close eye on Roanna and Resisting Hate (together with my internal spies), as well as Faith Matters and TellMama, and I will be making public any and all connections that anyone has with the odious character Roanna and her group Resisting Hate.  Very recently she tweeted that she’s very glad twitter users don’t want to fight hate with love (tweet attached), she says she’s so tired of that (which means she wants to fight hate with hate) and yet she had the temerity to cite Dr. Kurdy who spoke at the No2H8 awards and who was stabbed in the neck as being one of her heroes because he said he ‘forgives because I have to listen to why people hate in order to talk with them’.  Roanna is certainly not emulating her hero.  She’s not allowing people to talk. Roanna isn’t talking to anyone, she’s giving orders for her followers to mass report people and have them shut down.  Power has gone to her head as her group now has 2K followers.  She’s breeding a generation of doxxers and haters.  I have a few spies within her camp and Resisting Hate have certain levels that members can access, and each level allows a person to access certain information (like who is doing the doxxing and the hacking), and it all depends on how long the person has been in the group and how loyal they have been and how much damage they have done.  That’s what gets you up the ladder in Resisting Hate, how hateful you have been.  They have a variety of chat rooms, and one is dedicated to TellMama.  Of course this doesn’t mean that TellMama made them set the chat room up, but given the long relationship between Roanna and Fiyaz, one does have to wonder what the connection is and if there is money changing hands.  Ruining people’s lives is a full-time job for Roanna who seems to be on the internet all day, she needs to be making an income from somewhere. It’s something to bear in mind, and I make no accusations.

And, lastly, I have a TON of other screenshots and twitter links to Roanna’s hatred that I can send you, do feel free to ask.  I’m hoping that the people tagged in this email will take very seriously the contents and lend your patronage to people and groups who do not engage with online trolls who bully others and who DO engage in background research before nominating people for awards and retweeting them and giving them interviews.  Mr. Mughal should have taken Roanna to task in the FB interview for her bullying ways. He should have denied her an interview but they are obviously friends, or at least online acquaintances.  Fiyaz claims to stand for cohesion while Roanna looks to divide.  TellMama and Roanna are connected and have been for years.  You won’t end bullying or racism or homophobia or transphobia or be able to support mentally and physically disabled people by continuing to support Mr. Mughal while he’s associated with Roanna and Resisting Hate.

Lastly, I include a jpeg of one of Resisting Hate’s other admin team, a HalalKitty, where she says her favourite line from a TV show is “I’ll fuck the Jew out of you” on her Redditt blog.




Editor’s Note:  You can find further stories about some of the activities of Tell Mama and the Resisting Hate group on the Fahrenheit211 site by using the search terms ‘Tell Mama’, ‘Fiyaz Mughal’, ‘Resisting Hate’ or ‘mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists’

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