Another possible Islam-related stabbing? This time in Oklahoma in the United States

Location of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA


There doesn’t seem to be any part of the world where the followers of Islam live where there isn’t some nutjob Mohammedan screaming ‘Allah’ whilst inflicting violence on someone. Islam, as we see far too often, isn’t the ‘religion of peace’, it’s true face is of a religion of unhinged and violent fraggles. Stab someone for Allah seems to be the guiding principle these days for all too many of the followers of a religion started 1400 years ago by another violent madman the man who Muslims call the prophet Mohammed.

The latest incident where someone is alleged to have shouted out ‘Allah’ whilst stabbing someone comes from Tahlequah, Oklahoma USA. According to a report in the Tahlequah Daily Press and reposted by the Religion of Peace website, Ibrahim Alyami, 24 is alleged to have stabbed Adam Wallace in an argument over religion. The report said that Mr Wallace told police that Alyami stabbed him because he, Mr Wallace, refused to follow Islam.

The report goes on to say that the assailant stabbed Mr Wallace in the right arm causing profuse bleeding and police, who had been despatched to the area because of reports of a fight, found him outside of a block of flats with his shirt round his arm as a makeshift tourniquet. When the police arrived there was another man with him, a man with a Muslim name and reading between the lines of the story, it seems that this other man was assisting Mr Wallace after he was stabbed. This other man has not been arrested and doesn’t seem to be suspected of connection to this crime in any way.

Mr Wallace told police that he had been stabbed by Alyami after an argument over religion and gave police a description of the stabby Muslim. Alyami was eventually detained and brought back to the scene of the crime where Mr Wallace positively identified Alyami as his assailant and this Muslim was promptly arrested. Mr Wallace appears to be safe after medical treatment.

This case and number of other cases, such as the London Bridge attacks and attacks on police officers in France, show that stabbing people for Allah either as part of organised attacks or opportunistic assaults like this one, is getting very common. Islam is at heart a violent and fascistic ideology and it should come as no surprise to see incidents like the one in Oklahoma. It’s wearily predictable that violence is the first tool that a Muslim reaches for when his ideology is debated or challenged.

This incident raises the question about whether we can ever truly peacefully coexist with an ideology that is so violent so often and in so many different parts of the world? You and I and most other reasonable people can debate matters of faith without turning to violence but this is something that seems difficult if not impossible for the followers of Mohammed to do. The violent intolerance of Islam is illustrated not just by this incident in the USA but also by the appalling and oppressive way religious minorities are treated in the lands where Islam reigns supreme.

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