Quislings and useful idiots ahoy!


I find myself becoming extremely annoyed and exasperated by Britain’s middle class Left. If the definition of stupidity is continuing to engage in actions or promote policies despite these actions and policies being damaging to yourself, your family or your nation. Nothing seems to matter to these feather bedded clerics, academics, intellectuals and public sector parasites apart from exploiting any and all opportunities to virtue signal, even when the results of their virtue signalling have caused and will cause many problems.

I speak here of the ‘refugees welcome’ movement in general and in particular the coterie of ‘refugees welcome’ idiots that are operating in the area of Herefordshire and the Welsh borders. One of this blog’s contacts in the area has supplied me with some titbits of information from the local press in the area which shows just how stupid, short sighted and naïve the local ‘refugees welcome’ fools have been. These pieces also show how middle class ‘refugee’ obsessed activists don’t give a toss about ordinary Britons or the negative effects that the objects of their altruism may have on British communities.

The first story is from the 7th February edition of local newspaper for the area the Hereford Times. It concerns a local vicar who has been lauded in both the paper itself and by the BBC, in a series about the church in rural areas, for his work, including his work with ‘refugees’. The article states that Father Matthew Cashmore, who struck me as a ‘nice but dim’ individual when I saw a clip of him at work, travelled to Calais with a group called ‘People in Motion’. The management of ‘People in Motion is, as one would expect, dominated by public sector parasites, naïve do-gooders and people with too much time on their hands and who also appear to suffer from misplaced altruism syndrome. They along with Father Cashmore have been collecting food and other supplies and taking them to the Calais migrant camp. These supplies are then used and consumed by the migrants which in turn sustains the dangerous eyesore that the Calais camp represents. Their work in feeding these ‘migrants’ increases the risk of harm and injury that these ‘migrants’ (more properly called Invaders) pose to legitimate cross channel travellers.

The reality of the situation is that Father Cashmore, Elaine Fraser, Kirsty Fraser, Mairtin O’Gradaigh and others involved in the ‘People in Motion’ group are actively feeding and supporting those who put British lorry drivers in mortal danger from the invaders who attack vehicles in order to attempt to stow away and reach the United Kingdom. These clowns, both the clerical one and the other non clerical ones, are the ones who will have blood on their hands when one or more of their pet invaders either kills a lorry driver waiting to cross from Calais or who may likely become involved in crime and jihad should they reach Britain.

Sadly like so many of these middle class lefty virtue signallers they care more for their dangerous ‘refugee’ pets than they do about the law abiding and decent British and French citizens who have to suffer the violence meted out against them by these unwanted and dangerous invaders. This particular group of ‘refugees welcome’ morons cannot see that the people they are helping are likely to be a threat to all of us whether they are in Calais or whether they achieve their goal of entering the UK.

This bunch of naïve fools are so dangerous that I would have no problem at all if the French government added the names of this People in Motion organisation and those involved with it to any list of those who are helping the Calais migrants stay and foul up the entire area.

The second story is from another issue of the Hereford Times and relates to another bit of ‘refugees welcome’ knobwittery that occurred in Hay on Wye just over the Welsh border. A group called Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees (HBTSR ) laid on a number of events for these ‘refugees’ many of whom have been dumped on a county that neither wants nor needs them. These ‘refugees’ were treated to a tour of the town of Hay, cycle rides and the chance to explore the surrounding countryside.

The ‘refugees’, which included so many of the unwanted ‘Syrians’ that have been foisted on Herefordshire that there was no room for all of them to park, were treated to board games, cakes and other niceties by HBTSR and their volunteers. It should be noted at this point that HBTSR are part of the ‘City of Sanctuary’ movement which is an entity that is significantly influenced and supported by the odious anti-British, pro-mass migration and worryingly pro-Islam leftist charity, ‘Citizens UK‘. It should also be noted that it was a group that subscribed to the aims of City of Sanctuary’, a group called Elmbridge CAN, that brought in and helped to house one of the suspects in last year’s Parsons Green tube train bombing in London. We should be rightly suspicious and hostile to those who associate with groups like City of Sanctuary and Citizens UK as City of Sanctuary has a bit of a track record, illustrated by the Parsons Green attack, for bringing in those who have attempted to kill British citizens.

These middle class Lefty ‘refugees welcome’ types absolutely disgust me. They disgust me because they are continuing to ply their trade at a time when it is patently obvious that importing these ‘refugees’, often not refugees at all but economic migrants, has not brought one iota of good for the receiving nations. These idiotic virtue signallers, both the ones dressed in clerical raiment who are feeding the invaders of Calais and those such as HBTSR who are connected to sinister anti British groups, are utterly disgraceful. They are continuing to push refuge policies that have not only failed but which have helped to import a large number of people into Europe who have victimised European citizens with guns, knives, bombs, truck attacks, mass welfare sponging and sex attacks. When I look at these exemplars of the naïve middle class left I can’t help but wonder where they and their largesse are when British people are suffering? I would guess that when it’s British people who are suffering economic or social hardship they are more often than not are probably nowhere to be seen. This lot seem to care more for their dangerous ‘refugee’ pets than they do about any of the British citizens who suffer because of the presence of the objects of their altruism and for that they should face much more public opprobrium than they currently do.

At first I found it difficult to find a word to describe those involved in these two newspaper stories centred around ‘refugees’ but in the end I found that the word ‘Sedition’ fitted the bill perfectly. After how else could the importation of potentially dangerous and burdensome people into the UK be described as anything other than seditious?

When the time comes for the chronicles to be written about Britain in these times, if Western civilisation survives the onslaught of imported seventh century savagery, that these ‘refugees welcome’ groups are bringing in, then hopefully those who have assisted these fake but dangerous ‘refugees’ into our homelands will be treated by historians in the same manner as other nations have treated the tales of their own traitors. Just as the Americans and Norwegians quite rightly shudder when they hear the names Benedict Arnold or Vidkun Quisling respectively, so should future Britons shudder when they hear the phrase ‘refugees welcome’ because that’s all the ‘refugees welcome’ types really are, modern day Quislings and Benedict Arnolds.

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