Trump is correct about Khan – The man is an utter disaster for London

Greater London Mayor Sadiq 'Saracen' Khan welcoming 'refugees', including it must be assumed those that have a worrying tendency to explode taking innocent lives with them?


There have been many who have occupied leadership positions over the years in the various Greater London governance systems, going back to the London County Council via the Greater London Council through to the Greater London Authority of the present day. Some of those who have led London have been politicians who were, like Labour’s Sir Reg Goodwin in the 1970’s, moderate in their views, often motivated by a duty to do their best for the capital’s inhabitants. Others, such as Ken Livingstone during his time at the Greater London Council, were screaming ideologues who wasted money on left wing projects and fighting with the then Conservative government of later-to-be Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

There have also been leaders who wanted to follow policies that were against the wishes and interests of many Londoners, such as Conservative GLC leader Sir Desmond Plummer’s plan for urban motorways bringing cars directly into central London. The leadership of London has also been a position occupied by high profile politicians such as Boris Johnson, who went on to be Foreign Secretary and current challenger for the leadership of the Conservative Party. The current incumbent, Sadiq Khan, is also a high profile politician, having served as a minister and a shadow minister for the Labour Party under the leadership of Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband.

Some of the leaders or Mayors of Greater London have promoted bad or unpopular policies, but I do not recall anyone who has presided over such a great disaster of mismanagement than the current holder of the office of Mayor of Greater London. Sadiq Khan’s tenure as Mayor has been characterised by a massive increase in crime, significant waste of resources, Khan’s habit of self aggrandisement and his flaw of arrogance. He has done great economic damage to the city not just by his constant bleating about how Britons voted the ‘wrong’ way in 2016, but also by his environmental policies that are likely to kill many small businesses and drive away the jobs that these businesses create.

Although both Livingstone and Plummer were pretty bad when their policies are examined, none of them come close to how awful Sadiq Khan really is. He’s so bad that when I heard that US President Donald Trump had responded to yet more crime in London and Khan’s whining about the President, I found myself immediately on the side of Mr Trump. Sadiq ‘Saracen’ Khan has plainly been the disaster that Mr Trump describes Khan to be.

President Trump is spot on with his assessment of Khan. The current Mayor has fiddled whilst the city is being burned by a tornado of crime. Khan’s time in office has been mostly known for the crime rate that has occurred both under his watch and because of his policies.

Khan was elected in part on a policy of reducing stop and search by the police, on the grounds that more minority people were stopped and searched. It’s notable that he reaches for the ‘racism’ card when it comes to this issue, rather than the more likely explanation for this stop and search imbalance, which is that certain communities commit more crimes. Since taking office however Khan has had to backtrack on stop and search and increase it rather than reduce it, but much damage has already been done.

Stop and search was falling before Khan took office but his promise to stop this tactic gave carte blanche to criminals to carry on committing crimes. The figures speak for themselves for the awfulness of Khan’s misrule. Murders rose by 44% and knife crime by 21% between 2017 and 2018 and the levels of other crimes, such as rape, have also risen. Khan has also funnelled and wasted policing money by using the equivalent in hours of 900 police officers to investigate ‘hate crimes’, many of which are merely one person bitching about the opinions or jokes of others.

Sadiq Khan is an awful Mayor, put there by a minority of the possible voters in a very low turnout election that may or may not have been riddled with Islamic voter fraud. He’s there in City Hall merely because many Londoners could not be arsed to walk down to their local polling station and choose an alternative. Some may say that it is not at all justified for the President of the United States to verbally attack a British local political leader, but in my view the justification is plain to see when you look at Khan and his appalling record.

Sadiq Khan is a complete failure as Mayor of London and he often tries to divert attention from his failures by attacking stuff that should be no concern of his, such as Brexit and President Trump. Khan is a national embarrassment with his antics and his gobbing off about lots of issues that are plainly not within his purview or competence.

Khan also appears to be unpopular in the rest of the country, not just with Donald Trump. There are a multitude of nicknames that are given to Khan by various people and none of them are complimentary. Hamaskhan, the Poison Dwarf, Khanage and on some parts of social media as ‘the Part and Parcel Paki’, are just a few of the mocking names that are given to Khan. The last in that list of nicknames comes from a statement Khan made prior to a terror attack in London that ‘preparing for terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city’. Khan was widely mocked for that statement, after it was pointed out that big First World cities which have little or no Islamic community, such as Tokyo, do not suffer the same levels of terrorism as is suffered by those cities which do have Islamic communities living in them.

The damage that Khan and his administration has done to London is immense and the President of the USA is correct in saying that he needs to be replaced. London’s voters should, at the earliest opportunity, vote out Khan and put in his place someone who can manage London and its finances more effectively and also stamp out the crime that has blossomed under Khan. If Khan gets elected for a second term because of apathetic voters and possibly bent Mosque votes, then London is finished as a major city. More of Khan than one term could see London become an even more crime ridden dangerous hell hole than it is already. To be quite frank I’m glad I’m no longer a Londoner and have to suffer the iniquities of Sadiq Khan’s misrule but I do feel sorry for those who are having to put up with this truly terrible and dangerous mayor.