Oxfordshire serious case review: ‘They would say that wouldn’t they?’

The Islamic savages convicted after Operation Bullfinch of raping, sexually assaulting and torturing non-Muslim girls in Oxfordshire.


Despite the Oxfordshire Islamic Rape Gang case having a lot of similarities with the other Islamic Rape Gang cases, and despite the fact that social workers there were as inexplicably reluctant to assist the girls who were victims of these savages as their counterparts in Rotherham, still the Social Services establishment deny that a softly-softly approach has been taken towards Muslim rapists.

The foreword to the Serious Case Review into the appalling situation that the local authorities and police allowed to happen in Oxfordshire has stated that:

Five of the seven convicted perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage. No evidence has been seen of any agency not acting when they should have done because of racial sensitivities. The victims were all white British girls.”

Do they seriously expect the public to believe this? When those social workers in post have been trained in Britain on the same courses, with curricula heavily influenced by the political fetishes of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’, as those who turned a blind eye to Islamic sex crime in Rotherham and elsewhere? It beggars belief, that the review expects us to believe, that the same sort of pandering to Islamic cultural and political interests, that saw 1,400 British girls raped, assaulted, tortured and sex-trafficked, wasn’t present in Oxfordshire.

They even admit themselves in the same foreword that their practices and attitudes etc were little different from those in any other area of the country. In that case, why would the culture of Islamo-pandering and the mortal fear of being called ‘racist’, not also be a problem in Oxfordshire? If the attitudes and practices of the social workers and the police are similar to other areas, they why could there not be the same problems as elsewhere? Do Oxfordshire Social Services and Thames Valley Police operate in some sort of bubble? Of course they don’t. If fetishising diversity or pandering to Islam or turning a blind eye to Islamic crimes is commonplace across the country, how on earth can Oxfordshire be different? It doesn’t make sense that one county, Oxfordshire, could be immune from the group-think about ‘community cohesion’ that has been seen to be a part of other scandals involving police and social services ignoring or downplaying the issue of Islamic Rape Gangs.

What the police, social services and NHS establishment have been saying about this case should really be taken with a large pinch of salt, especially where they try to divert attention away from its root cause which is Islamic racism, culturalism, misogyny and xenophobia. Without addressing the problem of too many Muslims having a disdain of Britain, its people, and its culture up to and including to the point of considering British girls as ‘untermenschen’, then this problem will not be able to be solved. We will continue to be fed the same old lies about ‘lessons being learned’ or fobbed off with promises to embark on major ‘management and workplace culture changes’. Until the far Left, and the cultural relativist thinkers who dominate academia, and who therefore set the standards to which social workers, health workers and sadly, police officers are trained, are purged from the academic institutions or sidelined, then we will continue to see public sector organisations dominated by those who have been taught to go easy on the Muslims for ‘cultural reasons’, and that bias will be reflected by an increase in cases such as these.

Those who are steeped in multicultural theory and have been so since their first day in higher education are hardly likely to put their hands up and say ‘we were wrong, we were taught a crock of shit that doesn’t match the situation in the real world’ and start to solve these heinous problems. This denial that although the majority of the perpetrators of the Oxford outrages were Muslim that there has been any ethnic or cultural basis to them is hollow, and is truly a case of ‘well they would say that wouldn’t they?’


Full text of the Serious Case Review into the Oxfordshire Islamic Rape Gang case.


A previous article from Fahrenheit 211 about how 9 out of 10 social services staff knew that Islamic Rape Gangs were operating in their area but appeared to do little or nothing about them or protecting their victims.




4 Comments on "Oxfordshire serious case review: ‘They would say that wouldn’t they?’"

  1. English...not many of us left. | March 4, 2015 at 9:44 am |

    Reinstate the death penalty, for the pervs and the traitors who
    abandoned them……to the pervs.
    This sanction doesn’t have to be used, too often, but it’s very
    existence could focus many minds, I would suspect.
    It won’t happen, yet. Too many bleeding hearts and tree huggers,
    but things are really out of control now and strong medicine
    is needed to remedy this malaise infecting the nation.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 4, 2015 at 9:56 am |

      There is indeed a malaise and Dhimmi Dave Cameron’s panicked statement about looking at laws about mandatory reporting will come to nothing. If Police, councillors and social services ignore Islamic noncing despite such noncing already being illegal then what extra leverage will this new law have? My guess would be very little. As for executing the traitors and the Islamic perves, it is highly unlikely, for many reasons, not just because of idiotic bleeding hearts, that we will see a return to a pre-1837 situation re capital punishment for non-murder offences even if capital punishment was reinstated. However, there probably is scope for prosecuting those who used the ‘community cohesion’ line to justify doing little to stop Islamic Rape Gangs to be prosecuted for malfeasance in public office or some similar existing offence.

      Every day we see more shocking evidence that Islam isn’t merely a religion or political cult, but more akin to an amorphous and widespread crime against humanity. It kills and oppresses its own people as well as killing and oppressing others.

      At the very least those in senior management in police and social services who were less than active in following up these cases in Oxfordshire, despite the problem of Islamic noncing being much more known than in previous times, should lose their jobs and never work in these particular fields again.

  2. Vincent Bate | March 4, 2015 at 4:06 pm |

    I don’t understand. I don’t understand why the multiculturalists don’t see that not all cultures are equally valid and praiseworthy. Our Northern European native culture is superior to Islam, demonstrably so, so why are we tolerating an inherently inferior culture to poison our society? It’s insane and suicidal.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 4, 2015 at 4:11 pm |

      The multicultiuralists also fail to see that although individuals may be equal, cultures plainly are not. Personally I think the culture in a yoghurt pot is streets ahead of Islam when it comes to the issue of superiority. The Judaeo-Christian-Secular cultures beat polio, smallpox, forged an industrial and scientific revolution that eventually put a man on the moon. The savages have not produced anything at all of note.

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