A happy Christmas to all my Coptic Christian readers

The Coptic Christians of Egypt are today celebrating Christmas as today is Christmas Day according the the Coptic Christian calendar.

The Coptic Christians, who were the indigenous population of Egypt until the arrival of the armies of Islam, are facing greater and greater oppression from the new Islamic Government in Cairo.  Their churches are attacked, their freedom to practise their religion is threatened and the lives of individual Coptic Christians have been lost to the violence of the Islamic Bearded Savages who now run Egypt.  Also the Islamists in Egypt have been kidnapping young Christian girls and women and forcibily converting them to Islam.

This year is going to be a year  of struggle and tests for the Coptic Christians and it looks like that many Copts are going to have to make the decision, do they stay in Egypt or do they flee to a safer place.

If you are moved as I am by the plight of the Copts, then help a Coptic charity, speak out against their oppression and help those who may soon be forced to leave the land of their birth.

Here is an article in the Huffington Post about the appalling conditions that the Copts face.


If you are faced with an apologist for Islam telling you that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, then politely call them a liar, and point to the plight of the Copts as an example of ‘Islamic tolerance’.

If you are interested in why the Copts celebrate Christmas in January then you will find information about the Coptic calendar as well as Coptic festivals via this link: