The Lib Dems, the political analogue of the faeces throwing mentally disturbed chimpanzee

Would you buy a used car from this man? Nah me neither.

Why is it that whenever the Lib Dems have influence whether that be in local or national government they use that influence to promote causes or policies that are either anti liberal or anti democratic? This applies whatever the policy, whether it be the equalisation of parliamentary boundaries, voting systems that favour the unrepresentative political Left, attacks on the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, promotion of the welfare entitlement culture that is draining our coffers, support for murderous dictators or the unthinking support for the failing and increasingly authoritarian European Union. Whatever causes the Lib Dems espouse and support you can bet your life that such policies will not favour those who work and contribute or those who support the continued existence of an independent, economically dynamic United Kingdom.

Allowing the Lib Dems power in any form and then being amazed by the cock ups and dishonesty is no better than inviting into your house a mentally disturbed chimp and then wondering why you have chimp-shit decorating your walls. Chris Huhne for example is the archetypal Lib Dem, replete with lies, shifting of responsibility, smears on opponents and misrepresentation. Huhne, unfortunately, is not the only dodgy one, the Lib Dems are full of them, for example you have Simon Hughes the ‘straight’ choice for Bermondsey, David Ward the supporter of genocidal Arab causes, various expenses fiddlers like David Laws and other untrustworthy and sometimes like Jenny Tongue completely mad bastards.

So often the Lib Dems have proved themselves to be unworthy of holding power whether that be local or national. It was the Lib Dems who formulated the ‘Neighbourhoods’ policy in Tower Hamlets in the 1980’s which encouraged the growth of separatist extremist Islamic ghettos, the Lib Dems who promoted the Alternative Vote system that would have meant that small groups of Leftist or worse Jihadist extremists could have held the balance of power in Parliament and it was the the Lib Dems who vetoed an end to the scandal of underpopulated Labour constituencies where less votes were needed to elect a Labour MP than a Tory one.

The Lib Dems even in their current incarnation have proved that they are shifty buggers, with no principles and even less honour. If as looks likely there is a challenge to Clegg from the crazy Left of the Lib Dems then the party would become even more divorced from the views of the general population than they already are. However they would still sell to the electorate the lie that the Lib Dems are both liberal and democratic when they are anything but. Voters need to treat any statement by a Lib Dem with extreme caution and recall that a vote for the Lib Dems isn’t just a vote wasted, or a protest vote, it is a vote for the policies of those who wish to destroy this country, economically, socially, morally and politically. Don’t vote for national destruction, don’t vote Lib Dem.

You should no more trust a Lib Dem spokesperson or candidate or elected representative to be honest about their policies than you would trust a pikey car salesman to sell you a car that wasn’t ‘clocked’ or had an incomplete VIN number.

The Lib Dems are the party of choice for the snake in the grass, the dole bludger and the treasonous. It should no longer be seen as a party of honest political moderates but should instead be included in that shameful list of loud, duplicitious and opportunistic political operators where reside such tainted entities such as the British National Party, Respect, and the Socialist Workers Party.

The Liberal Democrats, if they told me it was raining outside, I’d feel that I’d have to go outside and check.


Upcoming possible challenge to Lib Dem leader Nick – Brussells can do no wrong – Clegg. Looks like Lib Dem activists are pushing for the right to vote on confidence issues with Lib Dem leadership.

For those people who never encountered the Lib Dems politically, here is a chimp throwing shit, should give you some idea of what they do to the UK.