Government starting to dump Calais migrants onto a peaceful Sussex village.

Earnley Concourse, the Grade II listed building that is going to be at the centre of plans to house a great number of alleged refugees, much to the annoyance of locals.
Earnley Concourse, the Grade II listed building that is going to be at the centre of plans to house a great number of alleged refugees, much to the annoyance of locals.

Earnley Concourse, the Grade II listed building that is going to be at the centre of plans to house a great number of alleged refugees, much to the annoyance of locals.

A tide of violent, third-world, mostly Islamic filth is about to overrun a peaceful Sussex village – on the orders of Britain’s Home Office. The migrants, alleged by a newspaper to be made up of thousands of young men from the Calais jungle camp, are going to be housed, but not secured, in a building that was once an educational holiday home for foreign students. Up to 6,000 third world men per year, from some of the most violent, backward and morally reprehensible cultures in the world, are expected to pass through the centre at Earnley, West Sussex.

Earnley, a village of only 150 people is reeling from the shock that these invaders in search of a dole cheque are going to be housed in their area. The elderly who live there are said to be terrified of what may happen and I’ve no doubt that unless these ‘migrants’ are kept under secure lock and key, then crime, especially sex crime in the area, will sky-rocket.

I seem to recall Prime Minister Cameron saying that Britain cannot keep taking refugees and that we can’t take those from the Calais camps on the grounds that they’ve crossed a number of third party safe nations in their search for British dole cheques and other welfare. Sadly, it looks as if Cameron may not have been telling the whole truth about Calais, and despite promising that Britain would only take vetted refugees from camps in Turkey near the Syrian border, it looks like he has opened the gates of hell for the poor villagers of Earnley, by dumping a whole load of violent Calais thugs on them.

The London Daily Express said:

The 150 residents of Earnley, near the popular Witterings beaches in West Sussex, have overwhelmingly voted against the Home Office plans for Earnley Concourse, a former educational holiday home for foreign students, to be turned into a temporary home for men fleeing their war-torn homelands in the Middle East and Africa.

As many as 200 men, aged between 18 and 39, will be housed in the centre – which currently only has room for 101 students – for between three and 19-days at a time.

Many will come from the notorious Jungle camp in Calais.

The plans have caused panic in the hamlet and surrounding area, with flyers posted through every door warning the residents, many who are elderly, the plan for more than 6,000 young men to come through Earnley in a year is “entirely disproportionate”. 

Residents of the tiny hamlet – which has about 70 homes, one church and no shops – are concerned the arrival of the men will put their safety at risk.

And business owners in nearby Bracklesham, where the nearest shop is, are worried the influx of refugees will put their fragile tourist industry at risk.

I’m not surprised that the residents are concerned about their safety and their livelihoods. The experience of other nations, most notably Germany, has shown that many of these ‘refugees’ are criminally inclined. Some of these ‘refugees’ have been reported to have been engaging in rapes and other sexual crimes within a day or so of arriving in Germany. It’s a given that if this report is correct then the tourist industry in the area is going to be badly hit. After all who wants to spend money on holidaying in an area which is overrun by surly, violent, mostly Islamic savages? Nobody with any sense at all is going to spend leisure time in an area where the visitor has to look over their shoulders all the time for fear of crime and disorder.

The Daily Express continued:

Stone Harbour Limited is the company applying for the building’s change of use and has also put forward plans to turn Grade II-listed Earnley Place, on the same site, into a small events and wedding venue.

The site would be run by Clearsprings, one of three companies contracted by theHome Office to provide asylum seeker accommodation under a multi-million pound contract called COMPASS.

On their application form to the council, no mention was made of what Earnley Concourse was to be turned into, with villagers only finding out indirectly recently.”

Again we see the British government behaving a lot like Merkel’s German government, and keeping secret the plans for dumping these ‘refugees’ onto an area. The revelation of the intended use for the site at Earnley has brought Clearsprings out in a flurry of dishonesty about the new migrant camp. According to the Express, a spokesperson from Clearsprings said: ““Should an agreement be reached to put The Concourse to this worthy use we would expect our neighbours to notice little difference to when we house over 200 foreign school children.”. That, I’m afraid is a bare-faced lie from Clearsprings. There is a world of difference between foreign schoolchildren visiting the UK and thousands of violent third worlders such as the residents of the Calais camp. Foreign schoolchildren, like all schoolchildren, may occasionally be a pain in the arse for the locals, but I very much doubt that they were anything like as bad as what is about to descend on the area. It is disingenuous in the extreme for Clearsprings to claim as they did in the Express article that the facilities in the camp will be so good that the migrants may not feel the need to leave. Of course they will feel the need to leave, and when they do they will for certain use their time on the outside to victimise the poor shell-shocked people of Earnley.

This is yet another example of the government riding roughshod over the wishes of Britons when it comes to the issue of immigration and the issue of ‘refugees’. We are starting to see again and again the government, their contractors and local authorities acting together to stop any meaningful objections to gross impositions like this and force them through. This is a very dangerous path for the State to take as a pissed off local population, with no peaceful and effective way of either voicing their opinion or affecting the course of events, is one that may start to see itself as having nothing to lose. The government are unwisely using the ‘German method’ of imposing these ‘migrants’ on people who really don’t want either them or the trouble they will bring. The danger is that an angry population, with no way of stopping these impositions via the planning system and demonised by the Left as ‘racists’ for objecting to their lives being ruined by these ‘migrants’, may resort to the ‘German method’ of protesting against these centres, which is by burning them down. One report has stated that there have been over two hundred arson attacks against ‘refugee’ centres and other places where unwanted ‘refugees’ have been dumped. Furthermore it seems that a fair number of Germans may be supporting the arsonists as a mere five percent have been grassed up and convicted. As I’ve said time and time again on here, unless the ordinary Briton has a way where they can legally, peacefully and effectively object to some of the impositions such as ‘refugee’ centres, mosques and other unwanted similar developments, then that will not cure any problems but will just make them worse. If the government wish to encourage a step away from reasoned debate and away from democracy into a world of vigilantism then secretly dumping hundreds if not thousands of dangerous ‘migrants’ on place like Earnley is a very effective way to do that. Vigilantism is a symptom of the failure of both the political and judicial process and it’s my belief that it’s the sort of failure that should be staved off for as long as possible. The government should reconsider their plans for this gross imposition on the people of Earnley as I predict that no good will come either of it. But the way to stop this problem for good is to end the madness of continuing to import people who hate us, often wish to kill us, and whose only interest in Britain is what they can ponce off all of us.  I do hope that the people of Earnley can use every peaceful means at their disposal to fight against what is a dangerous and monstrous imposition on them, their families and their area.


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