From Elsewhere: ‘I wasted five years of my life on this Islam s**t’

Great post from the Council of Ex Muslims site from a British resident Iraqi ex Muslim which shows that learning about Islam can help people to leave it.  Most heartening of all he seems to have found out how rubbish Islam is by reading Islamic sources.

He is still apparantly suffering from the mental after effects of being a Muslim but he has taken the first step to freedom, which is to realise that the ideology of Islam is a crock of shit.


“Halal Kafir:
I’ve recently left Islam after a long time soul searching. I wish I had taken this decision much earlier instead of wasting the best years of my 20’s practicing this load of shite. (I’m now 28.) Anyway, this is how my life story goes –

I was born in Kuwait to Iraqi parents in 1983. My parents were never the most religious, I barely remember them teaching me anything about Islam, but I knew we were Muslims by name, at the least. Anyway, we lived there until “our leader”, Saddam Hussein, invaded it. After the gulf war, we moved to various countries around the middle east until finally settling in the UK in 1996. When we settled in the UK, it is fair to say that we pretty much forget all of our roots (until recently where members of my family started visiting Iraq again.), we basically lived like a typical middle class Arabic people in the West- embrace the West (although not always to its fullest) and be moderate about Islam. From 1996 up until 2006, I was simply an Arabic guy who knew that he was a Muslim. But, in 2006 that changed, I started reading more about Islam until I released that I was being a bad person for not practicing Islam . ( ::) ::) ::) ) Never drunk, I never slept around or went clubbing, but reading about Islam made me to do more. (sigh). One day, me and my friend went to the city 1 hour away from my town, I live in a town where Muslims aren’t exactly everywhere you seem them. When I visited that city near me, which had a lot Islamic culture to it, I brought back withe me a Ramadan calendar. When I got home, I was looking at the calendar and there was a verse there, it was about how Allah will punish the non practicing Muslims. This drove fear into my heart……. and from that moment I started practicing, sincerely believing in Islam of course. I started reading about Islam more and more, there were a lot of things that I didn’t like but, like millions and millions of Muslims, I buried my head in the sand! I ignored them and convinced myself that this is Islam… just trust it! However eventually I knew so much about Islam that I started having doubts, I even began to hate some of. To be honest, even when I was practicing, deep down I knew that I didn’t like that Muhammed much…….. he sounded such an obnoxious man…. to say the least!

Anyway, these are the 4 main reasons why I decided to leave Islam –

1. Scientific reasons.

2. Islam itself

3. Philosophy v Islam

4. My own life experiences and that of others around me.

Ok, let me elaborate a bit more about each reason.

1. Scientific reasons

The more I read about the universe and how we become what we are, the more and more Islam seemed like a load of crap. It’s clear that there are a lot of contradictions to science in Islam. Why the fuck would Allah order some people to grow a beard when it is a fact that certain people around the world are incapable of growing facial hair? Why the fuck do we need to fast during daylight hours when some parts of the world doesn’t go dark? I could go on and on….

2. Islam

As I mentioned previously, I buried my head in the sand whenever I read something that I didn’t like about Islam. This is a disgusting religion (although the vast majority of Muslims are decent people, imo, so it does have its positive aspects.) fulls of bullshit and contradictions and bizarre things. Why the fuck would Allah want every single human being to be like Muhammed? Some people are simply not cut out to be like that, and Allah knew this! Why the fuck would Allah choose someone over someone else as his most beloved person? I’ve always thought that this was wrong. Those people that practice his Sunnah can become mentally ill. I mean come on…. the Sahabah used to shit in the same place as Muhammed? Disgusting and sick, fuck off!! I could go on and on about Islam, but I think I will leave that and start a new topic about Islam every time I need to say something about it. (Whether it’s a contradiction, immoral thing, etc.)

3. Philosophy

Philosophy alone pisses all over religion. Why would a perfect being create evil and punish his imperfect beings for doing evil?  etc etc etc etc etc…. 

4. Life experience

I don’t know where to start on life experiences, why would Allah grant Muhammed’s wishes to not wipe out his ummah using flooding (floods in the Sahara, Mo? of course god would grant you that!)?? Oh wait, Pakistan were nearly wiped out by floodings recently, didn’t it….and it happened during Ramadan!! Mashallah how merciful is Allah!! Subhanahallh! Not to forget the poor children that allah chooses to die from hunger, wheres the wisdom in that?

So basically, these are only some of the issues that come to my mind when i was doubting Islam, there was is sooooo much more, but for somereason I can’t think of them when writing!!

Recently I asked myself this, how come I’ve never had a sign from Allah in my life? Not one! Where the fuck are you then if you want us to believe in you?!

I wish that I left Islam a lot earlier, I wasted 5 years of mylife on this shit. Yes, I know it’s not as much as some other people, but at the moment, I dont know where my life is going. I’ve never had a relationship, so I don’t know if I will ever spend mylife with someone. I dont think I’m westernized enough to marry English women, I still have cultural Islam about me. (I wont drink or eat pork etc). but obviously I’m also not a muslim anymore, so a muslim woman is out of the questions. There is also that issue of me being out of work for 5 years (and counting)…..

….thanks Allah for granting me my duas. ::) Kindly fuck off.”


Freedom Defence Initiative leaving Islam pages

Source of original story;wap2

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  1. Paris Claims | May 12, 2013 at 5:32 am |

    It’s encouraging to read an article such as this. However, this chap is reasonably bright. Just about every willing convert to islam in the west, is mentally defective or has a personality disorder, usually serious. They are not capable of using intelligence or logic to form opinions, and draw conclusions.

  2. This guy sounds like a dumb idiot, and I’m not even muslim. I think islam is crap, but this guy is just stupid.

    He hasn’t made 1 single useful logical point that even makes sense … take his scientific point about the beards … thats just stupid, according to him, we shouldnt make laws about kids running in shopping centres cos there are some kids with no legs who cant run ??? … why do we fast during daylight hours if there are parts of the world that dont go dark … ok so if they dont go dark then I suppose they live the same day for the rest of their lives ? no they make a calculation and count a day … big deal … I could go on but he is too stupid to work anything out …

    Why would a perfect being create evil and punish his imperfect beings for doing evil ? … duh … why do we make babies then smack them up and tell them off for most of their growing lives ??? why dont we just not have any babies ??? … because it is for their own good to improve themselves and become better people for themselves.

    The problems with Islam, are the fact that they preach nothing but murder and they laud it and they think heavenly reward is 72 virgins ??? … for eternity … frankly if I was stuck in internity, I’d need a heck of a lot more than 72 !!!

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