Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the biggest ‘Neville’ of them all?

This blog has documented quite a few political and other personages who have shown appeasing attitudes to the ideology of Islam. There have been naïve vicars, senior councillors and Head Teachers, but this special ‘British Neville Award’ can really have only one well-deserved recipient and that is our Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, Mr David Cameron.

Nobody who watched Cameron’s public statement in Downing Street could have failed to notice the utter torrent of bilge that he produced on the subject of Islam. Anybody with a cursory knowledge of genuine Islam and Islamic countries, would have been able to see through the ‘religion of peace’ guff that he served up. It was extremely concerning when he said that the Woolwich attack was against Islam, because it was counterfactual. The alleged killers themselves had used koranic instructions to kill, both as justification and as motivation for the attack.

Cameron stood up in front of the nation and told an obvious untruth. He said the attack was ‘nothing to do with Islam’ even though it so plainly and clearly was. To say something so inaccurate, Cameron must either be openly lying, or he has spent too much time with the oily Taqiyya merchants of British Muslim organisations. These same Islamic organisations have also done a lot to corrupt Britain’s Civil Service and its universities, for example the feting of supposedly ‘non-violent’ Islamic extremists and the shameful behaviour of the various student Islamic societies. The alternative to Cameron being either a liar or being manipulated, is that he is utterly and completely stupid.

It is because of Cameron’s woeful performance in front of the world’s media, that he has been awarded one of this blog’s monthly ‘British Neville Chamberlain’ Awards.

Former PM Neville Chamberlain famously once said: “I have in my hand a piece of paper’, Cameron’s whitewashing of Islam last week reminded me chillingly of that iconic film clip. I could imagine ‘Call Me Dave’ saying the same words, but instead of holding a worthless assurance from an evil dictator, Cameron would be holding up a Koran.

The violence in Islam isn’t an abberation Mr Cameron. Islam was born in violence, spreads by violence and exists by violence. In the view of this blog, Cameron knows nothing about Islam, and showed it.


The website Answering Islam has an excellent takedown of Cameron’s statements on Islam which is well worth watching.


‘Cameron’s Cringe’ speech outside number ten on the subject of the Woolwich attack. You will need a sick bag when watching this.


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May neville award certificate Cameron


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