June ‘British Neville Chamberlain of the Month’ Winner.

Traitor! There is no other appropriate word for her

There could be only one winner for this shameful award this month. Someone who has shown whose side they are on and who has blatantly flaunted the fact that they are not on the side of the British people.

That person is the Home Secretary Theresa May. She wins this shameful accolade for June for her disgusting decision to ban the counterjihadist writers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

The right to free speech took centuries of struggle to claim in the UK, and now we have been treated to the appalling sight of our Home Secretary shutting down free speech, primarily in order to placate a bunch of Mohammedean savages, and their useful idiots cheerleaders from the far left.

Shame on you Ms May, shame on your party and shame on those who allowed the establishment of a violent Islamic fifth column in the UK. Tackling this fifth column should have been the first priority of a British Home Secretary but instead she has decided to pander to them.

There can be no more unworthy an occupant of the Home Office cabinet seat than this disgusting appeaser.