Will this knock some sense into Jeremy Bowen?

Jeremy Bowen being bandaged with a cleaner bandage than he would probably get in an NHS hospital.  Picture courtesy of Guido Fawkes

The Guido Fawkes site has reported that the BBC’s highly paid Israel hater and Islamic boot licker in chief, Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen has been hit in the head by shotgun pellets whilst reporting from Egypt.

I’m glad that Mr Bowen is relatively unharmed but can’t help wondering if this will finally be the wake-up call that he needs and that he will stop all this ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ nonsense. It would not be cruel to ask whether or not these pellets in the head will knock some sense into him. Hopefully now he will stop believing the rubbish that he is fed by the various Islamic savages that he interviews and also panders to.

There is no indication yet as to whether or not Mr Bowen is blaming Israel for his shotgun wound. He probably will though.


Original story from Guido Fawkes