How many mosques is too many?

How about 2,019? That will sound like ‘too many’ to a lot of British people.

A recent perusal of a map put up by a Muslim group shows the extent of the Islamic infestation of the United Kingdom, and gives a graphic representation of just how many terrorism and paedophile advocacy centres Mosques that there are.

Compare that to the much smaller number of places of worship for the more socially useful religious minorities, whose adherents, unlike Muslims, do not indulge in mass terror, violence, rape and extreme corruption to anything like the extent that the followers of Islam do. Other minorities have contributed positively to the UK, but Islam has not.

Judging by the map it certainly seems that more and more areas are becoming poisoned by the vile Islamic cult that was started by an illiterate 7th century paedophile.

Over 2000 mosques sounds like too many to me, does it sound like too many to you? If it does then do something (something legal of course) about it. Get out and vote for those opposed to Islam, get out and protest, and educate your friends and family about the dangers that all of us Non Muslims face from Islam.

Islam is an enemy to the Anglican, the Catholic, the Jew, the Hindu, Sikh, the ‘pastafarian’ and the atheist. Islam is also a danger not just to this generation but to your children and your grandchildren. Do not believe the lies put about by mainstream media and politicos about Islam and do not let your descendants suffer the slavery and death that Islam will most surely bring. Being called a ‘racist’ or an ‘Islamophobe’ by some idiot left wingers eager to appease Islam is a small price to pay for the safety and security of your children, grandchildren and your nation.

Winston Churchill once said that ‘islam is about as welcome in a man as rabies is in a dog’. Sadly, our politicians did not heed this warning, and allowed the rabid ideology of Islam to set up shop here to the current and future detriment of all of us.

The moral, spiritual, temporal and intellectual squalor of Islam needs to be dealt with before it destroys this country. It has already destroyed parts of the UK and in East London for example Islam has done more damage to the community of the East End than the Luftwaffe did during World War II.

This is a battle that we must not lose. If this battle is lost, then not only will we have squandered the sacrifices made by previous generations to make this country safe, but we will have consigned freedom of belief, freedom of thought and freedom of speech to the dustbin of history.


List of Mosques in the UK

For comparison here are links that show the rough numbers of places of worship for members of Britain’s more socially useful religious groups. You will see that (apart from Catholic Churches) they appear to be outnumbered by the numbers of places where the members of the ‘religion of exploding to pieces’ can gather.

Roman Catholic administrative areas (searchable link for parishes)

Jewish Synagogues

Liberal, Masorti and Reform communities some of which are quite small in numbers of worshippers

Orthodox United Synagogues

Orthodoxy is the largest religious group among British Jews but there are still only 62 synagogues in the United Synagogue list.

Sikh Gurdwaras (temples) in the UK. Approx 100 across the UK

Hindu Temples approximately 180 across the UK


The list of mosques above does not include those areas like Hereford where a local Muslim group has persuaded naïve councillors and diversity officers to let them use community centres for their worship of the filthy Satanic deity, Allah and Mohammed the Islamic paedophile ‘prophet’.

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  1. Very interesting and also very worrying.I am watching this all unfold very carefully and ave been since the early 80’s.I find the hardest thing to do is convince other people that we are actually under attack from Islam,media blackout’s and government complacency not helping on that one either sometimes i feel i am smashing my head against a brick wall.My ex got beat up and put in hospital for two days last year for and yet he is the one in Crown Court in June,no mention of the muslim that gave him a kicking,it is very hard to work out why he is in court and his assailant isn’t,all he was heard saying was he was a christian and stop kicking me in the head,ok he had,had a few beers as it was his birthday,but he is up on racial and religious offences,but in all the court papers there is no mention of the muslim or may i add the three cars of muslims that turned up at the same time as the police,i truly believe if the police had not turned up he would be dead,but even though all that happened to him he still thinks i’m paranoid about the scale of muslim infiltration and won’t or chooses not too believe it.I find your site very interesting and agree with what you say,more need to stand up!

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