Bearded Savages of the Day Number 74 – Helsinki Church vandalism edition

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Another example of why Islam should never be referred to as a peaceful religion comes from Helsinki the capital of Finland.

A Pentacostal church, situated in an area that has been heavily infested by Islam has been repeatedly vandalised by Muslims

The Helsinki ‘Living Word Church’ has been graffitied with pro Islam slogans some claiming that Jesus was a Muslim, that ‘freedom is a cancer’ and that ‘Islam is the answer**’.

The late right-wing anti-Arab Rabbi, Meir Kahane once said that ‘Arabs cannot live in peace with other Arabs so how can they be expected to live in peace with those of other faiths?’ Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and others who have tried to live peacefully with Muslims have too often found that when Islam gains the upper hand, mass oppression of minority faiths becomes the order of the day. This oppression of Christians appears to be starting in East Helsinki. It appears that Finland’s Christians are finding that the wages of friendship with Islam, like that of sin (Romans 6:23), is death.

The website, Tundra Tabloids reports the story as follows:

The premises of the Helsinki, The Living Word church has been the target of long-term vandalism. The windows of the church’s assembly have been repeatedly defaced with texts idealizing Islam.

The public spaces of the Helsinki Living Word Church has been vandalized during August, at least three times. The windows of the church premises are painted with slogans glorifying Islam and criticizing Western culture and values. The incident was first reported on

The Living Word Church is located in Eastern Pasila, right next to the Helsinki Islamic center.

The messages left by the vandals read among other things: (Aug 9)”Alluha Akbar” [Allah is great], (Aug 20) “Jesus is a Muslim” and (Aug 25)”Islam is the answer”. Earlier this summer, the church windows were defaced with eggs.

Presently there’s no information on the background of those responsible.”

There may be ‘no information on the background of those responsible’ but I bet that we can all take an educated guess as to who they are.

We’ve got to stop pussy-footing about and call evil by its true name, Islam. It is now quite plain for anyone with more than half a brain that Islam is completely incompatible with civilisation and it is time that our politicians and our media follow suit.


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