Question. If you were seriously ill would you jet off to Azerbaijan?

Mike Hancock, they seek him here, they seek him there, but  he was not in Britain he was in Azerbaijan.

Well it’s not the sort of thing that a normal person would do, but if you are an allegedly ‘pervy’ Liberal Democrat MP, then  flying off to Azerbaijan instead of appearing in front of a committees and courts, is probably the most natural thing in the world to do.  This is the latest (October 10th 2013) installment in Guido Fawke’s coverage of the Mike Hancock story.  He was too ill to be questioned on the allegations against him, but seemed quite well enough to travel off to Baku, Azerbajan to be an election monitor.

Guido Fawkes has been following the story of Mike ‘Handycock’ Hancock for a while now and I’d advise you to go there and get the background on the Handycock story.  There’s loads of it, all under the tag ‘Hancock’.

In a previous article from September 17th 2013, Guido published a comment from an unnamed member of a Liberal Democrat investigating committee in Portsmouth who said that Hancock is as guilty as a puppy sitting next a pile of poo.”

Guido said:

“It’s all go in Portsmouth. A member of the investigating committee, who has just referred Mike Hancock to a full investigation over allegations of sexual assault against a vulnerable constituent, has spoken out this afternoon:“Hancock is a guilty as a puppy sitting next a pile of poo.” They added “it is f**king horrific.” Guido is told that LibDems on the committee have complained that they have come under huge amounts of pressure to exonerate Hancock, based on the fact the police and CPS dropped the investigation. Guido will show at a later date why this logic is flawed.”

It is quite worrying to see that there have been allegations that pressure has been brought to bear to clear Hancock of charges surrounding allegations that he contacted a vulnerable woman and acted as a bit of a sex pest towards her.  Those of us who know the Lib Dems of old have long suspected that they are not a ‘clean hands’ party, and some of the allegations coming out of Portsmouth increase such suspicions.

The Liberal Democrats, the party of alleged sex pests, higher taxes, surrender to the EU, unequal constituency sizes that benefit Labour and more welfare and immigration.   Did I leave anything out,  oh yes, the convicted criminal Chris Huhne was once the darling of the party.  What’s not to like among that list?

Voting Liberal Democrat is like helping to write Britain’s suicide note.  At the next general election if there is another hung parliament, with Labour as the main party, you just know that the Lib Dems will sign up to be in Coalition with Labour and therefore hand the country back to those who have comprehensively wrecked it.

Vote Lib Dem get Milliband, it’s a frightening prospect isn’t it?


Guido on ‘Handycock’


2 Comments on "Question. If you were seriously ill would you jet off to Azerbaijan?"

  1. Furor Teutonicus | October 29, 2013 at 1:23 pm |

    What do you expect from a party whos roots include such illustrious figures as Jeremey Thorpe?

    (Now THAT is a name for a queer/pervert if EVER I heard one!)

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 29, 2013 at 2:30 pm |

      At one point the Liberals/Lib Dems were a respectable party who stood for things like free trade and free societies. Not now though, they are pseudo-socialists appealing to those who can’t bring themselves to vote Labour.

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