Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A S**thole Volume 21 – Yet more gyno-hatred from the ideology that gave the world the mobile canvas prison

Since I’ve been running this blog, and prior to that since I started taking an interest in the religion of mass murder, I’ve seen all sorts of Islam-based gyno-hatred, from women being banned from driving a la Saudi Arabia, to brutal executions imposed for talking to an unrelated man, to political and educational disenfranchisement and so much more. However this one truly shows how Pakistan is that festering turd that no amount of flushing will remove.

It seems that the Savages of Pakistan are now stabbing women who have the temerity to be out of the house after sunset.

The International Business Times said:

Police in Pakistan have launched a manhunt after around 30 women have been stabbed in the last month for leaving home after sunset.

It is unclear whether the attacks are being carried out by a lone assailant or a gang, but police have offered a Rs200,000 (£2,000) reward for any information that will lead them to the perpetrator.

According to the Express Tribune, police are trackling a criminal gang that has surfaced in Cheechawatni, in the Sahiwal district.

According to district police officer Syed Khurram Ali, gang members have been stabbing women for “leaving their houses after sunset”.

Most women have been attacked in shopping areas. At least 25 cases have been reported this month and in most cases, the women had been accompanied by male family members while shopping and had been waiting in the parking areas for them to return.

The victims suffered from stab wounds to their shoulders, backs, arms and faces. Asim Nawaz, a doctor at a local hospital, said two to three women have been brought in every day with stab wounds.

One woman told the newspaper a masked man stopped her to ask her why she was out shopping unaccompanied. After ignoring him, she was stabbed in the shoulder.

Ali said the women had not been robbed and that other victims had told police their attacker had told them “it was against Sharia law for women to go shopping” and that they should not leave their homes.”

It seems that not even dressing up in a Shariah-approved mobile canvas prison is enough to stop the Savages from attacking women.

The International Business Times added:

Asim Waqar, a doctor at Chichawatni hospital, added: “Most of the women were stabbed after sunset, while two of them were wearing a burqa at the time they were attacked.”

Not even being accompanied by a male chaperone or hiding themselves away is sufficient to stop an attack. The attacks, which like the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in London, have EVERYTHING to do with Islam and we should call-out and mock those like David Cameron who say otherwise.  The savages will be satisfied with nothing less than an environment where women are confined to the home and move outside it only under the watchful eyes of a male relative or a husband.  

There is some gender separation in other religious paths, for example in Orthodox Judaism and some Christian sects such as the ‘Primitive Baptists’ and the Amish, but there nothing in these other paths that is on the scale, intensity and ferocity as the gender apartheid that is practised in the culture of Islam.

Pakistan truly is the shithole that civilisation forgot.  


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  1. the mobile canvas itself is the worst thing to humanity . Its beyond me how people in this day and age even believe in such crap.

  2. i have a hard enough time believing in the concept of God and these people do every possible injustice in the name of A GOD..or prophet or whatever imaginary shit they can come up with?

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