Another violent Arab throwing his life away for ropey old Mo. Bearded Savage hungry for the deaths of others, has death find him instead.


An Arab, brainwashed by the representatives of the Islamic death cult that controls the Gaza strip, into firing mortars at Israel, lost his life in a retaliatory attack by the Israeli Defence Forces. This is yet another death caused by the unwillingness of Muslims to live in peace with non-Muslims.

Time after time the Arabs have been offered peace, often peace at advantageous terms, but their representatives rip up every treaty made, and abuse the goodwill and the righteous desire for peace of those whose only desire is to live in peace with their neighbour. Yet again a young man has lost his life because he was brought up to feel nothing but hate, brought up to see the pervasive Jew-hatred of the Koran as a guide.

A sensible person cannot help but feel that although it is good that a terrorist threat has been neutralised, it is sad that another person has lost his life because of their whole lives being warped by Islam. What a waste, to be added to the growing tally of wasted lives in the Islamic world.

The Israeli news site Arutz Sheva said:

Israeli troops shot dead an Arab terrorist in northern Gaza near the border with the Jewish state on Friday, emergency services and the news agency of the Hamas government said, according to AFP.

The man’s body was recovered east of Beit Hanun, the emergency services said.

The local Al-Rai news agency confirmed “the martyrdom of a young man of around 20 shot by the occupiers’ bullets.”

The IDF said in response that soldiers had opened fire at terrorists near the border and scored hits in retaliation to Arab violence, including the launching of a mortar round that hit southern Israel.

The soldiers opened fire when the Arabs failed to heed to calls to stop.

“During the past few hours several incidents took place along the security fence with the Gaza Strip,” a statement quoted by AFP said.

“Palestinians caused damage to the northern security fence, fired a mortar shell that hit the Shaar HaNegev regional council, rioted and hurled rocks at soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip and neared the fence in an attempt to enter Israel,” the statement said.

“Soldiers attempted to contain these violent events by calling out to the Palestinians but to no avail, and in accordance with the incident used live fire. Several hits were identified.”

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Anybody who starts to look at the Islamic world and Islamic culture in detail cannot be unaware of the high level of violence that such nations and cultures contain. Across the Islamic world, and even in the non-Islamic world, Muslim slaughters Muslim with alarming regularity, often shocking cruelty and for seemingly trivial reasons. Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan and a host of others are nothing more than charnel houses with borders. If you step back and take a rational view of the Islamic world you can see how much more socially, culturally, intellectually, theologically and economically retarded it is when compared to Europe, the United States, UK, Israel, Russia, China Australia etc.

Of course the non-Islamic world has thrown up violent horrors but very often these violent horrors were abberations. Hitler, Mao and Stalin were murderous abberations of their cultures and of their nations. The murderous hatreds that afflict so much of the Islamic world and have directly resulted in the death of this young man in Gaza are not abberations, they often ARE the culture. The desire for death and domination is as strong in the idealised Muslim, as the desire for life and creativity is in those of non-Islamic culture.

Another precious life wasted by Islam. Anybody who considers themselves human should weep at such waste.