Exploitation of murder, and the lies that still have their running shoes on

Eager to hitch their poisonous and discredited organisation to the publicity surrounding the conviction of the two Islamo-murderers who killed Lee Rigby, the Tell Mama group put out this communication. It’s the usual ‘all about me’, ‘poor, victimised Muslims’ stuff that we have come to expect from them. This is what Tell Mama said:

TellMAMAUK @TellMamaUK

At this sensitive time, we advise #mosques to remain diligent & to be wary of bags or items left in or around the bounds of the mosque.

They added

TellMAMAUK @TellMamaUK

Lee Rigby’s killers must not be allowed to drive a wedge between communities says Fiyaz Mughal OBE blogs: http://ow.ly/rWjcy #Islam

It was to be expected that Phoney Fiyaz, a man too flaky even for some Lib Dems to tolerate, would use the end of this trial to play victimhood poker. Where I will agree with Phoney Fiyaz is in admitting that tensions have risen. However, although tensions are heightened, they have not been heightened by Britain’s non-Muslims I might add, but by the piss-poor, aggressive and often downright violent behaviour of too many Muslims. Not every Muslim of course but a significant and worryingly large minority of them troublesome. The wedge that has been driven in has been driven in by the followers of Islam, not anybody else.

It cannot be avoided that there have been very few genuine attacks on people purely for being Muslim. The case of the Imam in Hull who was partially blinded is very much the exception, and the random killing of a Muslim in the Midlands was the work of a deranged Ukranian. If you are looking for where the violence is coming from but think it is coming the classic bogeymen of the ‘white racists’ then you are mistaken. The ordinary British person whether they are white or black or Christian or not, have faced an onslaught of violence, terror, rape and intimidation from a significant minority of the followers of Islam.

There is no backlash against British Muslims. There has been virtually none, even despite the horrendous provocations of the attacks on 9/11 in which British people were also victims, the 7/7 attacks, hundreds of failed attacks by jihadists, an epidemic of Islamic rape gangs hitting more towns and cities than I can keep up with, street violence and intimidation, involvement with crime, political corruption, welfare dependency and fraud. Despite these and other provocations the average British person although quite rightly very angry at the behaviour of people who we welcomed into Britain as guests, has yet not balled his hands up into fists.

Even though a loud and worryingly large minority of the followers of Islam have shown contempt for this country and its values, its people and its history, and has made this country’s Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus increasingly fearful, there has been nothing like the sort of ‘backlash’ that Fiyaz ‘the boy who cried wolf’ Mughal says there is.

If the sort of reaction that Phoney Fiyaz says is happening really was happening then it really would be ‘rivers of blood’ time. But it isn’t happening, thankfully there are no ‘rivers of blood’ and the media agencies such as PA, should stop listening to groups like Tell Mama who tell such blatant lies. Also those who are educated enough to know better should also wake up and smell the coffee, there is bad stuff going down that should be paid attention to. Fiyaz and his vehicles Tell Mama and Faith Matters are doing nothing more than shouting fire in a crowded theatre when the only thing burning is Fiyaz’s pants.



If you want to know where the title came from it’s from Mark Twain

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
Mark Twain(attributed)