Are you in reach of Bristol? Do you have £4? Are you free on 6th March 2014?

Arun Kundnani – Promoting Islamic victimhood ideas in Bristol in March 2014

There is an upcoming event, supported by Foyles the famous bookshop and run under the umbrella of the Bristol Festival of Ideas which is giving a platform to a speaker whining about how Islam is being targeted because of the war on terror.

The Foyles website says:

Since 9/11 the War on Terror focused on targeting foreign enemies in faraway places. It has now set its sights on a new enemy – the ‘homegrown’ or domestic terrorist. Arun Kundnani, an expert in this area, critiques the root of domestic anti-terror policies to expose the anxiety, intolerance and racism that inform them. In this Bristol Festival of Ideas talk he discusses his book The Muslims are Coming!, which looks at the extent of national security surveillance used in both the UK and the US and argues that this is a systematic violation of the rights of Muslims, and that the War on Terror could not be sustained without the racialized dehumanization of its Muslim victims.

Arun Kundnani is Adjunct Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University, and teaches terrorism studies at John Jay College. He has been a Visiting Fellow at Leiden University, Netherlands, an Open Society Fellow, and the Editor of the journal Race and Class. He is the author of The End of Tolerance: Racism in 21st Century Britain.”

Arun Kundnani looks as if he will be promoting the ‘poor me, why me’ sort of Islamic whining that we have seen elsewhere from the likes of Fiyaz Mughal and the Tell Mama crew. Because he is speaking at the Bristol Festival of Ideas he is probably expecting to speak to a Left of centre/pro-Islam/pro-multiculturalism audience. Maybe various patriots should buy tickets for this event and when the inevitable question and answer session happens, challenge Kundani’s views.

Mr Kundnani and those like him need to be told in no uncertain terms the main reasons why Islam is hated are not ‘racism’ or ‘intolerance’ but a genuine fear of a pretty disgusting and oppressive ideology. It’s not a fear of the ‘other’ that drives dislike of Islam, it is the baleful behaviour of the followers of Islam. Those opposed to Islam are in the main, not racist, but they are concerned that Britain is being negatively affected by the head-choppers, poll-corrupters and gang rapists that the arrival of Islam have brought here.

Buy a ticket, go along, and politely challenge this man’s complete and utter bullshit about ‘Muslim victim-hood’.



Foyles web page on the Arun Kundnani event

Bristol Festival of Ideas web page

Note: The fact that this event is supported by the Guardian Media Group should tell us all we need to know about the political slant that is likely to be put on this event.



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  1. “… and teaches terrorism studies” – you couldn’t make it up, could you?

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