I’ve never really been in favour of collective punishment, because by its very nature it does tend to roll up the guilty with the innocent and that can cause injustice, and I’ve often spoken out against it. The 20th century gave us plenty of examples of horrific collective punishments, especially those carried out by the Nazis and the Soviets. Greece, for example, suffered terrible civilian losses due to reprisals for anti-Nazi resistance activity. It is partially because of the horrors of the 20th century that collective punishment was outlawed by the fourth Geneva Convention. In the past I’ve been vocally opposed to the idea of boycotts based on the target’s religion or heritage because of the Nazi-inspired boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany, which culminated in the destruction of Kristallnacht. No sensible person would want a return to such times, or such behaviour.

However, as time has progressed and as the problems that the ideology of Islam have brought to Britain have become more and more prominent, I find that I’m having to revise my opinion on both collective punishment and boycotts. That is not to say that I approve of, or wish to encourage random physical attacks on Muslims or Islamic property, but a stand must be taken against the ideology of Islam. Ideally, I’d like to see a return of something like the Wartime Defence Regulation 18b, which allowed the government of the day to intern without trial those who were known sympathisers of the Nazis. Britain could really do with a policy of internment, trial when appropriate or expulsion of Islamic rabble rousers. Sadly, with the sort of appeasing politicians that are currently occupying the green and red benches at Westminster, this much needed legal means of tackling Islamic sedition is unlikely to make a reappearance anytime soon.

The reason for my change of heart on this matter is partially because the problem of Islamic sedition is becoming more of an issue and also because too many of the 99.5% of Muslims who are not directly involved in sedition, are keeping silent about the 0.5% who are. There are officially 2.7 million Muslims in Britain, which means that if only 0.5% are treasonous Islamists that makes 13,500 potential terrorists and traitors, which is a lot of problems to worry about.

This silence on the part of the 99.5% is deadly for us. The 0.5% of Jihadists and Islamists who wish to kill and conquer, seem to swim freely in the sea of the 99.5% without let or hindrance. Even when Jihadists are caught or killed, the authorities face a wall of silence and obfuscation from Britain’s Muslims. They make excuses, they try to spread blame onto ‘root causes’ other than the ideology of Islam, they attack the police for investigating Jihadis whilst whining about ‘Islamophobia’ or like the family of one of the Cardiff Jihadis, they feign ignorance of Jihadi activity even when it is happening within their own families.

This silence needs to stop. It is time for the majority of Muslims in Britain to show whose side they are on. Some form of non-violent collective action needs to be taken to show that no longer will Britons, of whatever race or faith, tolerate this silence and evasion by the 99.5% of peaceful Muslims. It is not appropriate for Muslims to keep silent in the face of a threat to this nation. It is not enough for Imams to put on fake shows of loyalty and opposition to terror, or to speak peace with forked tongues at ‘interfaith’ meetings. It’s decision time. What are Muslims going to choose, the Ummah or the nation of Britain? It is not a situation where dual loyalty can be accepted anymore. We did not tolerate those whose loyalty was split between the King and Hitler during World War II and we should not tolerate those who pay lip service to the concept of loyalty to Britain, but who are really loyal to the idea of the Islamic nation.

Historically other groups in Britain have been subjected to accusations of ‘dual loyalty’, it was aimed, very often falsely, at Anglo-German and Anglo-Jewish Britons in the first part of the 20th century, especially during World War I, when loyal Britons of German heritage were subjected to appalling abuses. That was behaviour of which Britons should now be rightly ashamed, but the situation today is radically different. Back then there were not masses of German Protestant Churches in Britain praising the Kaiser, nor were there worrying numbers of Anglo-Jews travelling to fight for the Central Powers. The difference today is that we do have a lot of Mosques preaching hatred of Britain and we do have Muslims born in Britain who are travelling to fight Jihad overseas and also fomenting terror at home.

As I have so often said, it is the duty of Government to deal with seditious groups, like those Islamic ones we are seeing growing in Britain at an alarming rate. Sadly, the Government are plainly not doing enough to deal with this problem.

It is time to call the ideology of Islam and those who follow it, to account. The Government really needs to do this sort of action, but if the Government will not, then it is the duty of the people of Britain to do what the Government has so far refused to do.

It’s time to make Islam pay a price for the damage it has done to this country. I’m minded of the famous scene in The Italian Job when the Mafia are discouraged from killing the British criminal Charlie Croker on a mountain road, when he tells the Mafioso ‘If you harm us, remember there are thousands of Italians in Britain and if we are killed then every coffee bar, gambling den and ice cream parlour will be smashed’, this stayed the Mafia man’s hand and made him think.

We should consider taking a similar view about those Muslims who say nothing and do nothing about their own violent and hateful co-religionists. We have the power to do this and it doesn’t have to involve crossing the moral line with mobs with flaming torches. All it takes is making intelligent choices about where you spend your money.

It is time to make Muslims fear us for a change and to hit them where it hurts, in the pocket. It’s Islamic ‘price tag’ time. For every murder of a Briton, for every treasonous utterance by an Islamic cleric, or every victim of an Islamic rape; a Muslim-owned business should be starved of trade and thereby run out of town. It is only justice that these people, who so often lie into the ears of non-Muslims about their ideology, should suffer. It’s time to rise and wipe out this appalling and unwanted psychotic ideology, that brings nothing to the table apart from fear, coercion, sedition and death. A message needs to be sent to Britain’s Muslims, and it is a clear message about what is, and what is not acceptable. One thing that should not be considered as acceptable is silence in the face of treason.

Normally I’m very much against ‘broad brush’ targeting; as I said earlier, there have been too many incidences in history, and the names of places like Lidice are rightly burned into the record, that show the tragedy of such a policy on the innocent. But things have gone too far for us to ignore the deafening silence that comes from the bulk of mainstream Muslims. Britain’s Muslims have, as I have so often said, failed the Trafalgar Square test, by which I mean they have not publicly and loudly and en masse denounced, Shariah and Jihad. Their continual silence is a self-condemnation.

Almost alone of the many groups that have come to Britain since Norman times, Muslims have consistently been too silent about the errors and evils of the other members of their group. Those who have spoken out against violence and sedition have been members of Islamic sects like the Ahmadiyya, who are small in number and not even regarded by Muslims as part of mainstream Islam. The majority have stayed silent. Even when voices from mainstream Islam are raised against terror, they are like that of an Imam I saw recently being interviewed on Sky News, who spoke words of condemnation of the terrorists with one breath but was condemning Britain with another. This is not an honest way of showing that your people are loyal British citizens, these are just empty honeyed lies. The silence of the majority of Muslims should no longer be ignored. Their silence is looking less and less like a fear of speaking out, and much more like the silence of approval.

Making Islam pay the price for the problems it has caused will not bring back those who Muslims have murdered, nor will it make whole those women and girls who have been the victims of Islamic grooming gangs. It will also not reimburse the country for the huge amounts of welfare benefits the Islamic parasites have stolen off us, but it will make them realise that they are hated and that they are hated for good and proper reasons. The hour has arrived and it’s time to make the Islamic community pay the price for their silence about and approval of Jihad.

Let’s make Britain a place of horror and fear for Islam,a place where Islam is seen for what it is, which is not a religion but a dangerous political cult. We should have, as a nation, the ultimate aim of making Britain ‘Islamic ideology free’. That doesn’t mean that we should oppress those of Muslim descent (in fact I’d go further and think that we should be a haven for ex-Muslims), but we should treat Islam as we would any other fascistic or oppressive ideology and stop it from influencing public policy.

We cannot be a society based on freedom and justice until we cut out the cancer of Islamic and especially jihadist ideology. History has shown that wherever Islam dominates, freedom and justice flees. It has taken a long, long time to make Britain a more free and just society than it was in the past, we must not allow Islam to take us back to savagery.

To conclude, recommending that people look at the idea of a widespread boycott of Muslim-owned businesses, charities and other organisations, including non-Muslim Quisling ones, which pander to Islam, is something that, for the reasons I gave earlier makes me uneasy, but difficult decisions are never easy on the conscience. We face a big threat and to do nothing about it would be a worse moral crime than putting some innocent Mr Khan’s newsagents or Mohammed’s fried chicken or taxi firm out of business. A big threat needs a big response, but one proportionate to the threat.

I wish that there was no need for talk of boycotts and forcing Britain’s Muslims to make a choice between the Ummah and Britain, but it is an indication of the threats this country faces from the ideology of Islam, that we need to have such conversations or consider such actions.Ā 

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  1. Bear in mind that there are towns where ALL the taxi firms are run and staffed by Muslims,or others where they dominate the small retail sector. And not everyone is mobile enough to be able to shop elsewhere.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 23, 2014 at 10:46 pm |

      That is indeed a problem. Maybe one solution to this problem would be for those who are mobile could help those who are not.

      • I suspect that silent shopping boycotts won’t make much difference, but, as things become more acute, employers will be less willing to take on Muslims (“too risky”) and even higher education will start to quietly discriminate against them.

        One reason why overtly Muslim schools won’t succeed is that sensible Muslim parents know they’d be a blot on the child’s CV.

        • Fahrenheit211 | June 24, 2014 at 7:43 am |

          Shopping boycotts may make a difference if it becomes known why the boycott is occurring. I agree with you about the Muslim schools.

  2. Robert the Biker | June 24, 2014 at 5:10 am |

    Why would all these ‘peaceful and tolerant’ ululating baboons, oops, sorry muslims, rock the boat? Under the caliphate, they would be top dogs even though they were scarcely fit to sweep the streets or clean the offices, let alone build them! All us dhimmi would suddenly have to be subservient to these monkeys despite their utter lack of any ability or trace of civilization, and you expect them to criticise those who would bring this about? Use the supermarkets instead of the corner shop, buy a bicycle or a small motorbike to get around, or at least refuse any muslim driver (easier for women as some muslims have been convicted of abusing female passengers)and plain and simply refuse to interact with them.

  3. I’m not convinced that these 99.5% are actually moderate. I spent some time talking to a young muslim, about 24, who was talking about his parents and family whilst trying to convince me about the religion of peace. He started the conversation not me.

    This guy was a self confessed moderate who believed that non believers should die, women should be obedient and chained to the sink and the bed (well I’m torn on this one myself tbh) and that eventually they will be rulers in the UK.

    I get the impression that 99% of these will be with the others when the time is right. When they think that time is here they will volunteer or be called upon and they will answer that call with no hesitation. Your 0.5% will complain and then they will be wiped out plus a lot of us. They can get guns and are willing to use them, we get to call plod who will turn up sometime to give us a bollocking for dissing a muslim.

    Luckily we are waking up so we have a chance but we need to recognise what the risk is and it isn’t just the 0.5%.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 24, 2014 at 12:44 pm |

      Thank you for your comment. I’m not totally convinced that 99.5% are truly moderate as in if the chips were down they would choose Britain and not the Ummah. Like you I beleive they would choose the Ummah. I’ve also me self confessed ‘moderates’ like the one you described, and it is plain that what classes as moderation in Islam would be classed as being a screaming madman/meshugana in Christianity or Judaism.

      You may be interested in how I came to the 0.5% screaming Islamic nutter figure. There are a variety of surveys from different sources that measure support for thigns like Shariah Law, suicide bombing, female oppression, the Burka, religiously inspired violence etc and although the figures vary depending on who is doing the survey or whether there is an element of self selection, the approval figures for these aspects of Islam vary from 1% to 40% for any individual bit of Islamic scummery. I chose 0.5% on the grounds that it is at the very lowest estimation of problematic Muslims and then halved. As I said even at a very very conservative estimate of Islamic trouble makers of 0.5% that still gives us over 13k of potentially murderous Muslims.

      • Interesting how you came to that figure. I would say that about 50% lied on the survey then. šŸ™‚

        • Fahrenheit211 | June 25, 2014 at 4:50 pm |

          I was trying to find a figure that was erred on the conservative side and took account of the variables between the different surveys.

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