Get off your knees and vote.

The Polling Station – Be There Or End Up Enslaved.

I’d like to open this post with a quote from a film that is going to be my next Friday Night Movie which is the 2007 version of the story of The Ten Commandments.

In the film there is a scene which I don’t think is strictly Biblical but may be Midrashic or may be modern extrapolation (I’ll look into that), which is profoundly relevant to the current situation we find ourselves in Britain today. In this scene, Moses finds Joshua unwilling to pick up a sword and fight against an enemy that had attacked the escaping Israelites.

Moses tells Joshua to stop thinking like a slave and start to think like a free man, and not expect God to do everything for him and that to fight back is not letting God down, but is instead a person taking responsibilty for himself, his tribe and his nation. The film shows the character’s mistaken attitude about fighting, and how he goes on to lead the armies of the Israelites into success in battle.

In Britain we have failed to take responsibility for ourselves, failed to stand up for our families or tribe or our nation. We have done worse than succumb to comfortable apathy, we have voluntarily enslaved ourselves to not knowing and lack of care. We have abdicated the use of rights that were won for us by many people who came before us. The modern Briton really does stand on the shoulders of giants. Giants such as Jeremy Bentham, The Pankhursts, Kingsley and O’Connor of the Chartists, the early decent people who were part of the labour movement, and so many more. These people and others by their brains and sometimes with their brawn won for the British people the right of universal suffrage, the right to vote.

Too often this hard-won right to vote is thoughtlessly disregarded, because it’s raining or there is something good on the TV or because of some other distraction. This must stop. This self enslavement will become a national and cultural suicide unless people speak and vote. Unless people get out and vote this May and at the General Election next year, and most importantly vote for non-mainstream parties, then the same people who have appeased the fascist ideology of Islam, who have propped the nation’s doors open and who have followed policies that are destroying Britain, they will continue to rule and misrule.

If the ordinary person, whoever they are, whether or not they have voted before, previously committed to a political party or not, gets out to vote for UKIP or an independent candidate or even the Bus Pass Elvis party if they must, then we may start to be able to reduce the power of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties that have screwed up so badly and for so long. Whatever party or individual who floats your boat or who looks like they could make a credible challenge to the Establishment parties, should be the ones for whom to vote. Never again must we see in British politics the sort of disgraceful apathy coupled with alleged Islamic voter fraud that saw Lutfur ‘Filthy Lucre’ Rahman installed as Mayor of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

If we stay at home and watch Corrie or Eastenders instead of going out to vote, then the ballot box cheats have won and we will have nobody to blame but ourselves for our future enslavement. In the case of Lutfur ‘Filthy Lucre’ Rahman, he was elected by 51% of only a 25.6% turnout. If more voters had turned out and voted against Rahman, then the effect of the dodgy votes in certain Bangladeshi dominated wards could have been mostly negated. Instead of someone being ‘elected’, who is daily, as we read in the Press, looking more and more like a dodgy character, if not a crook, someone more decent could have taken his place.

And it’s not just those in London who need to wake up from their apathy. There are dozens of Labour party strongholds, up and down the country, in which many of the councils are following and promoting policies that are detrimental both to the indigenious people of Britain, and to the decent people who’ve made Britain their home. In these Labour fiefdoms an unholy alliance of left-wing and communalist-minded Islamic councillors, coupled with a blindly politically correct cadre of council officers has shat upon the British working class from a very great height.

Those people who vote Labour because their dad did or their grandad did, need to stop doing so and do something less dangerous instead. Labour have ceased to be the party of the working classes of Britain and instead have become the party of excessive and inappropriate immigration, the dole bludger, the criminal and in the case of those Labour towns like Rotherham, the Islamic rapist, because the Labour establishment in that place did bugger all for years to stop or highlight the problems with Islamic Grooming Gangs in their area.

We must have an end to the apathy that has kept the established parties in power both locally and nationally for so long. We must stop this suicidal idleness and stop it now.

If you do not vote, and more importantly vote for a change of direction, then remember this: those who hate you will vote, and they will vote for people who will elevate them and denigrate you, and your children and your descendants.

Back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s I’ve been told that there was a very successful campaign by old school anti-fascists (not like the UAF et al scum of today I might add, but decent people) to stymie the National Front. The campaigners, who were a mixture of political views of decent Left to decent Right, ran a ‘get out and vote for anyone except the Far Right’ campaign. This was highly successful and stopped the NF’s electoral advance by diluting the effect of NF votes. I would suggest that this sort of campaign is what is needed now to stop the Islamo-fash and their mainstream political allies. We all need to get out and show our displeasure at the way we are being ruled and dilute the legitimacy of the mainstream parties. The mainstream parties, who have made themselves so over-comfortable at our expense, need to be taught an electoral lesson.

It has never been more important to vote, and please make sure you are registered to vote at the address you live at. It doesn’t cost anything to be able to vote and it is right that was dearly bought for you, don’t abuse it by not using it.

Get down to your polling station and be part of the change that we need. Do not stay at home, do not let your children down, do not let your future down. Previous generations had to fight fascists and other enemies with a rifle, all you have to do is get off your arse and vote.




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  1. Well I for one will be sure to use my vote! Apathy is Britains worst enemy and we have it in abundance.Voters do not trust ANY canddidate anymore,becuse as soon as they get elected it’s “I’m all right Jack and stuff you”.Quite how we get beyond this I do not know.It is no suprise that our local councillors are falling over themselves to appease the muslim voters,especially in areas of high muslim population,because they want the muslim vote to keep them in themanner to which theyhave become accustomed.

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