Why learning from the past is important and also introducing the new ‘1066 and all that’ merchandise collection.

This and other items like it are available from the Farhenheit211 store, your  one stop shop for clobber that will wind up the politically correct.

This and other items like it are available from the Farhenheit211  store, your one stop shop for clobber that will wind up the politically correct.  


History is not ‘bunk‘. A knowledge of history is essential in order to understand who we are, where we came from and also helps us to work out where we are going.

Without a knowledge of history we would live like the lower animals do, only in the moment without a care for how we got to where we are and unable to effectively to learn from the past in order to build a better future.

Unfortunately since the 1960’s, history teaching, especially history teaching in the UK has suffered from an onslaught by progressive and Left -wing educationalists, who have eviscerated history teaching in our schools. The teachers inspired by these educationalists have fed our children a history curriculum that focusses not on knowledge of what happened in the past, but how those living in such periods ‘felt’ about the world around them. Now I’m not saying that ‘walking in another persons shoes’ is completely without value, it is right for example that we recognise the emotions that propelled people to volunteer in droves for service in the First World War. ‘Empathy’ work like this has its place but it is a small place. It should never have replaced the foundations of hard facts that told previous generations how the world became as it is.

Knowledge based history teaching has been decried by progressive educationalists as being just about ‘the names and dates of kings’ but it is much more than that. It is recognising that certain dates, people and events are important. I’m shocked when I encounter people who appear to have had a much better educational experience than I have had, who are unaware of really important dates such as the first Great Reform Act 7th June 1832 and how this Act and this date is very relevant to how we live our lives today. Without knowledge of what happened on the 7th June 1832, we cannot understand what it is to live without the right to vote for Parliament. Worse still, there are those who do not understand why a conflict that ended on 11-11-1918 is still having political after effects even today.

If we abandon our knowledge of history then we abandon a huge chunk of who we are. No man is an island and we are bound together by an unravelling chain of history and if we break those bonds then we as peoples are much easier to be oppressed or destroyed. A man without knowledge of their history is but a vessel which can be filled with all manner of stuff because they will not have the wherewithal to make a judgement as to whether they are being filled with truth or lies. Already we have teachers filling children’s heads with guff about a mythical ‘Golden Age’ of Islamic tolerance in Spain when on closer examination it was anything but and was only tolerant when compared to the worst excesses of religious intolerance elsewhere in Europe. It is often pointed out by Islamic apologist educationalists that Jews for example were better off in Spain at this time, however, Jews and Christians lived as 2nd and 3rd class citizens in Islamic Spain, but that is often glossed over by those with an agenda. Just because it was slightly better to live as a 3rd class citizen instead of a non-citizen doesn’t make Islamic Spain a beacon of multicultural tolerance.

To support and promote knowledge-based history education I’ve brought out a range of T-shirts and other items that I’m calling my ‘1066 and All That’ collection, named after the famous book of the same title. They have major dates in British and world history with a tag-line alluding to what happened when.

So have a browse, pick a date from the selection and promote proper history teaching by buying and wearing one of these shirts or other items. These simple but eye-catching products let you show the world that you know your history and do as the old Bob Marley song Buffalo Soldier says, ‘know where you are coming from’.


So buy a product, support this blog and support the rediscovery of knowledge about both our own British history and the history of the world.


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