From Elsewhere: Sweden effectively bans satire.


Here is a very disturbing report from the American web-zine Front Page Magazine.

So strong is the desire of the Swedish government to censor views that do not concur with the idea that Swedish multiculturalism is working that they are now jailing artistic satirists.  Other artists from Sweden are also saying that they will leave because the censorship is so great and now they are having to fear physical attacks, purely for speaking out about obvious problems.

Front Page Magazine said:

“On April 4 2014, in Malmö District Court in Sweden, the provocative artist Dan Park was sentenced to three months in jail for hate speech (“hets mot folkgrupp”) for his works of art. The prosecutor even wanted the artist examined for mental illness, similar to the way Communist dictatorships have treated dissidents. The court did not support this suggestion, however. Park and his defense lawyer have indicated that they will appeal the verdict.

Ingrid Carlqvist, the editor of the newspaper Dispatch International,commented that the verdict essentially amounts to a ban on satire in Sweden, at least if the satire involves ideologically protected immigrant groups.

At the same time, and with a heavy heart, Carlqvist announced her own decision to leave her native Sweden. The repressive and totalitarian atmosphere in the country has simply become intolerable, especially if you happen to be a critic of Islamization, Multiculturalism or mass immigration. You then run a real risk of physical attacks. The level of political violence as well as street crime is only rivaled by the level of ideological censorship and repression. In combination, this has created a society plagued by levels of tension that are growing increasingly dangerous.”

Read the rest of this worrying article here:

What is happening isn’t social democracy, it is totalitarian statism of the worst kind with dissidents, and yes they do deserve that description, considered as mentally ill or worse.

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  1. who would have though that the west would fall this bad.

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