A very hearty welcome to Shariah Watch.

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Fighting and speaking up against the encroachments of the racist and misogynist Islamic Shariah Law has previously been confined to those who have learned about and its negative effects. Many of us in this fight are outside of the Left-biased political and academic Establishment and therefore we have, by necessity and circumstance, been ‘voices in the wilderness’.

Today that situation is showing signs of change with the launch of Shariah Watch by the writer Anne-Marie Waters and Baroness Cox. These are two of my favourite people, Ms Waters because she is an engaging writer, passionate in her fight against ‘shariah creep’ in civilised countries like the UK. I’m also a great fan of Baroness Cox because before she was enobled she, as Caroline Cox co-wrote a book, called The Rape of Reason, that was one of the things that set me on the path of questioning my previous lazy-minded political views.

I would urge all my readers to visit the Shariah Watch website, read the articles there and get involved in the fight against Shariah Law which is a threat to women, a threat to freedom and will if not checked ultimately become a threat to public safety.

Here is a short extract from an article by Ms Waters from the Shariah Watch website:

Islamic sharia law represents a serious and growing threat to the safety and equality of women, and indeed children.  The evidence for this assertion can be seen in both Islamic doctrine, and in the practice of Islamic family legal throughout states governed by sharia law.  There are four main areas of sharia law that expressly discriminate against women in family law.  As with the laws of Britain, family law and criminal law frequently interact and when sharia criminal punishments are applied to matters involving marriage for example, women risk terrible and lethal punishments – including being stoned to death.

Sharia Watch is deeply concerned about the growth of the use of Islamic sharia law in family matters in the UK, and the beliefs and aims of the individuals and organisations which facilitate this increasingly utilised regulatory system.

The main areas of concern include underage marriage, domestic violence, divorce and child custody, and the value of women’s testimony during family law hearings.”

Read the rest of this article here: http://www.shariawatch.org.uk/articles/sharia-family-law-and-women

Shariah Watch can be found here. http://www.shariawatch.org.uk/articles get yourself over there and do some reading – NOW!

I’ve no doubt that Islamic groups and their appeasers will go all out to attack this new venture which will only go to show many other people that this new organisation is being effective.  Remember if you are taking flak then you are right over the target.

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