From Elsewhere: UKIP councillor refuses to be bullied by council staff.


A UKIP councillor who called for businesses to have a greater degree of freedom in who they choose to serve refused to be bullied by her council staff and attend a mandatory ‘equality lecture’.

A UKIP representative on Lewes Council in Sussex, Donna Rachel Edmunds, said that businesses should not be forced by law to serve people they do not wish to. By saying this she draw attention the double standard where a Gay only hotel can advertise itself as such, but a Christian hotel cannot specify who they serve. The Equalities Act is a law that many people believe is itself not being applied in an equal manner.

It appears that the local authority have gone overboard on this and have held what look like ‘secret courts’ to ‘convict’ Ms Edmumds of ‘discrimination’ and she has quite rightly in my view, declined the council’s instruction to attend an ‘equality awareness course’. I think we will probably see a fair bit more of situations like this one where broadly leftist council officers attempt to coerce or intimidate UKIP members whose views are not the same as those of our often publicly funded ‘Diversitocracy’ of equality obsessives.

The Breitbart website said:

In a ‘two-fingers up to the establishment’ gesture, UKIP councillor Donna Rachel Edmunds has shot back at her local authority’s insistence that she needs “equality training” following her claim that business owners should not be forced to serve anyone they don’t want to.

In the battle of liberty versus state-imposed “equality”, Ms Edmunds contested that “all business owners, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, should be allowed to withhold their services from whomever they chose whenever they chose. It’s their business. Why should they be forced to serve or sell to anyone?”

But the bureaucrats from the local authority on which she serves as an elected representative of the people tried to claim that Ms Edmunds had fallen foul of their code of conduct, and the Equality Act of 2010, simply by making these statements. A political opponent of Ms Edmunds made a complaint against her, which was upheld without Ms Edmunds’s testimony or rebuttal first. 

Lewes District Council instead appointed three anonymous people to rule against Ms Edmunds in her absence, informing her only when they had decided that she must “attend equalities training for councillors to gain a better understanding of the Council’s equality obligations,” even though they admitted she had broken no laws or rules.

They said: “In accordance with the procedure adopted by the Council’s Standards & Audit Committee the complaint was referred to a 3 member Panel for an initial decision as to whether the complaint should be investigated.”

But Ms Edmunds has now shot back, informing the council that she would attend no such training course, and calling the council’s actions “bullying”. 


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