Redbridge, Labour gain from the whipped mosque vote and Islamist Doctor boasts.

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You may have met a man called Dr Hameed on this blog before and he is pictured on the left in the picture above. He is a member of an Islamic group that has effectively stolen a community centre in Hainault in the London Borough of Redbridge and turned it into a mosque (see the various links below). He has also been seen chucking his weight around, issuing threats of arrest and generally being an obnoxious person during the debate in a neighbouring Borough, Newham about the building of a monstrous mega-mosque in that borough(see links). Hameed, who is an NHS employee, has also been doing his bit to mobilise the whipped and possibly coerced mosque vote for Labour by holding a hustings for Muslim voters in the stolen community centre, Jacques Hall.

Labour now control Redbridge and Hameed has been gloating over this change of political control. He said in a comment on this blog:


For the information of readers, Mr David Poole was a Conservative councillor who had been sympathetic to the concerns of locals who live near the illegal mosque.

I did reply to Dr Hameed with the question; Was this real democracy of democracy of the Tower Hamlets kind? He has not replied to my question.

It looks as if there may well have been a bit of the latter and it is the Labour party who have been the beneficiaries.

Incidentally, the comment boasting about how his Muslim group has beaten the local residents who objected to Jacques Hall in Hainault being turned illegally into a mosque, came from a National Health Service IP address. Nice misuse of public property there Dr Hameed. It has been noticed by both myself and others that Dr Hameed is using his NHS IT facilities for political ends. For the information of readers if you are interested here is the IP address data for Dr Hameed, that was linked to the comment above, just to prove that I’m not bullshitting. IP address location & more:IP address [?]:

IP country code:GB

IP address country: United Kingdom

IP address state:n/a

IP address city:n/a

IP address latitude:51.5000

IP address longitude:-0.1300

ISP of this IP :National Health ServiceOrganization:

National Health ServiceHost of this IP: 

There is evidence emerging that Labour have turned the Islamo-pandering right up in Redbridge and it has resulted in the defeat of a councillor who was assisting residents in their fight against the illegal mosque and the council doing nothing about the Shariah compliant conditions that have been imposed on hirers of what should have been a community centre for all residents.

In one spectactular example of Islamic bullshit, a potential hirer of the hall was told that the building’s licence prohibited all forms of ‘branded alcohol’. Now I’m no expert I licensing law but I know enough to be reasonably sure that no licensing authority would impose a ‘ no branded alcohol’ rule. Such a ruling would be carte blanche for the sale of use of alcohol on which no duty has been paid. Only moonshine is ‘unbranded’, is that what the licensing authority is trying to encourage? The mosque-e-teer who made this statement was quite plainly bullshitting the enquirer to make them go away.

This building was handed to the Islamic association on the understanding that they ran it for ALL the community. If they are deliberately putting off members of other groups and imposing off-putting shariah compliant rules in place to deter non-Muslim hirers, then they have probably breached their own conditions of occupation.

One of my contacts in Redbridge sent me some worrying information about what has been going on in Hainault. She said that there are now three local Labour councillors representing the ward in which the illegal mosque resides, and where there has been fierce opposition to the theft of the building and it being removed from the use of local non-Muslim residents. The three new councillors for Hainault are

Councillor Roy Emmett (Labour)

Councillor Joe Hehir (Labour)

Councillor Mark Anthony Santos (Labour)

My contact added in a communication to me:

It is common knowledge in Hainault that on Friday 16th May2014, one week before the local elections, Dr Hameed invited all the above into Jacques Hall, in the middle of Friday prayer, Mr Joe Herhir addressed the congregation, in a fifteen minute speech, promoting the Labour Party, and stated..”all other parties are racist, except the Labour Party” worked, lot’s of local muslims were seen at polling stations, women looking lost with polling card in hand, looking for the venue to cast their vote.

Emmet is well aware of local opinion on the new (less than one year old)  “community centre”, having attended council meetings, and listened to local residents anger, that the rules in place by Dr Hameed and Co, prevent local residents from using the “community centre”, yet the treacherous, mendacious labour party stooges, have sucked up to Dr Hameed and Co, and garnered the whipped mosque vote’

Here we see an example of a local branch of the Labour party effectively turning itself into the ‘Islam Party’ and it is not pretty, and it is not good for real, honest democracy.

Extreme Islamo-pandering is not confined to local ward councillors when it comes to Redbridge. The olegenaous Mike Gapes, the Labour MP for Ilford South has been out and about pressing the flesh and showing his Islam friendly credentials at a fun day organised by a private Islamic school in Redbridge called Al Noor. Here he is putting himself about at the Al Noor funday in Valentines Park.

I wonder if Mr Gapes was at all concerned about the fact this funday had a special marquee where women could segregated? Or did he only think of all the lovely Islamic votes that he could get in 2015 by ignoring the lack of women’s presence? Knowing how Labour have morphed in the space of a generation from the ‘workers party’ to becoming the ‘Islam Party’, my money is on Gapes eyeing up the whipped mosque vote.

This picture came from a Twitter re-Tweet by Wes Streeting, the Deputy Leader of Redbridge’s Labour group and the prosective parliamentary Labour candidate for Ilford North. The Tweet and a link to the original picture can be found below.


@KhayerChowdhury: Cllr @wesstreetingand @MikeGapeswinning hearts and minds #AlNoor#funfair!

Interesting to see how Gapes, Streeting and Chowdhury are so intent on winning Islamic ‘hearts and minds’ in this way. I think this picture and some of the other utterances from Mr Gapes will show you what side he is on. I’ll give you a clue, it’s probably not your side if you are opposed to the idea of Islam creeping into positions of control and authority. He has also made some pretty harsh comments against UKIP and tried to smear them as racists and xenophobes. Oh yes, it really looks as if Gapes has taken the Islamic shilling big time.

Cllr Streeting is openly gay and has previously worked for the gay rights group Stonewall. Maybe he should take some time out to think how him and those like him will fare if Islam gains influence in Redbridge. Will we see the same sort of street attacks on gay people the like of which has been seen in the Islamic statelet of Tower Hamlets? My guess on that one is yes and gay people who pander to Islam by giving it a platform or assisting it are no better than Turkey’s voting for Christmas.

There appears to be some very unpleasant politics going on in Redbridge and it is unpleasant politics with an Islamic flavour. The Labour party there have been proved to be uninterested in those who have been afflicted by the problems that Islam has brought to Redbridge, especially those who are directly afflicted by some of these problems, but instead has decided that promoting and pandering to Islam is their priority.

In Redbridge a vote for Labour is quite plainly a vote for Islamo-pandering, and that is as good enough a reason as any for electors to be vary wary of Ed Miliband and his increasingly untrustworthy and damaging party.

Links and addenda

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Here is a grab from the front page of the Al Noor school website advertising their fun day in Valentines Park earlier this month. Note the text that I have emboldened. It’s nice to see an MP for a party that says it is opposed to gender segregation attending a jolly put on by a school that operates extreme Islamic gender segregation at a school fun day.

Al-Noor Muslim Primary School’s Annual Funday at Valentines Park has earned its own unique popularity. Over the years it has evolved into an exciting, action packed and mouth-watering day for the whole family.

Last year’s event took place attracted over 5,000 visitors. Visitors thoroughly enjoyed the variety of activities on offer which were: bumper cars, fairground rides, huge inflatable slides, bouncy castles, arts and crafts to name but a few. We also have a specially designated private marquee for sisters.

This year we aim to do better than last. The food will be delicious, so come along and enjoy our barbecues with their hot sizzling chicken and burgers.

The event is designed to raise funds for the Al-Noor Foundation and to date the fundays have raised over £90,000 to help develop the school. Much planning and organization goes into the event, and many hands help to make it a success, Bi-ithnillah.

Many local and national businesses sponsor the event and in turn gain excellent publicity; it really is a great way for your company or business to get involved, have fun and increase their exposure at the same time.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at this year’s event. Insha’Allah Al-Noor Family Funday 11 will be hosted at:

Melbourne Fields,
Valentines Park,
Essex, IG1 4SD

8th June 2014, from 11.00am till 7.00pm.

Please start spreading the word NOW!!!!!!

For further information please email:


Original Weblink for this screen grab:

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  1. Furor Teutonicus | June 10, 2014 at 1:51 pm |

    XX mouth-watering day for the whole family.XX

    Aye. Because only slobbering idiots are allowed in.

    • Fahrenheit211 | June 10, 2014 at 1:57 pm |

      That’s a terrible way to speak of the deputy leader of Redbridge council and Mike Gapes MP 😉 Mind you, they deserve it.

  2. What a pair!
    Mr Gove wants all children to learn about British values…do they now include segregation of women and women in full burkas supervising little children during their break? I suppose that’s modern Britain – women treated as second class citizens and invisible.

  3. It was a hustings JUST for Labour, how free, impartial and very fair…

    The Hainault & Chigwell Muslim Association are registered as a charity. Registered Charity Number 1135397, as such, they are registered and governed by the Charity Commission.

    The Charity Commission states……”Charities are often the most appropriate organisations to speak out and campaign on behalf of their users. From lobbying politicians to running online petitions, you can engage in a range of activities to support your charity’s aims. But charities must never be politically biased or support a politician.”

    I think the key word in the above paragraph is NEVER…

    A charity that is biased, and supported a politician would have broken charity law.

    It would only take a complaint…..

  4. The head of the Charity Commission recently made a startling admission. Islamic charities, he said, were the “most deadly” problem the Commission faces.

  5. Those mendacious taquiyya artists are at it again with their latest planning application 3116/14

    asking to vary planning rules for the “cultural observance of Ramadan”…this is not worship, oh no, as the planning and lease specifically state “not to be used as a place of worship”, this is “cultural observance”…..

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