Good news from South Woodford – Mosque plan rejected again.

Regular readers of this blog may be aware of a community’s fight against the imposition of a mosque in an area where it is not wanted and where it is not suitable. The people of South Woodford have been fighting for many months against an Islamic group that wanted a very dominating building. There was also much dishonesty and obfustication from the ‘mosque-e-teers’ about parking, access, opening times and about the numbers of people who would be using the planned building. We’ve also seen non-Muslim Quislings, such as a retired social worker, brought in to sing the praises of this mosque, even though they do not live in the immediate area that would be afflicted by this mosque.

Now at last, the plans have been finally thrown out by the local authority, the London Borough of Redbridge. The ‘mosque-e-teers’ of the  Qu’rani Murkaz Trust, will probably come back for another go, but this is the second time that their plans have been rejected.

The local newspaper the Ilford Recorder said:

The latest planning application for the redevelopment of the South Woodford Community Centre Mosque has been rejected after only one councillor voted in favour of the plans.

Of the six-man panel, four councillors voted against the redevelopment, in Mulberry Way, citing issues with “the size and the bulk of the building” as Cllr Michael Stark (Conservative, Monkhams) concluded at the meeting at Sir James Hawkey Hall, in Broomfield Road, last night.

Before voting Cllr Robin Turbefield (Con, Bridge) and Cllr Gwyneth Deakins (Liberal Democrat, Roding) both stressed the need to separate any issues with the planning application from the work which the mosque does for the surrounding area.

Cllr Turbefield said: “First of all, I would like to say what a wonderful job the centre does but that does not come into my mind when deciding on this.

The building does need updating. I have some concerns as I have done before on the height.”

Cllr Deakins added the planning application was an improvement on the last planning application which was rejected in December, but put forward concerns on traffic and parking to the planning committee.

If these issues are not mentioned they will become an elephant in the room,” she added.”

This is a victory for all those locals who have had their lives disrupted by the activities of the current building that is being used as a mosque and have lost business due to inconsiderate parking and and other disturbances. They have been rightly worried that this purpose-built mosque would have made these existing problems even worse.


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  1. Started as a “taxi” office, then an Islamic bookshop, extended unlawfully, many, many times, all without planning permission, many complained the building was being used as a Mosque, then came the planning application for the whole site that had been unlawfully extended upon, not only do the Qu’rani Murkaz Trust want to build right out to the very edge of the previously unlawful footprint, they want to go totally against local long residing residents, and build three storeys up!!!

    Last time, the decision rested on the Chairmans vote, this time it was a much cleared majority who rejected the application, (three against Conservative, one against, Liberal, one in favour Conservative, one abstention, Labour) undeterred, Dr Fahim, continues his aims, and blames councillors who are not “trained planning officers”, and states that “councillors are worried about votes”

    The committee noted that the height of the revised building had been reduced at one end by just 30cm, (12 inches in old money), when councillors questioned car parking, and noted the Qu’rani Murkaz Trust leased a local car park from the council, and if this were to change, where would attendees park?

    Clearly agitated, Dr Fahim, replied “this would be your fault, you will be judged on the day of judgement”

    Councillors also questioned the number of attendees, currently 250 are allowed, and how this would in reality stay the same, if the available floor space doubled, there was also confusion over the first floor use, would this be a women’s prayer room, as per the revised plans, or a community centre..?

    Taqiyya was clearly evident, when Dr Fahim gave assurances to the committee that despite doubling the floor space, numbers attending would stay the same, and that the first floor would not be the women’s prayer room, as per the revised plans, but would instead be a community centre…

    Not happy with the recent decision, he’s off to the planning inspectorate.

    Residents hope the inspectorate will also see through this bunch of taqiyya artists and tell Dr Fahim and the Qu’rani Murkaz Trust where to go…..

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 3, 2014 at 8:05 am |

      Thank you for your comment. There is indeed a shedload of bullshit and taqiyya comeing from the mosque-e-teers. BTW Do you feel as I do that the comment from ‘Fakir’ Fahim that ‘Clearly agitated, Dr Fahim, replied “this would be your fault, you will be judged on the day of judgement” looks like some sort of threat? Muslims are very keen on sending recalcitrant non-Muslims to their maker for divine judgement. I wonder if he will be arrested by the Met Pol for this threat?

      • It was very clearly a religious threat, Cllr Deakins in reply to the threat from Dr Fahim, was that “we will all be judged on the day of judgement, not just the council”…not a peep from the Metropolitan Police officers present…

  2. One thing many mosques include is a gym. One of the Muslims who went to Syria and is telling us all about it on Facebook etc prepared for jihad by training in martial arts in the gym at his local mosque. How many other religions include unarmed combat training as part of the worship facilities at their holy sites?

  3. Do not let these disgusting muslims in our area. They are filth.

  4. English...not many of us left. | November 3, 2014 at 1:46 pm |

    A little victory, and all the sweeter for it. But……..
    keep a close watch on these vermin.
    They NEVER give up, and will continue to lie, cheat and threaten
    to achieve their goals, especially with the assistance of a
    supine, PC, local and national “dhimmi” establishment.
    Our laws do not apply to them, or so it would seem.

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