Now That’s Why Pakistan Is A S**thole – Volume 37 Muslim dissidents under attack again.

Who’d be a member of a religious minority in a country dominated by Islamic savagery? I wouldn’t choose this life but there are many who have no choice in the matter. One group that has no choice but to live their lives in fear of attack are the Ahmadhi Muslim community of Pakistan.

Their ability to worship and gather peacefully and in freedom have been curtailed by decisions by the Pakistani government over the years to class Ahmadis as ‘non-Muslim’ and therefore liable for communal religious attack.

The Dawn newspaper of Pakistan brings us yet another example of how Islam has turned Pakistan into a hate-filled cess-pit.

Dawn said:

GUJRANWALA: Three female members of the Ahmadi community, including two minors, were killed late Sunday and eight others were severely injured when an angry mob attacked and burnt five houses, a storage building and several vehicles over alleged blasphemy.

Those killed in the attack include a 55-year-old woman Bashiran, a minor girl Kainat and 7-year-old girl Hira.

The victims were rushed to the district headquarters hospital and the condition of few wounded was reported as critical.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of the People’s Colony Circle as saying that the trouble started with an allegedly blasphemous post on Facebook by an Ahmadi youth.

The son of a Imam of a local mosque along with his friends reached the house of the youth where they entered into a scuffle and were allegedly fired upon.

The Imam’s son and his friend sustained gunshot wounds following which a mob gathered and began protesting which eventually attacked and damaged homes and other property belonging to members of the Ahmadi community.”

Islam has turned Pakistan into such a peaceful place hasn’t it? It is so enlightening to compare the Islamic state of Pakistan, which is saturated with corruption, oppression lack of freedom and violence, with mostly Hindu India. Although India like all nations is not perfect it is a considerable improvement on Pakistan. In the future India will quite rightly and deservedly be an economic force to be reckoned with, in the future Pakistan will still be a basket case.

Muslims rioting over a Facebook post, doesn’t that just completely sum up the intellectual and social backwardness of Pakistani society and Islamic cultures in general? It’s a country where there is the death penalty for blaspheming ‘Paedo Mo’ the Islamic Prophet and where Ahmadiyya ,Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and others, live lives in constant fear of being denounced as ‘kufar’. Pakistan and India have only been independent in their current forms since 1947, in that time India has grown whereas Pakistan has just sunk further into the mire. This is what Islam does to a country do you really want it to do that to yours?


Original story from Dawn

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