Peaceful? Moderate? I don’t think so. Here’s another follower of Islam showing whose side he is really on.

Salal Said leaving court in Newport.

Yet again, another display of disloyalty and hatred, this time from a Welsh Islamic community. A Muslim man who interrupted an Imam who was condemning the murder of Fusileer Lee Rigby during a sermon at a Newport Mosque, was arrested for a public order offence, following the disturbance by a man who approved of the murder of British troops.

Salal Said ‘remonstrated’ with Imam Rafiqur Rehman after the Imam decried the murder of a British soldier in a London street. How disloyal is that? Just think about this for a moment, here we have Said, an ungrateful Bearded Savage, who voiced approval of the murder of a British soldier, who starts a fight in a mosque because he disagrees with being loyal to the UK and then he has the cheek to appeal his conviction, even though he got a non-custodial. How much chutzpah does this bloke have? He got off lightly compared with those who get jail time purely for putting bacon on a mosque door. Does Wales, or Britain as a whole, really need scum like Said, a man who applauds the murders of British service personnel? Do any of us gain any benefit from Said and those like him being resident in the UK?

Reporting on this story the South Wales Argus said:

A MUSLIM worshipper triggered a mêlée inside a mosque after remonstrating with an imam for condemning the murder of Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks, a court heard.

Salal Said, 50, was appearing before Judge Peter Haywood to appeal his conviction against a common assault and a racially aggravated public order offence at Jamia Mosque in Newport.

Said, of Dunn Square, Newport, stood up during the Friday service shouting that what the murderers had done to the British soldier was right and it happened all over the world, a court heard on Thursday yesterday [July 30].

Said then hurled racial insults at members of the congregation, which started an “unsightly mêlée” in the prayer room, Newport Crown Court heard. “

Let me guess, I bet Said called the other Muslims ‘kuffar’ or something like that. Said also seems quite relaxed about the idea of British soldiers being at risk whilst off duty in Britain, which will probably revolt many of this blog’s readers as much as it revolts me.

The South Wales Argus added:

The outburst came two days after the London atrocities on May 24 last year, the court heard.

Said left the mosque in Commercial Road with grazes to the face and neck before being arrested by police, the court was told.

The court was told that while he was in a police custody, he said – the court was told: “I’ll blow your country. I’ll blow you people. I’ve done f*** all.”.”

I’ve got it! Said is one of those ‘moderate’ Muslims that we all keep getting told make up the majority, you know the ones that are quiet until some exploding, shooting or head-chopping savage makes the news. While it’s good that attendees of the mosque challenged Said, it should be remembered that Said is not the only Islamic head-case out there with similar disloyal and treasonous views. This disloyal savage has only come to light because police were called because of the disturbance, but how many other mosques are there in Britain where sentiments like those of Said’s have not been challenged and which are being actively or passively indulged?

I really don’t know how Said had the front to appeal on this, it’s not as if he was sent down or anything. In fact when compared to others who have been sentenced to, merely for protesting against Islam, Said seems to have got off very lightly.

The South Wales Argus on reporting the judgement said:

Judge Haywood, together with two justices, threw out the common assault charge but ruled the public order offence should stand.

CCTV played to the bench showed how members of the congregation surrounded Said after he confronted the mosque imam Rafiqur Rehman.

The footage then shows a commotion unfolding at the back of the room involving “pushing and shoving” described by Judge Haywood as an “unsightly mêlée”.

Said was charged with a common assault against a member of the congregation called Mohammed Ashraf, but the bench threw out the charge after reviewing the footage and hearing from inconsistencies from witness accounts.

However, they upheld the racially aggravated charge of using alarm, distress or insulting words or behaviour contrary to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

Said told the court he was “not a bad person,” believed in peace and had gone to the mosque to pray.

Judge Hayman quashed his £300 common assault fine and imposed a £150 fine for the public order offence and £250 costs.”

To get such a miserly contemptuous initial sentence for causing a disturbance and voicing approval for the murder of British soldiers, is a travesty of justice. If a non-Muslim had said anything half as bad about Islam then they would be doing time for it and that is a double standard that should anger many.


Original story from the South Wales Argus

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  1. Furor Teutonicus | August 2, 2014 at 1:12 am |

    XX Salal Said, 50, was appearing before Judge Peter Haywood to appeal his conviction against a common assault and a racially aggravated public order offence XX

    Now THAT is interesting.

    “Racially aggravated.”

    Could this be a first, where “They” get their comupance for wanting these laws? 😀

  2. islam the religion of peace………….wait what?

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 2, 2014 at 7:50 am |

      Islam is about as peaceful as a nuclear weapon at the moment of detonation. Islam could only be defined as peaceful in a dictionary compiled by the Mad Hatter.

  3. His entire family is like this, they all have criminal records: here are a few of them
    His Nephew
    His Nieces
    Their Mother (his money grabbing lunatic sister)

    and this isnt the first time he has been in the news:

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