Shariah-creep and the growing adverse reaction to it.

The allegedly Islamopandering Kingswood Day Nursery in Mitcham.

Anybody who studies the situation regarding Islam in the United Kingdom, soon becomes aware of the problems of Shariah restrictions creeping into and affecting the lives of those Britons who are non-Muslims. Observers of this Shariah-creep will also understand that the encroachment of Shariah is being assisted, not only by radical Muslims who wish to impose their way of life on others, but also by those non-Muslims who pander to Islam. These non-Muslim modern-day Quislings may be under the misapprehension that by going easy on Islam they are assisting the idea of equality, which is about as far from reality as one can get, because Islam is probably one of the more rabidly supremacist religious philosophies on earth.

Non-Muslim Quislings are making a bad situation worse and they are also storing up troubles for the future. The attitudes and actions of the Quislings in authority are making conflict more, not less likely. Quislings have ensured that any criticism of the ideology of Islam is classed as ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ . In some areas, such as the London Borough of Redbridge, Islamopanderers on the local authority have used administrative tricks such as stopping public planning hearings, in order to push through mosque and madrassa building plans and to stop these hearings being a focus for those who object to Islamification of their area.

Shariah creep and the lack of a legal means of countering it, and the actions of Quislings who assist Shariah-compliance, are causing ordinary Britons to have a massive drop in confidence in the legal, political and administrative parts of the state. This is dangerous because when people feel that they have no legal or political or administrative redress against an ideology that they fear and dislike, then it becomes more likely that there will be a violent reaction to both the original Islamo-pandering and the closing off of legitimate routes to stop the pandering.

The latest example of Shariah-creep to be featured in social media and in the press shows the effects of appeasing Islam and what happens when people feel that their political representatives are not interested in articulating the views, worries and concerns of those who are Islamo-sceptic.

In an outrageous act of appeasement towards the ideology of Islam, a five year old girl attending a nursery in the London Borough of Merton had her packed lunch allegedly taken away from her, on the grounds that the chicken was not halal.

ITV News said:

A mother has accused a nursery of starving her five-year-old young daughter after staff refused to let her eat her packed lunch because it wasn’t halal.

24-year-old Yasmin Jackson sent Amari to her first day at the new nursery with a chicken salad sandwich for her lunch.

But when she picked her up from Kingswood Day Care Nursery, in Mitcham, south west London at the end of the day, the youngster complained about being hungry.

When I asked Amari if she’d had a good day at school, the first thing she said was ‘is it time for me to have my packed lunch yet, mummy? I’m so hungry.’

I thought it was a bit strange, but maybe the staff had forgotten I’d told them she had a lunch. But the manager told me that it was against school policy for kids to bring in their own food.

I asked if it was because the food might be unhealthy, and then told her that the food I had made for my daughter was healthy. She told me it was because they didn’t know if the chicken was Halal, and didn’t want it poisoning other children.

I couldn’t believe it. We’re a Christian Spiritualist family, and very tolerant of other people’s beliefs.

But to be told my daughter was made to go hungry because her food wasn’t Halal is just not on.

It should be up to me what I choose to feed my child, not somebody else’s religion.

They starved her for the day, and I’m never sending her back there.

Yasmin said she was only following guidelines set out by Merton Council, who ask parents to provide healthy foods for their children to eat, free from any allergens.”

If this nursery was one that was run on a specifically religious Muslim or Jewish basis then the school would be within their rights to say that no pork products, or non Halal or non-Kosher items could be brought into the school. However this is not the case, this is a nursery for the generality of parents and not for members of a specific religious group.

The management of the nursery have denied that the place has a ‘no non-Halal’ policy but this could just be a case of ‘well they would say that wouldn’t they?’ To be fair this may be the result of an overzealous member of the teaching staff acting on their own initiative, or it could be the policy of the contractor which normally supplies catering services to the nursery. However, this incident might be evidence that something much more sinister is going on, and could even be an indication that maybe there is a bit of Trojan Horse activity going on in the Mitcham area.

The manager of the nursery, Afsheen Saddik, vehemently denied that there was a ‘no non-Halal’ policy and was reported by ITV news as saying:

I deny the untrue and false allegations that have been made against myself and Kingswood Day Care Nursery.

As a result I have informed Ofsted and the police who are currently dealing with this matter.

We work closely with parents to provide a high standard you would expect for your child.

We treat each child as an individual and provide them with equal opportunities and meet all ethical standards.”

The alleged discriminatory treatment of this child has caused a social media furore which has resulted in threats of an unspecified nature being made to the nursery and its staff which the mainstream media is characterising as ‘far right’.

The London Evening Standard reporting on this story said:

Police were today investigating far-right threats to a nursery school after a mother claimed her daughter was stopped from eating her packed lunch because it “wasn’t halal”.

Kingswood Day Care Nursery called in Scotland Yard and schools watchdog Ofsted after staff were deluged with a torrent of racist abuse and threats online.

The row exploded when Yasmin Jackson, 24, accused the nursery in Mitcham of “starving” her five-year-old daughter Amari over concerns that the meat in her packed lunch was not halal.

Manager Afsheen Siddik categorically denied the claims. But when Ms Jackson wrote about it on Facebook, her post was picked up by far-right activists and went viral on the internet.

The nursery then found itself swamped with racial and religious abuse.

Amari was at the £30-a-day nursery on the first day of a two-week, council-funded respite placement designed to give hard-up parents a break from childcare.

Ms Jackson, a former nursery worker, said: “When I picked her up at the end of the day the first thing she said to me was, ‘Mummy I’m really hungry, can I have my lunch now?’

I went to speak to the manager and I said why wasn’t my daughter allowed her lunch and she said we didn’t know it was healthy.

I told her how it was chicken salad, bread sticks, humus, a bit of chocolate and a fruit selection. She then said ‘There was a sandwich in there and we didn’t know what it was. We didn’t know if it was halal’.

I said we are a Christian family and it was a chicken sandwich. And she said we don’t allow any non-halal meat in the nursery. So I thought this is just ridiculous.”

Amira was instead given plain spaghetti, which she refused to eat, fruit and a yoghurt.

Ms Jackson, who has since removed Amira from the nursery, added: “It’s really annoying that this issue has been hijacked because this is not about being anti-Muslim. It’s anti-starving my child, and anti-stupidness.”

In an email supposedly sent to a parent who wrote in to query the incident, an unnamed kitchen worker is said to have wrote: “We could not provided [sic] her the lunch provided by home as we we’re [sic] not sure what meat was given. Without knowing what the mother has given it was not possible for me to serve the child this food.”

The nursery uses a private contractor, Zebedee’s, to provide their meals, with provision for halal and other dietary requirements and allergies.

But there is no mention on the nursery’s website – since shut down due to the abuse – to the requirements for packed lunches.

However a source at the school said: “This is all complete rubbish. We do not only allow halal meat to be eaten. It is not true and it has all been blown out of proportion with people spreading lies.

To bring race and religion into it is ridiculous, for something that is not true.”

Although I do not approve of or condone the threats to the nursery, I think that if there was a proper administrative and political mechanism that people could have confidence in, which could turn back Shariah-creep, then such threats would not occur. For far too long British people have watched their public services, and those who are contracted to supply services to them, become ever more appeasing towards Islam. When people see councils continually nod through largely unwanted mosque planning applications, or impose Halal food on those who do not want it, or who object to it, or when the forces of law and justice allow Islamic hate preachers to call for the deaths of others and suffer no consequences, is it any wonder that some people will cross the line into threats and violence?

Many people perceive that their rights as non-Muslims, to object to the ideology of Islam are being curtailed and in many cases these perceptions are right. The Malicious Communications Act and the Racial and Religious Hatred Act are being used in an incredibly one-sided way, with legal action being taken against many of those who object to Islam and its manifestations, but zero action being taken against Muslim individuals and organisations, who are being seen to get away with conduct that, if committed by a non-Muslim would result in arrest and possible imprisonment.

These threats, although unpleasant and possibly counter-productive, are not coming out of a vacuum, but are partially the result of non-Muslims feeling that they are being silenced in the face of a creeping Islamification of public services.

It is never good for a society to clamp down on the rights of people to speak, write, march or campaign against specific ideologies, especially violent, oppressive and disruptive ones like Islam.

We live in dangerous times and there are a growing number of people who feel that if peaceful actions and words are not working, then they will start speaking with their fists.

This is not a situation that we as a nation should relish and I consider that the only long-term solution to prevent the anger about Shariah-creep bursting out in the form of violence, is to stop the pandering, stop the appeasement and treat all equally. I believe in religious freedom and the right of Muslims and Jews and others to have food and even entire nurseries that are religiously acceptable, but dietary and other religious rules should not be applied to those of differing beliefs unless this is made clear at the outset, in this case when the child joined the nursery.

Whether you believe the nursery manager’s denials or not is up to you but the alleged actions of this nursery has opened up a can of worms that may be difficult for the Labour run Merton Council to reseal again.

People should object to Islamification, but the correct way to do so is in a non-violent manner. The ultimate weapon against this phenomenon is to change the politicians and kick out the Islamopanderers and replace them with Islamo-sceptics at every opportunity. I’d like to end with a commendation to this girl’s mother for her swift action in removing her child from this nursery. If more people voted with their feet when faced with Islamopandering, then an important message would be sent to those Muslims who are involved in political infiltration and to the Quislings who support this infiltration.


Evening Standard story about ‘Chicken-gate’

The ITV news treatment of this story

The Ofsted report into Kingswood Daycare Nursery


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  1. Non violence doesn’t appear to be working. However there are several examples where violence or the threat of violence appears to work fine. It is sad when negotiation and talking don’t do anything because there are not many options beyond that.

    These are the seeds that our current politicians are sowing. They do it all the time themselves, stop this or we will make a law that will make you stop and send people around to shoot you if you resist. An inevitable result of the pussification of the West. Can’t defend yourself, can’t even say something bad about people.

    They will reap the harvest. Lots of others, innocent others, will go down before them though.

    • The interesting thing in a recent study is that the current crop of youngsters doesn’t care for integration and isn’t buying into it. Problems are now starting for the multiculturalists as those of us forty and over who were anti-racist in the 80s are seriously pissed off with what has happened and the younger generation is the same.

      As you say the will be on the wrong end of a lot of seriously pissed of people and the politicians and senior police don’t have a clue how to respond.

  2. interesting interview with Douglas Murray

  3. I am proud to say that the Daily Mail has banned me from commenting as I have been commenting about the creeping Islamification of the UK for years, but obviously the powers that be don’t like it,free speech in the media is obviously not allowed.

  4. Furor Teutonicus | August 16, 2014 at 5:16 pm |

    xX As a result I have informed Ofsted and the police who are currently dealing with this matter.XX

    And then the bitch wonders why the police can not turn up, when a gang of niggers break into her house and gang-bange her! BECAUSE they have BETTER things to do, like investigating someone who supossedly insulted you!

    XX In an email supposedly sent to a parent who wrote in to query the incident, an unnamed kitchen worker is said to have wrote…XX

    ” ….is said to have WRITTEN….” NOT “wrote!”

  5. Robert the Biker | August 18, 2014 at 5:28 am |

    Thing is FT, they don’t turn up for the niggers either, “it’s their culture innit” (translation: we might get hurt, where’s a motorist to harass)
    I don’t, contrary to many peoples belief, believe in random violence, but measured, focused violence is quite a different thing!
    If the monkey boys came to what is effectively a muslim daycare centre and found it burned to the ground, that would send a far clearer message than all the hand-wringing and shrill complaints to a spineless and compliant authority.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 19, 2014 at 12:35 pm |

      It is storing up trouble for the police to be too respectful of cultural issues, especialy when a particular culture is not respectful of those others around them. This attitude also causes massive problems for those decent members of minority communities who are not arseholes. I’d hate to be a decent hardworking Black parent in Tottenham or similar places in London because how do you divert your children away from crime and gangsterism if the police are pussyfooting around trying desperately not to ‘offend’ and running scared of specious complaints of racism? By doing this and not dealing with the problems and letting crime run rampant it sets a terrible example to the young to see criminals lauded and crime unpunished. The ‘racism of low expectations’ attitude that is too prevalent in areas with a significant black population has also afflicted young black men especially and has contributed to the problems. It is criminal to push young black men into ‘music techology’ or ‘sports science’ courses because teaching staff have a lefty stereotypical view of people, which are areas where there is very little chance of future employment. It is no wonder that those black parents who can afford it ignore the British education system altogether and send their kids to the West Indies to be educated.

      We are all let down by crappy cowardly police and an education system that has been liberalised out of existence.

      I don’t want aggro nor do I encourage aggro but sadly I can see aggravation coming.

      • Furor Teutonicus | August 19, 2014 at 3:43 pm |

        Thing is, Blacks can cause trouble (Finnily, not in Germany…. West Indian types, I mean).

        But “Other” immigrants have a totaly different out look on the law.

        I arrest, or even merely book, a German, or any other European, and you will get the argument “I did not do it.”

        Fair enough. Prisons are FULL of people who “Did not do it.”

        HOWEVER, “Others” will argue black is white that “Aye, I did it, but I have a RIGHT to do it.”

        TOTALY different culture, and they do NOT belong in the “West” until they grow up.

        • Fahrenheit211 | August 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm |

          Some parts of West Indian culture are pretty violent, Jamacian culture especially. While the left/libs were making a fuss about one Afro-American being shot in what looks like a lawful killing, there have at least 10 murders carried out in areas with a high concentration of Jamacians. The victims were predominantly afro-Americans.

  6. Furor Teutonicus | August 19, 2014 at 3:44 pm |

    “Funnily” not in Germany” That should have read, if any one is confused…. Sorry… 😉

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