Taking the fight to the enemy in Denmark

The Danes have a place in folklore and history when it comes to fighting against Jew hatred. During the Nazi occupation in World War II, the Danes, both those in the collaborationist government and in the general population, resisted the insistent calls from Berlin that they hand over their Jewish population. Danish fishermen also helped many Jewish people to escape the clutches of the Nazis. Like all nations occupied by the Nazis during World War II, Denmark had it’s willing collaborators, but unlike other nations such as France and the Netherlands, they did not actively collude with the mass murders of the Holocaust. Partially this was down to the fact that the collaborationist government of Denmark used every legal and political trick in the book to avoid complicity in handing over its Jewish citizens and also because the Germans wanted, for public relations reasons, an example of a ‘perfect’ Nazi protectorate to show to the world.

Now the Danes have stepped up to the plate again and hundreds of them have taken to the streets in an area that has been colonised by Islam to show their displeasure at the growing problem of Islamic anti-Semitism. Just as their forebears did, the Danes are sticking up for their Jews and this time they are sticking two fingers up at the Islamofascists who are behind so much of the recent rise in European anti-Semitism.

The Virtual Jerusalem news site reported on this story and said:

“Hundreds of protesters wearing yarmulkas, Stars of David and other Jewish symbols marched through a predominantly Muslim neighborhood of the Danish capital of Copenhagen, in a march against anti-Semitism late last week.

Demonstrators included both Jews and non-Jews, and were protesting an alarming rise in anti-Semitism in the country which, like the rest of Europe, has seen simmering anti-Semitism boil over during the past few weeks as Israeli forces battle terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Rasmus Yarlov, a Copenhagen city councillor said he joined the march in protest of the fact that the situation in Demark had gotten so bad that Jews were forced to hide their identity to avoid being attacked.

“We need to show that Jewish symbols and Jewish clothing is part of the streets in Copenhagen and should be allowed to move around freely, and not be seen as something that is abnormal and does not belong in the streets,” he told CCTV-America news.

The choice of a Muslim neighborhood was due to the fact that the vast majority of anti-Semitism attacks in the Scandinavian country were committed by members of the growing Muslim immigrant community. Across Europe, rising anti-Semitism has been largely fueled by Muslim extremists, and the deadliest anti-Semitic attacks – such as the 2012 Toulouse Massacre and the recent shooting at the Brussels Jewish Museum – have been committed by radical Islamists.

European Muslims have often been accused of making no distinction between opposing Israeli policies and anti-Semitism. And the small group of Muslim pro-Palestinian protesters who turned out as part of a counter-protest appeared unfazed by the fact that their actions – aimed at a march protesting anti-Semitism – illustrated just that.

Counter-protesters, wearing keffiyehs and waving PLO flags, branded the march “provocative”, with one woman claimed “that these people are supporting the genocide down in Palestine and that is definitely unacceptable.”

Jewish community leader Jonatan Sousa, strongly disagreed with the assertion that the protest was provocative.

“No, it is definitely not provocative. calling this provocative is provocative in and of itself,” he said.

“I’m not doing anything wrong! But the wrongfulness here is that I have to be scared. Somehow, walking with Jewish symbols I should have to be scared – that is the wrong thing, that is the provocative thing. “

Read the original source of this story and see video of both the marchers and their Islamic opponents at:


Much respect is due to those citizens of Copenhagen who took part in this demonstration. It was peaceful and cross-belief and made the very serious point that non-Muslims, especially Jews, are increasingly unsafe in the more Islamified areas of Europe’s cities.

These protesters did not just hold a rally in some peaceful city centre square or park, they took the battle to the enemy itself on what they far too often see as their turf. Maybe we should have something like this in the United Kingdom? We certainly need to reclaim the streets of UK cities from the Islamic violence and threat that has dominated them for far too long.

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  1. My flabber is ghasted….Tellmama are currently busy digging a rather large hole for themselves as they team up with Shahid Malik and bullying Atma Singh on Twitter.

    Irony. TM goes out of their way to point out that Atma Singh worked at one time with Ken Livingstone as an adviser, but what TM aren’t telling their audience, their new man on the block, Shahid Malik was employed by Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman as Rahman’s adviser (trial by jeory has those details).

    Shahid’s opinion on those going to fight in Syria is that they are not all extremists: http://www.smh.com.au/national/not-all-fighters-going-to-syria-are-extremists-says-former-uk-minister-shahid-malik-20140517-38gp0.html

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 22, 2014 at 10:56 am |

      Thank you for this. I’m getting less and less surprised at the depths to which TM are sinking. However I’m angry that so many people and groups who should know better, such as Sarah AB of Harry’s Place, Peter Tatchell, the Community Security Trust and the Victim Support organisation are STILL associating themselves with these mendacioius grievance mongering taqiyya artists.

  2. It won’t happen here. Not for a while anyway because our Gov supports Islam and Plod would be sent in to sort out the people stirring up religious hatred.

    Good news though as there sems to be pushback all over the world, except here of course, where our politicians are too busy taxing people to do anything else.

  3. CST lost their reputation years ago. Aren’t they closely linked to Searchlight who are involved in UAF. Background history of CST is quite an eye opener. Noticed also TM are linking/tagging a lot to to MINAB – which has close connections to MBH. Respect I have Sarah wouldn’t fill a thimble. Yes, noticed other orgs supporting TM, most of them are run by leftwingers, so not too surprising. As for Tatchell he is all over the place. They are clinging onto each other like life rafts for their own agendas.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 22, 2014 at 12:51 pm |

      I respect SarahAB for her sense of fairness but she does take it a bit too far sometimes and tries to be fair to that which should be condemned. Tatchell has really blotted his copybook with his liaison with Tell Mama. He’d built a good reputation for standing up to thugs like Mugabe etc but he started to go down in my estimation when he started to conflate the EDL with the Jihadists and treated them as if they were the same. The association with Tell Mama is just another descent from reality for Mr Tatchell. I certainly agree that there are a lot of ‘useful idiot’ Lefties, such as Steve Rose and the Huffington Post lot supporting TM who really should be able to see what charlatans Tell Mama are.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 22, 2014 at 12:55 pm |

      Re CST. They started well but gradually got infiltrated by Lefties. Although I do respect the work that the individual guards do with regarding the protection of Jewish synagogues etc maybe it is time for something like 43 Group to be started up or recreated in some way? BTW I’m currently working on a book review (to be put up here) of Morris Beckmann’s book on the 43 Group.

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