Bulls***t supreme from an Imam in South Woodford, Essex.

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I am wary about calling people or organisations ‘liars’ or ‘fools’ unless I can satisfy myself, with published evidence, that the said person or entity is behaving disingenuously and or stupidly. If you are going to use ‘un-Parliamentary language’ then it should at least be accurately targeted.

There is no question about whether or not calling this Imam from South Woodford Mosque a ‘bullshitter’ or  ‘disingenuous’ or a fool’ is appropriate. In fact it’s highly appropriate. This Imam has stood up and basically said there was no threat to the UK from the Islamic terror group ISIS.

The Ilford Recorder newspaper said:

Islamic State (IS), the radical jihadist group making strong gains in Iraq and Syria, is not a threat to this country, according to a South Woodford imam.

David Cameron warned earlier this week IS would bring “poisonous” terrorism to the streets of Britain if it was not urgently defeated.

But Dr Mohammed Fahim, the imam at the South Woodford Mosque, in Mulberry Way, believes any threat posed by the group is “exaggerated”.

He said: “To be honest it has been exaggerated regarding the threat to this country and the people on our streets.

If there is going to be any threat it will be to do with [the conflict in] Gaza and British Muslims who hold dual passports travelling from this country to fight.”

Dr Fahim, a regular advisor to Scotland Yard on issues surrounding British Muslims, added he felt that support for IS in the Middle East was dwindling.

They are giving a bad name to Islam. I do not think they have any supporters,” he added

The Prime Minister, writing in the Daily Telegraph, said: “If we do not act it will only grow stronger until it can target us on the streets of Britain.”

Dr Fahim is either lying or a fool if he believes that IS are not a threat. The Security Services believe that they are a threat, and there are at least 500 ‘British’ Muslim jihadis currently fighting for or involved with Islamic terror groups in the Syria and Iraq region. Even our cowardly, holiday-loving Islam appeasing Prime Minister David Cameron believes that IS are a threat. How could a group like this which is dedicated to spreading the ideology of Islam across the world by violent means be anything other than a threat?

Dr Fahim is really behaving like a solid gold purveyor of weapons grade bullshit. Not content with being completely counterfactual regarding IS, he then goes on to blame potential public order and terror disruption on the conflict between Israel and the terrorists of Hamas. It will not have bypassed the public’s notice that many of those demonstrating in favour of the savages of Hamas have been British Muslims. There appear to be many more ‘British’ Muslims travelling to IS controlled regions to fight than there are those travelling to Gaza to fight for Hamas. The idea that Gaza is attracting ‘British’ Jihadis in anything like the numbers going to Iraq and Syria is simply laughable. The Israelis would probably stop ‘British’ Jihadis from travelling to Gaza and so would the Egyptians, Dr Fahim was being disingenuous to suggest this.

Dr Fahim is also completely incorrect about a dwindling of support for IS, it may be taking localised hits in levels of support in Iraq, but we are seeing a sharp rise in reports of IS/ISIS and other terror groups flags and symbols being displayed on the streets of Britain. This would suggest that the IS groups and those like them are still attracting positive attention from British Muslims.

I don’t know what is more scary about this article and Dr Fahim’s opinions whether that expects us all to believe this bullshit, or the fact that he is an advisor on Islamic issues to Scotland Yard.

Dr Fahim is wrong about IS and the threat it poses to all of us. If he is just a fool when it comes to IS then he should not be in a position to advise or influence our police forces, if he is being dishonest then we need to ask ourselves why is he being so and to what ends? 


Original story from the Ilford Recorder


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  1. Nicole Purdy | August 21, 2014 at 11:33 pm |

    That is very true. I wonder whether Scotland Yard are taking Dr Fahim’s promises seriously. If they do, God save Britain!..

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 22, 2014 at 6:33 am |

      There are loads of Islam promoters and those who say ‘Jihad? Move along there’s nothing to see here’ embedded in our police, national and local government, health service etc. Sadly Dr Fahim is not the only one like that.

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