The Silence of the Miliband.

Ed Miliband closes his eyes to the problems of Rotherham.

At the time of writing there appears to have been no public statement by Ed Miliband the leader of the Labour Party about the industrial levels of sexual abuse by Muslims in the Labour run town of Rotherham. Since the Jay Report into abuse in Rotherham was released, Miliband has commented on the defection of Douglas Carswell and the situation in Gaza. However, he doesn’t appear to be able to bring himself to comment on the appalling news that 1,400 children and young women have been raped and abused by Rotherham’s Muslims.

When I saw recently on Twitter allegations that Ed Miliband had said nothing about the Rotherham scandal I thought, surely that cannot be. When there is a scandal as big as this you would expect the Leader of the Opposition to have something to say. I did a quick search to find out if he had spoken on this matter and there is nothing that I can find apart from a Labour spokesperson saying that Labour will abolish the post of Police and Crime Commissioner. Other Labour figures such as Yvette Cooper and Sarah Champion have called for Shawn Wright the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner to resign, but from Miliband there has been silence.

Bearing in mind that one of the roots of the Rotherham scandal was Labour’s policy whilst in office of Islamo-pandering and multiculturalism, the very least Ed Miliband should do is say sorry. He should say sorry for the fact that these attacks on vulnerable children and young women happened I a Labour area during the period of a Labour government. Miliband should apologise for his party’s immigration policy that landed Britain with too many of the sort of savages who commited the offences in Rotherham and elsewhere. He should show some contrition for how his party has in some areas relied on the whipped mosque vote and fraudulent postal votes to stay in power and how such gerrymandering has effectively disenfranchised those members of the working classes who mistakenly see Labour as ‘their’ party.

Ed Miliband’s party has been a disaster to many areas of the country and a ‘sorry’ for what his party has done both locally in Rotherham and to the rest of the country, would not erase the problems that Labour have caused but would at the very least be the honourable thing to do.


Guido Fawkes on Miliband’s silence on Rotherham.

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  1. the photo looks like hes deep in thought.
    oh…how to smooth this over and not admit any responsibility whatsoever.
    sorry is obviously out of the question as its against labour policy , even if overwhelming evidence and common sense proves contrary to labour policy. as they are more politically enlightened than the ignorant racist masses.
    yeah right.
    beam me up ed.

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