Herefordshire’s ‘useful idiot’ Islamopanderer, who is sadly still in his post.

Hereford’s Diversity Officer and Islamopanderer in Chief, Neville Meredith

In the second of my stories today concerning Herefordshire I’m concerned with that utter waste of skin, space and public resources, Neville Meredith, the ‘Diversity Officer’ for Herefordshire County Council. It appears that Herefordshire council considers that it is better to spend taxpayers’ money on keeping Mr Meredith on the council payroll in a style to which he has become too accustomed, than to provide services such as libraries, public toilets or regular bin collections.

While the people of Herefordshire see the services that they pay for via council tax and general taxation decline in both quality and availability, they can rest assured that the vital work of whining that there are not enough facilities for Muslims in Herefordshire is being done by Mr Meredith.

My, by necessity anonymous, source said: “It’s appalling, the council want to close down Belmont Library, reduce bin collection intervals and shut down public toilets in order to save money, yet this little shit Meredith gets to keep his non-job’. This comment shows us exactly what is wrong with the priorities that local authorities, not just that of Herefordshire, have. Councils love to burnish their multiculturalist credentials by spending money on people like Neville Meredith, even when the policies that such people are advocating are not supported by the majority of people.

Neville Meredith is one of those useful idiots for Islam that we see all too often. They are the ones who have been cheerleaders for the process of the wholesale destruction by the ideology of Islam, of various British communities in places like Rotherham and elsewhere.

Neville Meredith is a highly paid Islamopanderer, who has served on various committees in Herefordshire, including those of organisations that have given facilities to Muslims and which have been vocal in attempting to impose Islam on an area that plainly does not like it or want it.

At a time when the public sector should be cutting back on waste, it is wrong that genuinely needed services are cut, while shysters like Neville Meredith continue to be pampered at our expense.

There must be a reckoning, and that reckoning must involve those like Neville Meredith who promote Islam being sacked and removed from the equation. Although it’s not Neville Meredith’s fault that his job has not been abolished, that he continues to be employed by the council at all in this capacity is where the ultimate blame lies. As a nation we need to see the back of publicly funded Islamopanderers like Neville Meredith.


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  1. Thank you, this is a perfect example of what is so wrong in Britain today, and the most frustrating thing about it all is that we are powerless to do anything about it, in fact the events of the last week illustrate only too well how much power the useful idiots have over the populace.

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