We should never forget that it is not just Rotherham

The mainstream media is belatedly waking up to the problems caused by Islamic Rape Gangs in Rotherham. After so many years where the girls and young women of Rotherham were violently abused with impunity by Muslims, at last there is some mainstream media attention being given to the plight of those whom the Muslims of Rotherham so brutally enslaved. The Labour party, whose policies and ideology was the key reason why Muslims were given the freedom to rape has engaged on a damage limitation exercise by suspending four members of Rotherham’s Labour party. The police and social services are also trying to salvage what little positive is left of their reputations and Parliament appears to be finally accepting, although reluctantly, that there was an Islamic Rape Gang problem in Rotherham.

It’s all well and good to see the mistakes and errors of the organs of the state being publicised and to contemplate the prospect that some of those who sacrificed girls and young women on the altar of multiculturalism, will be held to account. But Rotherham and the fall out from it is not the whole story far from it.

Islamic Rape Gangs are not just a Rotherham problem. The religious ideology of Islam, which encourages men to see non-Muslim women and girls as of little use apart from sex-slavery, is not confined to Rotherham. South Yorkshire Police are not alone in being cowardly, idle, riddled with political correctness and heavily infiltrated by police officers whose priorities are so twisted that they see protecting Muslims and Islam from criticism as being of primary importance. It is not only Rotherham that has social services departmental managers who in order to avoid charges of ‘racism’, consider a few children raped by Muslims to be a small price to pay for ‘community cohesion’

Islamic Rape Gangs are problems for a wider area than just Rotherham. In Manchester police believe that there are 180 who are, in the words of Greater Manchester Police, ‘mostly Asian’, which as we all know now is a laughably transparent code word for Muslim. In other police areas the story is the same or very similar. Newcastle, which is policed by the Northumbria force, is running Operation Sanctuary which is uncovering a network of dozens of Islamic rapists and grooming gangs, with what could turn out to be hundreds of victims. Oxford, Slough, Rochdale and elsewhere have also been afflicted by Islamic Rape Gangs.

These cases I should add are only the ones we’ve heard about on the media and where action has been taken or is beginning to be taken. It is laughable to take seriously the idea that this is the end of it. There are many other areas of Britain which Islam has effectively colonised where children, girls and young women are at risk. In some regions the scale of the problems caused by Islamic Rape Gangs has not yet been recognised. It is hard to believe that Birmingham, policed by the extremely ‘Islam-friendly’ West Midlands Police, is untouched by Islamic Rape Gangs, nor that such crimes are absent in places like Leicester or Nottingham.

From reading press reports of Islamic sex crime, which hitherto have been treated as ‘one-offs’ by the media, and from talking to various people local to these areas, nobody should be surprised if it was revealed that Islamic Rape Gangs are far more widespread. I believe that there is a geographical area that stretches from the gates of the City of London to Southend in the South to Cambridge and Peterborough in the North which is infested with Islamic Rape Gangs and littered with their victims. It is highly unlikely that this are and the others mentioned will be the only ones to be afflicted by Islamic sex crime. The ubiquity of Muslims in the list of those convicted, charged or arrested for sexual exploitation offences means that wherever there are Muslims, there is likely to be someone either directly or indirectly involved in this sort of slavery, a slavery I might add that was approved of by the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed. Wherever there is an area in a town or city that has a ‘Paki Alley’ of Muslim owned takeaways and taxi offices, or where there is a Mosque, you will probably find someone who is either an abuser themselves, or who knows of them, but who for reasons of loyalty to the Ummah or fear of other Muslims, says nothing.

When I look at the various extrapolations of the figures from Rotherham using the proportion of Muslims in the community and the number of recorded victims, they look so huge as to be almost unbelievable. If there are only ten areas that are as affected as much as Rotherham was, then we are looking at 14,000 British children, girls and young women who have been raped, abused, assaulted and sold. That I might add is a very conservative and optimistic estimate. Some of the more pessimistic estimates put the number of victims of Islamic sex criminals at somewhere between 100,000 and 323,000. These figures are, even at their lowest, indicative of how Britain is suffering from a horrendous Islamic sex crime problem, the scale of which is only now beginning to be understood.

Prior to the injection of Islam and the failed policy of multiculturalism Britain had a manageable level of sex crimes. The police had enough resources to investigate violent sex crimes like these, the prisons had enough places to hold the convicted and the media told the truth about the crimes. Many of Britain’s sex crimes in the past were committed by evil individuals motivated by a desire for power over women and the idea that someone could see sex crimes as an integral part of their ideology or belief system would have seemed to those at the time, like something from a psychological fantasy novel.

Islamic sex crimes are not just a Rotherham problem, it is a problem for the whole country and we should not be lulled by the media into a false sense of security by thinking that what happened in Rotherham cannot happen or does not happen in other places. The whole country is being victimised by the followers of the ideology of Islam and those who appease them.

The police have failed us on the issue of Islamic sex criminals, the councils have failed us, the social workers have failed us and the politicians have failed us. If we do not treat Islam as the bestial, cruel and backward ideology that it truly is, and speak up and protest loudly against it, then there will be many more victims, one of whom could be your daughter or your son.

Islam is a religion of rape and slavery and the quicker we all realise that fact, and act on that knowledge the better. We are, thankfully, not yet at the stage where this menace needs to be fought ‘by any means necessary’, but if nothing is done by the authorities to deal with the problems of Islamic criminality, corruption, welfare dependency and sedition, then the ordinary people will deal with the problems that those in legitimate authority have so assiduously ignored. I do not relish the thought of violent conflict, but violent conflict is a distinct possibility if the authorities continue to make excuses for the followers of Islam and the problems they bring.

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  1. Shocks but no surprises await. ‘Dislodging’ the lid covering our rotten West Yorkshire authorities, is long overdue.

  2. Furor Teutonicus | September 3, 2014 at 9:12 am |

    XX Islamic sex crimes are not just a Rotherham problem, it is a problem for the whole country. XX

    I am keeping my eyes open for such things in Europe, or, indeed, anywhere in the Western world.

    I can not believe it is only a British Paki problem. Yet we hear nothing of the sort from the rest of the world. (Outside of this “ISIS” thing, of course.)

    EITHER, they are putting something in the water in Britain, OR, the Mainland media/Dicatorships/Moslems are hiding something a lot better than the U.K lot ever did.

    IF I find anything, YOU will be the first to get the news.

  3. There has been a very well concealed police operation in Aylesbury regarding pre-teen abuse/grooming.
    I think there were about 10 arrests carried out by about 120 police.
    Here’s the difficult bit…guess the ethnicity of the animals (there’s a clue!) who were arrested.!
    Keep up the good work!

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