From Elsewhere: It’s ‘duelling banjos’ time in Bradford and guess who is footing the bill?

An example of one young person afflicted by Islamically sanctioned inbreeding. There are other examples of the problems of Islamic in breeding, but many images are just too damn horrific to post.

The city of Bradford is being afflicted by a preventable plague. It’s not AIDS or TB or even Ebola, for which there are either treatments or containment measures. Bradford’s plague is one of stupidity and it is a behavioural stupidity that the British taxpayer is picking up the tab for.

A recently published study into Muslim inbreeding in Bradford and highlighted by an article in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus, shows that Bradford’s Muslims have been breeding with their relatives and producing a high number of congenitally damaged children. These damaged children then have to be cared for by the British National Health Service. Because Bradford’s Muslims are so stupid, probably because the parents themselves are inbred, enormous amounts of NHS resources are being spent on keeping alive and well the tragic consequences of the Islamic social acceptance of incest. The deliberate production of children who it must be known will be deformed, mentally retarded or deathly ill, is pulling healthcare resources away from other areas of the NHS namely the parts that you or your family use. Islamic inbreeding is a drain on the healthcare system as well as being a monstrous and avoidable tragedy for the children who have been created this way by deliberate incest.

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus said:

“THE sheer scale of Bradford’s birth defect problem has been laid bare in a new report on child deaths.

The report shows that two in every five child deaths in the district are caused by genetic anomalies – the most common cause of death among under-18s.

And further analysis suggests around a third of these deaths involve parents who are related to each other and carry the same faulty gene.

Councillor Ralph Berry, executive member for children’s services at Bradford Council, said each death of a child was “a great loss” for the family affected and the figures had to be brought down. “

We seem to be seeing the words ‘sheer scale’ used quite a lot recently in connection with Britain’s Muslim community, as in ‘sheer scale of Islamic rapes’, ‘sheer scale of Islamic sedition’ and ‘sheer scale of Islamic welfare parasitism’. The figure of two in every five child deaths being linked in some way to Islamic incest is indeed an appalling one. Of course, Cllr Ralph Berry is correct, it is a problem that needs to be dealt with, and the figures do need to be ‘brought down’. But how do you fix stupid? It is an ingrained and probably inbred Islamic cultural stupidity that keeps first cousin breeding with first cousin, from generation unto generation.

The Telegraph and Argus added:

“Consanguineous relationships – those between blood relatives – are particularly common in the district’s South Asian population, where they make up around 60 per cent of all marriages.

The report describes the latest work done by the district’s Child Death Overview Panel, which aims to analyse all child deaths to try to prevent similar deaths in future.

It says: “Although most babies from consanguineous relationships are born healthy, it is more likely that the same rare gene is carried by both parents in communities where this practice is common.

“If this occurs the baby may be affected and if a serious disease, the baby may die.”

Over the past six years, 187 out of 459 child deaths analysed (41 per cent) were caused by genetic, chromosomal or congenital anomalies. In comparison, the national rate is currently 24 per cent.

The second most common cause of a child death in Bradford was a ‘perinatal or neonatal event’, for example, a baby born very prematurely.

A closer look at 95 of the child deaths caused by genetic anomalies showed that around a third – 29 cases – involved parents who were related to each other and carried the same faulty gene. “

Here we go again, smearing the South Asian community as a whole for what is primarily a Muslim problem. I’d bet my best weekend hat that the parts of the ‘South Asian’ community that is affected by this are not the intellgent, knowledgable and integrated Sikhs, Hindus, Jains or Buddhists, but are followers of the backward cult of Islam. If these sort of figures for preventable child deaths caused by incest were found in any other community then I do not doubt that these communities would do something about it. For example: Although not an issue of deliberate incest, Ashkenazi Jews took action decades ago when they realised that there were specific congenital diseases affecting them because of their geographical background and genetic history, and now counselling and genetic testing is the norm for many in that community who feel that their future offspring may be at risk. If the Jews from Eastern Europe can choose life for their children by preventing easily preventable congenital diseases, why cannot Britain’s Muslims do the same?

It may be genetics but it is certainly not rocket science for Muslims to understand that breeding with your first cousin, especially if one or both of the partners are from first cousin marriages themselves, is not a good idea. If other communities can deal with problems with group-specific genetic illness by prevention, then why cannot Bradford’s Muslims do this by the simple expedient of not breeding with close relatives?

This is not the first time that Bradford’s Muslims have been shown to have an incest and inbreeding problem, The Telegraph and Argus added:

“The findings tie in with major research published last year by the Born in Bradford project, which found that the risk of a child being born with a genetic anomaly rose from three per cent to six per cent if they were born to blood relatives.

The latest study is included in the annual report of the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board due to be discussed by councillors tomorrow.

Professor Nick Frost, the independent chairman of the board, said: “It is an important issue, which is why we included it in our report.”

He said work was being done locally to educate people about the issue, and that he had personally been on an awareness-raising course aimed at health professionals, social workers and those working in education.”

Read the whole Telegraph and Argus article here:

It is going to take a lot more than posters decrying cousin marriage on mosque walls or earnest lectures from social workers and GP’s to stop Bradford’s plague of Islamic inbreeding. These highly-paid professionals are going to come up a against a wall of congenital stupidity from Bradford’s Muslims regarding this issue. After all what is medical knowledge compared to a tradition of Islamic incest that not only afflicts Bradford’s Muslims but Muslim communities across the world?

Unsurprisingly about the only Muslim group mentioned in the article which seems to be able to acknowledge that there is a problem with inbreeding in the Islamic community are the relatively moderate and outward looking Ahmadiyya. However, it is difficult to imagine that this group would be able to do much as this particular stream of Islam is very much in the minority among Britain’s Muslims.

The problems caused by Islamic inbreedinig must be putting immense strain of the NHS in that area. It must be putting extra and unnecessary pressure on neonatal care units, paediatric services and adult care and therefore cannot but be impacting on access to services for non-Muslims who are in the main, not breeding with their relatives.

This is just another example of how the ordinary taxpayer of Britain is squeezed to pay for problems that Muslims have deliberately created. There is no incentive for Muslims to not breed with their first cousins because it is the taxpayer who picks up the tab for the care of the damaged offspring created by Islamically sanctioned incest. The problem is the rest of us only notice the effects when there is no room on the neonatal ward for our babies, no paediatric beds for our children and when we find that there is no proper adult care available for those who’ve paid into the welfare system all their lives.

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  1. Some years ago, when I was training to teach English to immigrants, I was told by one of the tutors of a case in my home town (in Buckinghamshire) of a family with a son who was afflicted in this way and for this reason.

    The family hid him away in a box, with holes for him to breathe.

    Social Services were called in. I have no idea what they did about it, if anything.

    I stopped believing in the equality of all cultures after that.

    • Reading an article about Iran last night and it is a common problem there too, they believe cousin marriage reinforces the family bonds. Interestingly drug addiction and prostitution are common place too.

  2. The same is true in other parts of the country. Where these people reside, the results of inbreeding are all to tragically apparent.

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