British Neville Chamberlain Award for August 2014. The appeaser who let gangs of Muslims rape little girls.

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There can be no question at all in my mind about who should wear this month’s badge of shame that identifies them as a gross and craven appeaser of Islam. That person is Shaun Wright, who is currently the Police and Crime Commissioner for the South Yorkshire Police area. Before being elected to that post, Shaun Wright was the Labour councillor in charge of children’s services in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, during what looks likely to be one of the worst ever sex abuse scandals to hit councils or police.

During Wright’s time as a senior councillor in Rotherham, thousands of girls and young women were abused, raped and tortured by Muslim rape gangs in that town. There is strong evidence that Rotherham’s Labour council and South Yorkshire police turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the fact that gangs of Muslims were raping their way through South Yorkshire, clocking up in excess of 1,400 victims.

Wright was in charge of Rotherham’s Children’s Services department during a period when Muslim rape gangs were apparently operating with impunity. It is almost beyond belief that he didn’t know or suspect what was going on. Amongst other responsibilities, his Children’s Services department was supposed to work with police to protect children from harm, but there have been many reports that such protection for children from Muslim rapists was conspicuous by its absence.

Shaun Wright is one of those for whom appeasing Islam appears to be not just high up the priority list, but right at its summit. For years, under Wright’s watch, children and vulnerable young women were groomed, abused, raped and sold. In some cases, Muslim cab drivers who were part of or assisting the rape gangs, collected girls from Rotherham Council children’s homes.

Despite Wright’s ignominious record in child protection in Rotherham, his sense of entitlement seems to know no bounds. Even when his council, his department and his local Labour party was the focus of both enquiry and criticism, he still considered himself to be a suitable candidate to stand for the post of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. He was elected on a turnout that was a derisory 14.5% of the possible vote.

Since the publication of the Jay Report into Muslim grooming in Rotherham, Wright has been subjected to much justified criticism but although he has resigned from the Labour Party, he has so far refused to give up his well renumerated gig as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Wright, and his Children’s Services Department, seem to have put keeping Muslims happy ahead of protecting those who it was their duty to protect. The fact that he will not accept that he is at fault and resign as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, shows that this man is a dyed in the wool appeaser of Islam, who, for political advancement, would even sacrifice the security and welfare of the children under his purview, and that he has no sense of shame at all.

This poor specimen of a public servant truly deserves this award for Islamic appeasement.

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  1. You’ve selected a fine candidate with this one. He should be arrested and put on trial without delay.

    Also remember that Emma West was arrested by several police officers, then had her children taken from her, under extreme duress I believe, before being thrown into jail for months whilst awaiting trial and all for expressing an opinion on immigrants that is shared by millions.

    However, this man, this so-called police commissioner – who without doubt did cause unspeakable suffering and pain to hundreds of vulnerable young white girls – remains at liberty to carry on. Where is the sense or justice in that?

    He’s an added disgrace to a town that owns no pride in its citizens or in its heritage. Rotherham should henceforth carry the label, Rottenham.

  2. The law should be applied without question of race creed or colour and this bloody idiot should have it applied to him as should the local police force. We have the laws in place and we should use them.

  3. This man has no shame at all. Just a very good salary paid by the council tax payers of Rotherham.

  4. Maurice Dancer | September 9, 2014 at 5:55 am |

    Shaun Wright – Fabian & Common Purpose. The enemy within.

  5. Such an expensive flop at Queens Park Rangers, it’s hardly surprising Rotherham want to offload Shaun Wright.

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