I said this would be a Mohammedan and I was correct

Morrisons supermarket in Blackburn, Lancashire.


When I saw details of the truly horrifying story of a 3 year old girl who was the subject of an attempted abduction at a supermarket in Blackburn, Lancashire, I thought that it was most likely to be someone called ‘Mohammed’ or ‘Abdul’ or a similar Islamic name. After all snatching tiny children for nefarious and often sexual purposes seems to be a bit of a habit when it comes to these Muslim savages. Across Europe we’ve seen a rash of attacks on children by Muslims including one case where the Muslim savage in question claimed that a ‘sexual emergency’ was the reason that he raped a young boy. In Britain we are in the middle of an epidemic of Islamic sex crime where there seems to be no town that has an Islamic presence, even a small presence, that doesn’t have a problem with Muslims preying on children and young women.

As I expected the man arrested for the Blackburn abduction which occurred in a Morrisons supermarket is a Muslim and his name is a variant of Mohammed. I must say I’m not surprised to see this as ‘Mohammed’ seems to be the most popular name among rapists, paedophiles, child snatchers and sex traffickers. Maybe being named after a desert dwelling paedophile robber and murderer contributes towards this sort of behaviour in individuals, or maybe it’s just the culture and ideology of Islam that creates such disgusting people?

Here’s the report from the UK ‘Independent‘ news website.

A man has been charged after a toddler was carried off by a stranger at a supermarket in Lancashire.

The three-year-old girl was taken from a moving walkway, in what police have described as a “distressing incident” at a Morrisons store in Railway Road in Blackburn at 3pm on Thursday.

The girl had been walking to the car park with her mother and five-year-old sister when she was picked up by the man.

He allegedly carried her for a short distance near the entrance of the store before putting her down again, when she ran back to her mother.

The man left the shop soon after.

Following an appeal for information a man was arrested by Lancashire Police on suspicion of child abduction.

On Saturday evening, detectives charged 44-year-old Mohmed Dadhiwala of Chester Street, Blackburn, with taking a child in order to remove them from a person having lawful control.

He is due to appear at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court on Monday

Although for reasons of sub judice I cannot comment to much on this particular case, the details of the defendant and the nature of the intended victim are depressingly familiar. Yet again we have a child targeted for abduction and possible abuse and yet again we have a Muslim accused of the crime. Until the nation and more importantly the State, starts to take a long hard and honest look at the ideology of Islam, an ideology that has no real meaningful prohibition against paedophilia, then British parents will continue to see their children victimised by the great many rapists and nonces that the ideology of Islam and Britain’s Islamic community seems to produce in so vast a number.