A robust response to Australia’s psychotic murderous Jihadi problem.

Australian Police raid property of suspected Jihadi

Australia is known by some as ‘the lucky country’. It is blessed by abundant natural resources, unique flora and fauna and has excelled in sporting prowess. The Australians themselves have by their hard work and determination, built Australia into a regional economic powerhouse that has weathered the banking crisies of the last decade better than some other nations. However, there is one aspect of Australian life that makes the Australians very unlucky indeed, and that is the presence of a large number of murderous Islamic jihadis who are either fighting Jihad overseas or planning Jihad on Australian soil.

The presence of Jihadis or Jihad supporters is not purely an Australian problem, such problems are found anywhere in the world where there is a significant Islamic population. Luckily, ‘The Lucky Country’ has, in Tony Abbott, a Prime Minister who when faced by intelligence that Jihadis were going to randomly chop off the heads of Australians acts quickly and purposefully. Mr Abbott’s government has, in a high profile operation, mobilised the police against Islamic Jihadi savages and sympathisers, and so far they have made a number of arrests of suspected Jihadis. Not for Mr Abbott the cowering cringe of Cameronism with it’s plaintive and untrue cry of ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, uttered every time an Islamic atrocity happens or a terror plot is uncovered. Britain needs to see this sort of action against our own Jihadis and Jihad supporters. Tough police action against Islamic traitors and criminals is the best way to avoid public anger at the problems that Islam brings breaking out and being turned on innocent people who just happen to hail from a Muslim background or even those who might be percieved as Muslim. .

The Indian Express, quoting a Reuters report said:

“Intelligence showed that militants connected with Islamic State were planning to behead a member of the public in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Thursday after hundreds of police raided homes in a sweeping counter-terrorism operation.

Abbott said there was a “serious risk from a terrorist attack” days after Australia raised its national terror threat level to “high” for the first time. The heightened alert cited the likelihood of attacks by Australians radicalised in Iraq or Syria.

Australia, which is due to host the Group of 20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane in mid-November, is concerned over the number of its citizens it believes are fighting overseas with Islamist militant groups. Treasurer Joe Hockey insisted that the necessary precautions had been put in place for the G20 Leaders Summit. He dismissed concerns the raids could disrupt a meeting of G20 finance ministers this weekend in the tropical northern city of Cairns.

More than 800 police were involved in the pre-dawn security operation in Sydney and Brisbane, described as the largest in Australian history. At least 15 people had been detained, police told a news conference.

Australian Broadcasting Corp. and other local media reported earlier on Thursday that members of the group planned to snatch a random person in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, and execute them on camera draped in the flag of the Islamic State militant organisation.
Asked at a media conference in the Northern Territory about reports of plans to conduct a public beheading, Abbott said: “That’s the intelligence we received.”

“The exhortations, quite direct exhortations, were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country,” Abbott said, referring to the group otherwise known as Islamic State that has seized large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq.

He did not identify the Australian. A court official and police said a Sydney man identified as Omarjan Azari, 22, had appeared in court after the raids and been charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act and would remain in custody until a hearing in November.”

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This is the sort of action every country should be taking against both the Jihadis and those who support, facilitate and fund them. To ignore them, excuse them, or try to minimise the threat from them, as too many governments do in the name of ‘community cohesion’, is a scandalous deriliction of one of the primary duties of a state, which is to keep their citizens safe from attack.

I applaud the Australian government for taking this stand against Jihad. It is sad that we are not seeing British police being so pro-active against our Jihadis. Many British people would very much welcome the sight of our police kicking down lots of doors in Bradford, London or any of the other places in the UK where murderous attacks on our citizens are being planned or assisted.