Another victim of Islamic savagery in London.

Donald McNichol, another victim of Islamic thuggery in London.

Those of us who know Islam, know that both the ideology itself, and many of its followers have a propensity for random violence, often aimed at non-Muslims. It doesn’t take much to get a Muslim to kick off violently against a non-Muslim, whether that be questioning the validity of the ideology of Islam itself, or even, as in this latest tragic case, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The London Evening Standard is carrying the appalling story of how four men, most with either Muslim forenames or surnames, savagely attacked an innocent job-seeker at a Community Centre in Stockwell, South London.

The London Evening Standard said:

Staff working where an engineer was beaten to death while job-hunting on a computer are still “devastated” by the murder, its director said today.

Julie Fawcett MBE, spoke as four youths were convicted of killing father-of-two Donald McNicol, 54, during a fight at Stockwell Park community centre.

Monsur Rahman, 19, his brother Mamunoor, 18, Daniel Okello, 20, and Ibrahim Ford, 17, punched Mr McNicol repeatedly in the face after he refused to give up his terminal.

Mamunoor Rahman then slammed a chair onto the victim’s head before the gang fled leaving Mr McNicol, who used to help fixing computer problems in the centre, covered in blood on the floor.

He had been quietly using the computer to look for a job before the brutal attack on December 15 last year.

The Zimbabwe-born father, who lived alone in a nearby block of flats, suffered a serious brain injury and died in hospital two weeks later.

At the Old Bailey yesterday the  Rahman brothers and Okello were convicted of murder, while Ford was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter.”

There will be those who will say ‘oh but it is not Islam that is violent it is only individuals who are violent’ but to those who say such things I would counter with the comment that not so see the wider picture of Islamic violence is an act of self-delusion. Here we have yet another innocent victim of Islamic savagery to add to the growing list of casualties of Islam and its deluded and often violent followers. We should no longer tolerate the intolerable threat to our safety and security that Islam brings. How many more Donald McNichol’s will we put up with before we collectively say, ‘enough is enough’?


Original story from the London Evening Standard

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