Muslim Arab filth murders 3 month old baby and other Muslim Arab filth celebrate his action.

Baby Chayah – murdered by an Islamic savage.

Almost everyday comes an example of how Islam is an ideology unfit to even share the same planet with civilised people or those with civilised beliefs. It has got to the stage when it is difficult to pick which example of brutally savage behaviour, or corruption or lack of basic humanity from Islam and Muslims, to feature on this blog. There are so many examples just which one should be chosen is a hard choice.

No proper soldier deliberately goes out to inflict pain and suffering on civilians, even the bombing of Hamburg during World War II, which killed thousands of civilians, was in pursuit of a legitimate military aim, that of disrupting Nazi military materiel production and breaking the morale of the Nazis. The Islamic ‘fighter’ has no such qualms and no conscience about deliberately killing even those who are so young and whose souls are so pure, that they can in no way be classified as a legitimate military target.

Yesterday in Jerusalem we saw another example of Islamic Arab horror when a specimen of Arab Muslim filth deliberately aimed a car at people waiting on the pavement near a light rail stop, and killed the three month old daughter of American parents who were visiting Jerusalem. As if that was not enough, other Muslim Arab filth actually celebrated this act as if it was something righteous.

The parents of Chayah Zissel-Bron Z”L had been visiting the Kotel, otherwise known as the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism, to say thanks to the Eternal God for her birth. They were returning from the Kotel when this Islamic beast, named as Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi, deliberately rammed his car into the queue of people waiting for a tram. The car driven by this Islamic savage hit the pushchair carrying Chayah and sent her flying 30 feet into the air and causing her massive and fatal cranial injuries when she hit the ground. The Islamic savage Shaludi, then attempted to escape but was thankfully shot dead by Israeli police.

As if this was not enough other Islamic Arab Savages in East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Israeli held areas of Judea and Shomron and across the Arab world, have been celebrating the death of this innocent and much loved little girl. These sick and twisted savages have been publishing ‘martyr’ notices like the one pictured below.

The sick savages, otherwise known as Palestinians, are even encouraging others to use cars as weapons in attacks against civilians as evidenced by this picture below:

Images via the Elder of Ziyon blog

It is sick and twisted psychopathic savages like Shaludi, who western liberals and leftists expect the State of Israel to negotiate with. I would ask, how can you negotiate with human drek like that? You cannot, and must not because such people are so enamoured of hatred, racism and and violence and so enthused by the foul ideology of Islam that they cannot be trusted.

The statement from the grandfather of little Chayah made after the murder and published by the Jerusalem Post, is absolutely heartbreaking:

The Jerusalem Post said:

The grandfather of an infant who died after a car rammed into civilians near a light rail station in Jerusalem addressed reporters outside of the hospital on Wednesday night, saying that the baby girl was born three months ago after her parents had tried for years to have a baby to no avail.

They had just returned from the kotel (Western Wall). It was the first time in her life that the girl was at the site. She looked at the kotel, they took pictures, they [her parents] held her up to face the Temple Mount, and they told her this is the holy place, this is the temple mount,” Shimshon Halpern said.

He linked the killing to “the Arabs’ merciless hatred of thousands of years”, saying that they killed “a pure girl with a holy soul that never did anything bad to anyone in her life and was murdered for no reason.”

I disagree with the statement of the grandparent in one area and one area only. There was a reason why she was killed and that reason was Islam. As we see so often and in so many different places, Islam has no other reason for existence other than to bring death and oppression to others. It is a sick death-cult that deserves either restricting to walled-in ‘savage reservations’ in the countries that Islam has already ruined or even, if it comes to it, complete destruction by military means.

We must not allow ourselves to sink into complacency and think that horrors such as this latest Arab Muslim murder is something only for those who live in the land of Israel to worry about. In almost every place where Islam has been allowed to establish itself or has been pandered to, we see Islamic violence. Today a baby has been murdered by Islamic savages in Jerusalem, tomorrow it could be Islamic savages murdering babies in a similar manner in New York, or Paris, or Stockholm or London.

For decades the Israelis have tried to live in peace with these savages and on almost every occasion Arab Islamic savages have broken peace agreements or have engaged in random murders of Israelis. Arab Muslims and their leaders cannot be trusted and cannot be treated as equals.

With tears in my eyes and a heaviness of heart I have to say that the time is coming for an all out war against Islam. There can be no negotiation or the walking of a middle path when it comes to Islamic savagery. Both it and the followers of Islam who either commit these dreadful crimes or stay silent about them need to be constrained, forcibly reformed or as a last resort, destroyed.

The civilised world is getting to the stage where it has had enough of Islam and its murderous antics, and it is time for all decent people, of all religions and none, to stand up and say so. When the opportunity arises, vote for Islamosceptic political candidates, challenge the appeasers and excusers of Islam and warn all and sundry about the danger posed to all of us, and our societies, from this foul and murderous ideology called Islam.

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    • Fahrenheit211 | October 23, 2014 at 1:27 pm |

      Just when you think the Islamic world cannot sink any lower, along comes a deeper level of sickness.

      • poor little girl…how do they think they can go to heaven after this? is this even a valid logical reasoning?

        • Fahrenheit211 | October 23, 2014 at 1:32 pm |

          Agree. Like I said in my piece in many wars there have been civilian casualties as a secondary effect of conflict, but with Islam the aim is just to kill indiscriminately the young and the old.

  1. Being a Christian my heart goes out to the Jewish people and to all cultures and religions who believe in peace, I really hope that one day all this madness will stop and that the Jews will be at peace and everyone in the world… The Jews have suffered alot for many many centuries and I pray that one day we will all live at peace and uphold God’s commandements. Peace to all.

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