Another jihad by car attack in Jerusalem.

News is emerging of yet another jihad by car attack in the Israeli capital Jerusalem. Reports from the Jerusalem Post say that a terrorist deliberately swerved a van into a light rail station at Shimon Hatzadik just north of the Old City. After this attack the terrorist went on to plough into another group of innocent pedestrians nearby.

The Jerusalem Post said:

A car slammed into pedestrians in Jerusalem on Wednesday in what authorities are calling a vehicular terror attack. One person died of injuries and at least five others were hurt, three of them seriously.

The attack occurred in two separate locations in the capital.

Two of those seriously wounded were rushed to Hadassah University Medical Center at Ein Karem. A few of the other injured were treated at the scene.

The driver rammed his vehicle into crowds at two separate locations near the light rail track in Jerusalem. Immediately after hitting eight pedestrians, security forces nearby shot and killed the driver.

Police said that the driver of a van swerved his vehicle into the light rail station on the corner of Bar-Lev and Shimon Hatzadik Streets. He then continued toward Moshe Zaks Street nearby, where he ran into more people.

After crashing the car, the driver emerged from the vehicle with a metal crowbar and began to attack people nearby. A police and Border Police force subsequently shot and killed the assailant

My first thought when hearing of this latest attack is may the grieving and the injured and their relatives be comforted, my second thought is it is good that this murderous savage was shot and killed by Israeli police, my third thought is that it is time to take the gloves off with regards to these Islamic savages. For too long the Israelis have pussy-footed around desperately trying to make peace with those who from generation to generation express a desire to kill Israeli Jews. It should be plain for anybody but the most naïve and indoctrinated that Israel cannot and should not make peace or be expected to make peace with Islamic savages.

It’s time for these Islamic animals who kill as easily and as thoughtlessly as civilised people breathe to be dealt a blow. It’s time to slap these savages down and slap them down hard. No country or no community should be expected to play nice with those like the followers of Islam, who desire genocide with ever fibre of their being.

The Arabs cannot live in peace either with each other or with those of different beliefs, it is time for Israel to admit that it can no longer foolishly attempt to live in peace with Arabs.


Jerusalem Post story of latest vehicular terror attack.

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  1. Robert the Biker | November 5, 2014 at 12:18 pm |

    At least the coppers there promptly slotted the ragheaded baboon instead of trying to ‘understand’ him like our pathetic shower.
    Now go and bulldoze the bastards house!

  2. I’m sorry to go off topic but I tried to send this via email but your mailbox is full:

    One for your collection:

  3. English...not many of us left. | November 5, 2014 at 4:07 pm |

    Read it Kevin.
    Result, sort of,….. 11 years hard labour, no remission AND
    deportation would have been better. AND castration. Well,why not?
    What is it with these vermin, are they all paedo/psychos?
    Starting a collection on these instances means you’ll
    soon need a library!

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