Please don’t go Ed, your country needs you to stay.

This man truly represents what the Labour party has become

The Labour Party and its supporters seem to be noticing that Ed Miliband is not inspiring people to support the Labour party. Writing in the Daily Telegraph Joe Haines the veteran Labour supporter and former press advisor to Harold Wilson has come out in print to say that Miliband should go. Haines describes Miliband as someone who grew up in a Marxist background and although not a Marxist himself, ‘he has some of the Marxist rigidity of thinking’ and added that Miliband seemed to be stuck in a 1970’s time-warp, where although Tony Benn is dead, his politics live on.

In describing Miliband, Joe Haines has also accurately described what the Labour Party has become. No longer is it a party of the struggling working person, but instead has become the party of choice for the ‘non-job’ holders of the middle-class Left, the utopianist Hampstead liberals, the lifestyle welfare claimants and the Islamic groups that have corrupted so many of our local governments. and turned whole areas into dangerous ghettos. It is no longer a party that represents the British working classes in Parliament. Because of the demise of Labour as the working class party, Miliband makes the ideal leader for such a party. His family background in Marxism and its close friendship with the appalling Stalin-excuser Eric Hobsbawm, his disconnection from the lives of ordinary people, his rigidity of thinking and his cynical sound-bite slogans, all paint a picture of a person who is ideal to lead the political, moral and ethical carcass that the Labour Party has become.

Ed Miliband is the perfect leader for a party that viciously turned on the very people whose families had created it, supported it and voted for it for decades. His party opened the immigration floodgates with no concern at all that it would expose ordinary working class Britons to crime, reduced economic opportunities, displacement and in some areas disenfranchisement. Ed Miliband is the perfect figurehead for a party that to say the least is economically illiterate. Whilst in Government, the Labour party spent and borrowed like a drunken sailor and spend it on the public sector. The result of this spending was not improved services in things like housing, health and education, but a massive explosion of middle managers, monitoring officers, diversity drones and other worthless and intrusive state employees.

The ‘green’ taxes, and other consumption disincentives that contribute to the growth in size of the average person’s energy bill were cooked up on the Labour Party watch. It was Ed Miliband himself whilst at the Department of Energy and Climate Change who committed Britain to embark on an energy policy based on inefficient ‘renewables’ that is beginning to look very stupid indeed. He discouraged the building of coal fired power stations despite Britain sitting on top of significant coal reserves. A person such as Miliband, who climbed so enthusiastically aboard the increasingly wonky man made climate change bandwagon, despite it endangering Britain’s energy security, is the perfect leader for a party that succumbs to political fads, no matter how damaging.

The problem for the Labour Party is not the calibre of the leader but the party itself. Labour has become a organisation that has behaved in an almost treasonable manner towards many of its own supporters. People have lost jobs because of Labour’s economic incompetence, those using the NHS are scared about what they will find there, free speech has been attacked and whole towns have been surrendered to a devils alliance of self-serving and power-hungry Labour MP’s and councillors, and local Islamic interests.

Joe Haines describes Miliband’s policies as having a ‘breathtaking level of cynicism’. In my view a cynical party ends up with a cynical leader. Labour have got the leader they deserve.

Ed Miliband represents what Labour have become much more accurately than many Labour activists and supporters would like to believe. The mask is slipping, no longer can Labour hide their Islam appeasement, economic stupidity, and distaste for the British working classes behind slogans such as ‘cost of living crisis’ or ‘save the NHS’. Tony Blair sold us all damaging socialist bullshit with a false smile, Miliband doesn’t even have a convincing smile, he is a complete and fully formed creation of the Labour Party establishment, and it really shows. ‘Let there be Ed’ said the Labour Party and ‘Ed’ came into being, and it wasn’t good.

So for the sake of the United Kingdom, Ed Miliband should stay as Leader of the Labour Party, because Ed Miliband existence as Leader tells us all so clearly why we must never risk another Labour government whilst they are still the party of almost everyone else except the working classes.


Original article by Joe Haines

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  1. English...not many of us left. | November 7, 2014 at 2:16 pm |

    Ordure, all of them, and what they represent.
    Bought and paid for by the trades union barons.
    Vote for Miliband or his stooges….. get McCluskey,
    and his stooges.
    And we know where their loyalties lie.

  2. Right from the moment he gouged out his bother’s eyes, I knew Ed was special.

  3. Brilliantly written. I envy your gift.

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