From Elsewhere: Life for a woman in a British Islamic ghetto.

I came across this piece when I was mooching round the internet and it struck a chord with me. This ‘From Elsewhere’ piece comes from what appears to be a short lived blog-site from 2013 called ‘Muslim Ghettos’, and details the horrendous lives that non-Muslims endure living amongst hostile, often violent and aggressive Muslims.

The account that, for want of a better word, attracted me was this one from a female student living in Leicester, a city where Islam is increasingly, and aggressively, calling the shots. The reason this piece chimed with me is a few years back I had a short debate with someone of my acquaintance who was quite active in the pro-diversity/left community in Leicester. The reason for our conversation was it had come to my knowledge that some local Jews in the area were getting hassle presumably, knowing the demographic of Leicester, from some extremist Muslims. I brought this up with this person, who I shall call ‘A’, and expressed my concern to them about what was happening. I also said, not in a ranting manner I might add, but calmly, that the possibility that this particular anti-Semitic attack could come from the Muslim community should not be discounted, and informed them of the long history of anti-Semitism in Islam. All pretty reasonable you might think, I wasn’t making a direct accusation only saying don’t discount the possibility of Islamic anti-Semitism. What shocked me about their reply was their vehement denial of any involvement by local Islamic elements. This person put ideology before facts. They said that this attack could not possibly be coming from the Muslims as they were nice people who definitely would not be the sort of people who put turds through people’s letterboxes.

There appeared to be an absolute wall between this persons multiculti ideology and the truth. They refused to even countenance the idea that Jew hating jihadis might be slithering around the streets of Leicester. They retreated into blaming the ‘usual suspects’ for the attacks and said that it must be the BNP or the EDL who have done this. I could not really believe what I was hearing. There was a complete denial that Islamic anti-Semitism was in anyway a problem, even when even the least politically informed can see that it is. I came away from that conversation considerably more enlightened as to the stupidity of the political Left. The culprits in the particular case in question were to my knowledge never caught, but if the culprits were Muslim, in a city where Muslims are starting to get lairy, then that is sadly not surprising.

I hope one day ‘A’ reads the ‘Muslim Ghettos’ piece below, because having lived in one of Britain’s ‘shariah shitholes’ I recognise too many of the problems that living in such areas bring and it may, just, help to educate them about what is going on. I’m not too sure of the writers suggested solution which is mocking all Abrahamic religions by calling it a ‘volcano’ deity, but the comments on the end about a chef’s visit to the Islamic Republic of Leicester show that there is a growing discomfort about both Islam and the behaviour of its followers.

Here’s the piece about what life is like in a Leicester Muslim ghetto:

My real life account of life in a muslim ghetto in Leicester, UK.

(Read this to the end because you’ll find a ray of hope there and, my goodness, do we all need one of those!) 

Imagine if you were a nineteen year old female student and had moved to an area in Leicester, which was almost exclusively inhabited by muslims who had not integrated into Westernised society. Imagine being unable to leave the house unless either chaperoned by a male housemate or if wearing a long hooded coat with your hood pulled close around your face. Imagine despite covering yourself up as much as you could, you still got spat at, had to listen to torrents of abusive, aggressive and intimidating comments while walking past an Islamic video rental shop full to the brim with hostile looking men, had to endure dirty looks from men/women/children to the point of doors being closed as you walked along, had men shout vile sexual remarks across the road at you, had men stalk you/cross the road to get to you/change direction to finally shadow you by a foot and ask you how much you charged, had to endure men breathing deeply into the back of your neck every time you left the house alone at night, had to fear for your life every time you left the house alone, had eggs/pooh/wee/washing up liquid pushed through the letterbox or thrown at the walls and windows…and had bangs on the doors and windows at night. Imagine if this was a daily and nightly occurance that you endured for a year, your first ever year of independence out in the big wide world. ………..

Read the rest of this article which tells of how difficult it is becoming to live as a non-Muslim and especially a non-Muslim woman in one of Britain’s growing number of increasingly hostile Islamic ghettos.  You can find it here:

The lesson of this article should be is that if we do not deal effectively with the ideology of Islam then many more towns and cities will become as unsafe for non-Muslims as Leicester has become.

One description of totalitarianism is to imagine a boot stamping on ones face forever, such totalitarianism will most surely come about unless we evict from office those who, under the guise of tolerance for others beliefs, collude with, and encourage, the fascistic ideology of Islam. Look at where tolerance for Islam has got Leicester….and weep.


Leicester Muslim Ghetto story source

More on the ‘shariah shithole’  that Leicester has become from Kafircrusader

Muslim ghetto’ jibe: The Islamic area of Leicester frightened me, says TV chef

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  1. Don’t the white folk of Leicester have a white M.P.who could help them?This may sound naiive but the Leicester I am reading about is so foreign (there’s a good word).I lived there briefly in the 1950 and remember a excellent market,Mecca Dancing (I guess that’s gone),men fishing in a canal warmed by factories and many working men’s clubs.I think we are all thinking the same Churchillian solution but dare not voice it.Where is our Cid?

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 8, 2014 at 11:20 am |

      Mike, it would matter not one bit what race the MP is or could be. What is crucial is ideology. If a non-Muslim takes a complaint to a non-Muslim MP who either has sympathy for or covets the votes of Muslims then it’s likely that the non-Muslims complaint will be filed in the round floor mounted file.

      The MP for East Ham South for example, once a traditional working class community which has historically had a racial mix, is Stephen Timms. However, although he is white he has a consistent record for crawling up the arses of Islamic groups and Islamic causes. He is the sort of MP who no non-Muslim complainant in a dispute against a Muslim or an Islamic group, could have any confidence in. There is a reason why I call this particular MP the ‘Member for Islamabad West’.

      It doesn’t matter what skin colour an MP posesses if they have a history of Islamopandering then chances are they’ve chosen their ‘side’, and it’s certainly not yours.

  2. Robert the Biker | December 8, 2014 at 12:11 pm |

    What I cannot get over is the supine surrender to the monkey-boys; a nation which will not protect it’s women is a shit nation – end of.
    Get a spray can of wasp spray, it can be aimed and is far more evil than any police pepper spray – use it on shitheads.
    If you get stuff through the letterbox, collect it and fire it through the local mosque or whatever baboon cage they hang out in.
    If you see a woman being harrased, go out with something lethal and sort the bastards.
    Funny, I have these shit near me in Hayes, they never give me even a meaningful look, wonder why that is?

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 8, 2014 at 12:30 pm |

      The problem is people have over the years looked increasingly to the police to protect them and the MP’s to represent them in extremis. However now we have a situation where so many of our public servants and representatives are both engaging in political fellatio with Islamic communities and the result is that too many Britons are finding themselves with no protection by the police from Islamic savagery and no representation of their grievances from MP’s. With no backing or protection people are tempted to give up and either move out of the shariah shitholes if they can or just exist the best they can if they stay. This is not a good situation for us to come to it really isn’t.

  3. Robert the biker is a very angry man- I like him.I share his anger and am so afraid for the future of England.I was born before WW 2 and remember how people used to think.I can see how those misguided young men from Cambridge university could have been persuaded to aide the Soviet enemy but how our police and politicians can betray us in the cause of Islam is beyond all reason.If there is no political solution to the madness, there will have to be something else.Surely we,the English of all people, will not sleepwalk passively into hell.

    • Robert the Biker | December 8, 2014 at 1:15 pm |

      I can remember when attitudes like ours were perfectly normal; someone harrased your wife or daughter, indeed any woman in your prescense, the police were the very LEAST of their problems. Now people seem afraid to do anything because of ‘racism’ or ‘islamophobia’ or some other made up nonsense; it can’t be fear of individual ‘slims, not even groups of them, have you seen the weedy little bastards up close?
      I can see a very real and dangerous anger building up, it would take very little to unleash a retribution that would have these tossers running for the borders far faster than they ran to get here.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 8, 2014 at 1:19 pm |

      Mike I share both yours and Robert’s anger, although I may express it differently. It is indeed inexplicable that appeasement of Islam has been allowed to go on for so long.

  4. Not a violent person but found myself buying a machete since when did that make sense to me?

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 9, 2014 at 8:32 am |

      Like you Brunz, I also classify myself as non-violent, but I have also encountered some people who are ‘tooling up’or thinking about ‘tooling up’ like this, either because they live in an area where Bearded Savages are getting lairy, and they therefore have zero confidence in the local Islam influenced police, or in response to specific incidents such as a riot or a rash of sex attacks. It is not a good state of affairs for a nation to be in that it so loses its respect and trust for the security agencies that people, who never had to before, start to think of how to defend themselves.

      Your purchase and others similar purchases are worrying symptoms of a grave and worsening problem with Islamic violence. I want the police to deal with the problems that Bearded Savagery has brought, because I know from my own studies that the alternative, which is mobs with flaming torches, is far far worse.

  5. Our problem is that we have abandoned our Christian heritage. Your solution is exactly what the Left has proposed( the removal of all monotheistic religion), and all we have landed up with is a new set of weak multi-culti pieties. The god of Abraham is not Allah. How could Western civilization work without say the Ten Commandments, for example. That Muslims are hypocrites doesn’t discredit a basis for revealed moral law. Not all religions are the same, despite what you may have been taught. Christianity provides a sound basis for justice, mercy, proper tolerance( not the PC version). You seek a solution that doesn’t involve violence. Socialist atheism resulted in the deaths of about 100 million people in the 20th century. Don’t imagine your rejection of the idea of God will end any better. There will be conflict, we just have to find courage and hope for the fight. The real God can give courage to love our enemies as well as stop them.

  6. Hello,

    The story about the ghetto in Leicester is about me. I’m really pleased to see people picking up on it.

    Could you do me a favour though and only post a link to my piece and not the text?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 13, 2014 at 5:13 pm |

      Hi there. Congratulations on a fabulous, if disturbing article. I have chopped off most of the text and just left up a couple of ‘teaser’ paragraphs. A link back to the article has been put underneath these paragraphs. Hope that is OK? I originally quoted it in full because the site that it came from did not appear to have been updated for a while, and I was concerned that this article could have disappeared into the aether should the site close.

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