July Neville Chamberlain Award. Channel 4’s abject Ramadan pandering


Channel 4, supporting those that support murder, terrorism, mass rape and sedition

There was really no other choice that could be made for July’s example of pandering to the ideology of Islam than the broadcaster Channel 4 for its special Ramadan broadcasts.

It is disgusting that Channel 4 has seen fit to rub British people’s noses in the ordure of the disgusting and murderous ideology of Islam by having special Ramadan programmes. No other minority religion has, to my knowledge, been given such a privilege. Are the Jews being given a special series of programmes to acknowledge Yom Kippur or Pesach? Are the Buddhists, Hindus or the Sikhs being given similar airtime for their festivals, or a similar space to air their point of view on Channel 4? Are Christians being given 40 days of Lent programming?

Of course they are not. At most the Orthodox Jewish Chief Rabbi may be given a ten minute slot on Jewish New Year and occasionally Hindu and Sikh speakers pop up in the comment slots, but nothing like the airtime that has been gifted to the Muslims.

Channel 4 has wet its knickers over an ideology that has bombed, killed, maimed and raped both Britons and others, and rewarded the followers of this ideology with facilities far beyond that granted to other groups.

If nothing else Channel 4’s decision to pander to Islamic groups in this way shows just how far Britain’s broadcast media has become ‘Chamberlain-like’ in its appeasement of something that is a great threat to our culture, society, security and economy.

It is a shameful way for Channel 4 to behave, no amount of bleating that the broadcaster has picked only ‘moderates’ to appear will remove that shame. Channel 4’s decision is moral relativism writ large.

When Channel 4 came into being, it was intended to promote thoughtful alternative programmes, which it often did, which is why it is sad to see how the Leftist appeasers of Islam have corrupted it and turned it into a mouthpiece for those who wish to destroy us.


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Here are the ‘creatives’ who designed the website for Channel 4’s Islam-fellating season. You may wish to write them a polite note to let them know your point of view about what they’ve worked on.