Nottingham – Where Hamas children’s TV comes to life.

Observers of the situation in the Middle East may know of the twisted abomination that is Hamas Children’s Television. The children of Gaza are not being given ‘Blue Peter’ style construction projects or bedtime stories or the cute characters of ‘In the Night Garden’ but instead are given a hate filled anthropomorphic mouse called ‘Farfur’.

Farfur is not just a simulacrum of Disney’s Mickey Mouse adapted to local culture, as some deluded liberals may wish us all to believe, but something far worse. It is, as Palestinian Media Watch says, a character designed to indoctrinate children into hating non-Muslims, especially Jews, and to see working for a global caliphate as a child’s ultimate destiny.

If you have not heard of Farfur before, then I’m not surprised as it is not something that the BBC would make a song and dance about, as it puts Hamas and Islam in a very bad light indeed. The Israelis, on the other hand, have had to live with the effects of Muslim children indoctrinated into Jihad for years. This piece from Arutz Sheva, an Israeli news source, should give readers some idea what Farfur is like.

Arutz Sheva said:

The squeaky-voiced Mickey Mouse lookalike, named Farfur, is the star of a weekly children’s program called Tomorrow’s Pioneers on the official Hamas TV station (Al-Aqsa TV), which broadcasts from Gaza via satellite to the entire Arab world. Farfur and his co-host, a young girl named Saraa’, teach children about such things as the importance of the daily prayers and drinking milk, but also instruct them to hate Israel and the US and support “resistance” – a euphemism for terror. 

Farfur tells children that they must pray in the mosque five times a day until there is “world leadership under Islamic leadership.” The earnest and soft-spoken Saraa’ explains that the nucleus of the Islamic leadership of the world will be from “all of Palestine,” including Israel. Farfur refers to Israel as “the oppressive invading Zionist occupation,” which the childrenmust “resist.” 

Saraa’ announces that after death, the children will have to answer to Allah for what they did or did not do for the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and for Palestinian prisoners: “I remind you that Al-Aqsa and the prisoners are a responsibility on our shoulders, and Allah will ask us on Resurrection Day what we gave for their sake,” she tells the tots viewing the show. 

According to Palestinian Media Watch, “using a character based on an appealing, world-famous and beloved icon like Mickey Mouse to teach Islamic supremacy and resistance as Islamic duty is a powerful and effective way to indoctrinate children.” 

The use of propaganda aimed at children and encouraging them to murderous hatred for others, or have devotion to a dictatorial state, is indeed effective; after all it has been proved to have worked well for the Stalinists and the Hitlerites. Inflammatory rhetoric, scaremongering, conspiracy theorising and fomenting hatred are things that can quite often be found in Arab or Muslim media and Farfur the Mouse is just one, quite disgusting, aspect of Islamic and specifically Hamas broadcasting.

Now Farfur has allegedly turned up in the United Kingdom. A correspondent has passed onto me an email stating that just one day after the Jihad attacks on France, Islamic evangelists in Nottingham set up a stall and handed out envelopes to their audience in order to collect money. These Muslims used a Farfur the Mouse character as a means of soliciting money from the audience. Bearing in mind that Farfur is intimately connected to the genocidal terrorist group Hamas, it does not take much guessing to work out where the money collected may end up.

Here’s what my correspondent said:

I was horrified today to see Nottingham Muslims once again promoting their religion, with a stand outside Nottingham Broadmarsh, where the Christian Evangalists used to stand.  They were also handing out envelopes to collect money, and then out came a character in a Farfur outfit.

This is the day after the terrible events in France.  This is a day after the Iman at Nottingham Mosque condemned the Paris attacks and told the BBC they would hand out hundreds of red roses.

For those who do not see the significance of the Farfur (Mickey mouse like outfit) see below.  Farfur is supposed to be banned as he was a character who was used to brainwash children to kill Jews.

Money collected of course would go to fund terror- specifically HAMAS and Palestinian terror groups.


Follow the link:

This sort of thing is perhaps a taste of what is to come.  Time for us in the Uk to wake up.”

When the ‘Hamas Mouse’ is openly collecting money on the streets of Nottingham, then my correspondent is correct, it really is time for all of us in the UK to wake up. Does the collection of money in the street which will go to dubious Islamic organisations or genocidal nutters like Hamas, strike you, the reader of this article, as the actions of a ‘religion of peace’? It certainly does not look that way to me. It should be noted at this point that it appears that the so called ‘moderate majority’ of Muslims did nothing to challenge Farfur or his demented handlers, maybe these ‘moderates’ are really not as moderate as we have all been led to believe?

That we can have Farfur the Mouse collecting money for who knows what on the streets of an English city is disgusting. It is no different morally from some traitor collecting money for Nazi organisations such the League of German Maidens in East London in 1941. To allow these Islamic savages to collect money on our streets and donate it to those who would wish to kill us all simply for being non-Muslim, is an abomination.

Whoever thought that somewhere like Nottingham would see things like this? It is no wonder that the average Briton is getting more and more angry with Islam and those who appease it.


Israeli news source Arutz Sheva for more about Farfur the Mouse

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  1. “let’s never let this happen again” was the anti nazi rhetoric immediately after the second world war.
    Yet here we are in 2015 with something resembling the hitler youth classrooms packaged differenty under the guise of a cute mouse.
    it would be interesting to hear the hamas loving free palastine thugs defend this.
    If the mainstrram media was to show this and ALL the other ugly truths about this religion I could imagine the backlash.
    But. there is a feeling the tide is turning and perhaps anyone in a studio opposing
    islam will be allowed to speak instead of blatently being unable to speak due to rude left wing aggressive hecklers.

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 11, 2015 at 6:14 pm |

      Hicksy, I’ve got a piece in the pipeline on a similar vein. Never Again will be nothing but a meaningless phrase unless we in Europe do something about what is quite simply ‘Islamo-fascism’. When I was writing the Hamas children’s TV piece I did look back over Hitlerian and Stalinist propaganda aimed at children and there were chilling similarities.

      I agree we should be shown the ugly truth about what goes on in Gaza and in the rest of the Islamic world. I’d also like to see the mainstream media speaking of the ugly truth of what happens in some of Britain’s Islamic ghettos as well. I don’t hold out much hope of them doing so though, not unless they are pushed into telling the truth.

      The tide is indeed turning and the Left who took sensible anti racist policies and morphed them into the failed ideology of multiculturalism will have a lot to both answer for and explain.

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