How stupid does the French President think we all are?

He must think his audience, both in France and elsewhere must be terminally stupid with some of his comments following the Jihadist attacks on France. In a statement made after Muslims had murdered 17 people in multiple attacks across the Paris region, Hollande said: “Those who carried out these attacks, the terrorists, the madmen, these fanatics have nothing to do with the Muslim religion” Hollande is straying into the fields of fantasy and wishful thinking here, these attacks had EVERYTHING to do with Islam.

Here’s the Euronews article from January 9th containing Hollande’s vomit-inducing comments:

French President François Hollande followed Friday’s events from the situation room in the Élysée Palace and delivered a televised address to the French nation.

The call for unity, which I expressed earlier is our greatest weapon. Those who carried out these attacks, the terrorists, the madmen, these fanatics have nothing to do with the Muslim religion. Finally we must mobilise and be able to respond to such events by force if and when we have to.”

These murderous savages didn’t kill cartoonists or police officers or innocent Jews doing their pre-Sabbath shopping in order to protest against police brutality or economic hardship or anything else, they kidnapped, maimed and killed in the name of Islam.

What utter rot seems to be coming from the mouth of the man whom the French people are relying on to defend their nation, their people and their culture from attack. I had a low opinion of Hollande before the Jihad attacks in Paris, and now I’ve even less respect for him. How could he stand before his people and utter such odious and obvious untruths? He must know of the effect of Islam on his country? He must be aware of the 750 Sensitive Urban Zones or Islamic no go areas as they should properly be known that exist in France? He must have access to intelligence that shows him beyond reasonable doubt, not only what the threat to France is, but also where it is coming from? About the only thing I can possibly bring myself to fully agree with is that it is time to sort this problem out by force when necessary.

If that is the case, and Hollande knows how bad the situation is, why go before his people, who are looking for guidance from the President and lie to them? To say, as Western politicians, not just Hollande, do that “ ‘X’ attack has nothing to do with Islam’ or stating that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ is not just plain dishonesty, it is criminally negligent dishonesty. I agree that the French people need to show unity, but they need to show unity not with Islam, but against it. This is not the time for ‘Kumbyya’ type gestures of ‘solidarity’ or other such guff, this is the time to name the enemy, name it loud and clear and fight back. Islam is not a friend of freedom, never has been, never is, and never (unless there is a miracle) will be.

Islam has declared war on the free world, and it is time that our politicians started to be more honest about this fact. Wishing and hoping that the enemy will go away or start throwing flowers instead of bombs will not work. I am ashamed when I see the British head of Government, David Cameron doing the ‘religion of peace’ schtick, and I think it would be fair to say that there must be many French citizens who must be ashamed to have a vacillating, appeasing fool like Hollande as their head of state at this time.


Euronews article

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  1. James Strong | January 12, 2015 at 2:02 pm |

    Hollande, Cameron, Clegg and all of them surely know the truth.
    So why do they lie so repeatedly?
    Is it fear?
    Or are they perhaps gathering their resources in preparation for confrontation?
    Unfortunately, I think they do it out of fear rather than as part of a plan.

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