Clegg, why is he so blindly stupid about the Islamist fifth columnists in Whitehall?

Nick Clegg – No, I would not buy a used car from this man.

There was a recent revelation in the press and online about some of the alleged activities of the Conservative Peer Baroness Warsi. It seems that the suspicions that many people have had about her and her real political views may have some substance. However, this story doesn’t only raise questions, of which there are many, about the probity of Baroness Warsi, but also questions on why the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister appeared to neither known nor care what was going on?

The online news source Breitbart reported at the weekend that Baroness Warsi had attempted to stuff a working group on ‘anti Muslim hatred’ based at the Department of Communities and Local Government with Islamists, friends of hate-preachers, members of mad Jew-hating Islamic groups and other worrying extremists.

There appears to be nobody who any reasonable person would refer to as ‘moderate’ among those whom Baroness Warsi picked to be a part of this working group. Nearly all of those Islamic persons and groups mentioned by the Breitbart report are what you and I would quite happily call dodgy. Those who Warsi picked were so bad that even our favourite mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artist, Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama fame, walked out in disgust.

This working group was set up by Warsi and the Deputy Prime Minister, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg but under Warsi’s influence allegedly became a haven for Islamists and their supporters. Many people, myself included, have long suspected that Warsi is politically dodgy therefore we expect dodginess to emanate from her and her actions. What we should not expect, and is in my mind inexcusable, is for someone like Fiyaz Mughal to be more politically astute than the Deputy Prime Minister. Reading between the lines on this story it seems that Clegg has been Warsi’s ‘nodding dog’ and appears to have made no appreciable protest or taken any action when faced with Warsi’s appointments of various grisly and dangerous Islamists.

Did Clegg just wave these people through and let them influence DCLG policies without any thought as to what their motives were? Would not the security agencies have warned Clegg that some of Warsi’s appointments and if they did why has not Clegg disassociated himself from this working group or shut it down?

Although David Cameron the Prime Minister is ultimately to blame for elevating Warsi to the Peerage, even though she had not achieved much in the past either for the country or the Conservative Party, it is Cleggs inactions that concern us here.

Clegg seems to have sat on his hands whilst a powerful working group was stuffed full of those who hate our country, hate our freedoms, hate our culture and our peoples. How can one not have anything but utter and complete contempt for a politician who does such a thing? I also cannot see how the electors in his constituency can abide voting for the limp, irresolute and appeasing chancer which Nick Clegg has become.

How can anybody trust the sort of man who says nothing when the enemies of Britain and its peoples take over an influential committee and spread their poison throughout a major government department. The last time Britain was engaged in a war of survival it would have been almost impossible to imagine the followers of Oswald Mosley or other pro-Nazis being given places on working groups and committees yet Clegg does nothing when their modern equivalents are given a seat at the top table of administration.

Clegg’s inactions are either evidence of abject stupidity or worse a desire to pander to Muslims by him and his woefully incompetent party. I’d like to be charitable and assume stupidity on the part of Clegg and the Lib Dems because surely no sensible person would choose to stand by and say nothing whilst those who ultimately wish to do us all harm are elevated beyond their station and into positions of undue influence over an important department of state?

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  1. Vincent Bate | February 27, 2015 at 7:15 am |

    He is willfully blind because he is a wet liberal coward, and that’s what liberal cowards do. Political Correctness is a mental illness and a dangerous one to boot.

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 27, 2015 at 7:28 am |

      I know I should’nt expect much from the Liberal Democrats but we are seeing an awful lot of foolishness emanating from them. It was Clegg who packed Cameron’s committee to examine the effects of EU HR law on Britain with lawyers and Lib Dem supporters who supported Brussels, it was the Lib Dems who refused to countanence a fairer redrawing of the parliamentary boundaries, and it was Lib Dem peers have been very active in EU propaganda organisations. They are a thoroughly dispreptable party with idiotic impractical policies.

      Some of their individual candidates also leave a lot to be desired as well with dirty tricks, dishonesty and an unpleasantly flexible political morality. This case in particular, concerning the Lib Dem candidate for Hereford and South Herefordshire, which I featured earlier this week, is a classic example of Lib Dem mendaciousness. She relegated the name of the party that funds and supports her to the smallest available type on the final page of her election communication. If I was that ashamed of the party I was standing for then I’d leave that party and either stand for someone else, or stand as an independent.

      • Agreed, I despise the Lib Dems as much as Labour, although the Conservative party under Cameron is pretty unpalatable too. Craven scoundrels all.

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